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This page has been set up for me, directly, to raise money to help my own and other families that have been devasted in Rockaway Beach, NY by hurrincane Sandy. My goal is to raise money... more


Updated posted by Kate O'Sullivan 17 months ago

Thank you again to everyone who has donated! I want to recognize and give a special thank you to William Gallagher Associates for donating $5,000 this past week. I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. The donation was given to me through a personal check. That means combining the website, WGA and other cash donations over $20,000 has been raised for Rockaway Beach.

The latest donations will go towards continued emergency supplies to be delivered to the Yacht Club and the St. Camillus donation center and school. St. Camillus is my families parish and the school I attended from K-8. The students and teachers have been relocated to Howard Beach until the building can be repaired. It gives me great joy to see the donations going to help this school.

Donations will also go towards gift cards for families in Rockaway Beach that have relocated and others that are beginning to rebuild. The gift cards delivered on my last trip were extremely well received, so I will continue to funnel these to people who need everything from very basic necessities to major appliances from stores like Target and Home Depot.

Conditions are improving for many families in Rockaway. My family and several other families on 91st Street now have power. It is going to be a long road, but I hope everyone who has donated and shared this page knows how much their support means to me, my family, neighbors and community.

The next trip is this Wednesday.

Thank you always and God bless.


Updated posted by Kate O'Sullivan 17 months ago

Thank you, again, to everyone that has donated!

The second van load of supplies was delivered on Friday to Rockaway Beach. These supplies were sorely needed as families continue to demo basements and clear at homes that were flooded.

It was great to see that everyones tireless efforts were beginning to make a difference! I am not surprised at all to see how a community, so close already, and full of first responders is prevailing in this devastation. Check out the link below from 60 minutes.;cbsCarousel

Thank you to the Marines, Navy, National Guard and of course the Sanitation for working around the clock to remove debris, sand and clear out homes.

Please continue to encourage others to donate. The next delivery of supplies will be on Wednesday November 21st.

Thank you and God bless! Rockaway will rebuild!


Updated posted by Kate O'Sullivan 17 months ago

Supplies have been purchased at BJ's and Home Depot tonight. BJ's donated $250 and Home Depot gave us 10% off.

We are getting close to all the supplies needed for tomorrows trip. Target tomorrow then on the road!


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Created by Kate O'Sullivan on October 31, 2012

This page has been set up for me, directly, to raise money to help my own and other families that have been devasted in Rockaway Beach, NY by hurrincane Sandy. My goal is to raise money to buy the most needed supplies right now. The Red Cross and other efforts have not yet centralized the donation centers for only Rockaway Beach.

This is an effort to allow people located outside of Rockaway to help in some way. All the money donated goes directly to me for supplies that will be distributed on Friday November 2nd.

I am leaving for Rockaway at noon on Friday November 2nd. My goal is to raise enough funds to buy 2 generators and large supplies of black bags, batteries and water to begin the clean up. What families need RIGHT NOW is access to GENERATORS. They need to charge phones and pumps to clear water from homes.

Please donate any amount. It will all help. Please try and donate before Friday at noon, as this is when I will be buying the generators, etc. Any funds donated after that time will go directly to help families through a donation to the Red Cross for all victims of hurricane Sandy.

Thank you and God bless.

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Kate, you are doing an amazing job! I am blown away by how many of my friends have sent this on and to see their friends names on this too is so encouraging!! I love your spirit, you inspire me!!!! Love and hugs to all of you there. Joe comes tomorrow, he can't wait to help and see his family

posted by Shannon McKee Meade 17 months ago

God bless you we have shared your storie

posted by Sandy Relief Mylian 17 months ago

Learned about this through Robert Kalatschan - Giving It Back To Kids Praying for your family and friends.

posted by Ann Moore 17 months ago

Hi Laura, you can drop off donations at St. Francis De Sales on 129th st. Rockaway-Emergency-Plan/463945 416990840 Hope-for-Rockaway/550728008273 954 these pages have more info.

posted by Patti O'Rourke 17 months ago

Hey kate...keep up the good work.. I'm from beach 73. Wish i could help,But in need of help our self.. I'm just glad some one is taking the time to put there effort in helping others.

posted by Ralph Cruz 17 months ago

Hi Laura, Myself, a friend and a friend who is a Newsday reporter would also like to bring supplies and come down on Friday, but are concerned that will be turned away from the disaster area as non residents etc. Also, is there a school or church or some organized space to drop off donations? Let me know your thoughts asap as am trying to raise $ towards the Rockaways. Thanks.

posted by Laura Anthony-Jones 17 months ago

I am also driving down with supplies on Thursday or Friday. Contact me if you wish to donate or come with me. Laura Jeanne Rogers.

posted by Laura Mullin 17 months ago

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