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Kermit the Dog is a 5 Year old Male Chihuahua that was ABANDONED by his owner Dr. Kenneth Richard Horneman of Charlottesville, Virginia. From July 27th, 2012 Kermit and 3 other animals w... more


Created by James Halfaday on October 28, 2012

Kermit the Dog is a 5 Year old Male Chihuahua that was ABANDONED by his owner Dr. Kenneth Richard Horneman of Charlottesville, Virginia. From July 27th, 2012 Kermit and 3 other animals was forced to live in deplorable conditions of fecal matter, urine and eat dry dog food that was left on the floor covered in Black Mold and big pans on the floor filled with water and no air conditioning or ventilation. 

After arriving back to my house on September 17th, 2012 the home was covered in Black Mod from the Basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. 

Please Click below to see how Kermit is affected by Toxic Black Mold: (VIDEO CAUTION, THE VIDEO DOES SHOW DISTURBING IMAGES.)

I retained Environmental Health Consultants, Inc of Charlottesville, Virginia to come collect mold spore samples due to my health declining as well.

Organism           Spore Estimate    Mycelial Estimate
Cladosporium       Heavy                    Many
Penicillium           Heavy                    Few
Aspergillus            Heavy                    Many
Stachybotrys         Heavy                    Many (Black Toxic Mold)

Kermit was attempted to be seen by his regular vet here in Charlottesville however, payment was needed up front in-order for Kermit to be seen and was turned away with wishes of him getting better. 

I struggled finding a vet that would be willing to take a chance on allowing me to make attempt to start a fundraiser to help pay their clinic for Kermit's rising medical costs.  Kermit has been in the Vet Hospital for weeks now getting treatment to help reduce and remove the Toxic Black Mold Spores growing in his lungs and to help him get his muscular and neurology functioning again.  Kermit's lungs looked like a snow globe filled with spores. Kermit has no control of his bowel or bladder movements and can barley walk.  Kermit coughs up blood and vomits blood and urinates and his stool has blood in it. 

YET KERMIT IS STILL FIGHTING TO LIVE. As of 10-27-2012 Kermit is still Alive with the aggressive medical treatments that the veterinarian is doing for him. 

Click below to see Kermit coughing up blood and me trying to calm him down by singing "Rainbow Connection" Kermit's favorite song. (yes I know my voice is horrible but it means the world to Kermit and that is all that matters)

All animals inside this house were deathly ill and underweight. Dr. Horneman abandoned his cat that loved him.  Volley the cat was deathly ill and lost her fight to live on October 11th, 2012. Her tribute video maybe seen her by clicking below here. (VIDEO CAUTION, THE VIDEO DOES SHOW VOLLEY'S EUTHANASIA)

I have never asked anything from anyone at anytime in my life and if I had the funds to pay this bill I would do it however, I do not. So here I am asking you to consider helping my newly acquired chihuahua pal a chance to live by making a donation. ANY donation will help whether it is a few cents to dollars, anything helps my new best friend.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
James R. Halfaday
Jar Jar (Kermit's Mom)
Cookie Jar (Kermit's Sister)


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This is how my self &my beatitudes muffy are eficed from the toxic

posted by Ramona Owens 17 months ago

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