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Chet Kwiat ~ a great man, an amazing and giving community member, and the owner of Thrive Community Fitness in Ferndale, Washington, suffered a massive brain aneurysm on 10/20/12.  Chet... more


Updated posted by Kellee Schroeder 16 months ago


My Beloved is home!!

I am continually amazed at his progress and cheery attitude...even when his memory is NOT serving him so well. Perhaps this is the time to say "he promised me jewelry or an exotic trip, etc..." :)
Kidding aside, he has settled into his usual home environment quite well and continues to laugh at himself when his memory does NOT cooperate. I pray that his optimistic outlo
ok and attitude and patience with himself, continues thoughout this time of healing.

We are looking forward to bumping in to old friends, fellow community friends, neighbors & our members in the next few days, weeks, months (perhaps even large events...hint hint)...WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT ALL OF YOU! ♥ C & D


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Updated posted by Kellee Schroeder 17 months ago

Do you believe in miracles? I do and this is one of them! Thank you everyone for giving so generously! Let's keep reaching for our goal!

11.20.12 Chet Kwiat Update...MY HUSBAND IS COMING HOME!!! YEP, THATS RIGHT! After our group meeting with the doctors and the therapist teams, they have projected, based on his MIRACULOUS recovey, to have him discharged and sent to our home, NEXT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH!!

As you can tell, we are beyond thrilled, still in shock that this is happening so quickly and a little nervous for my caregiv
ing skills... :/

The resident doctor also told me, that someone who suffers this massive of a hemmorage (bleed) and as large as the clot was (5mm), they wouldnt normally survive or end up as well as Chet is doing! WOW...not much other explanation here except...GOD's HANDS!

Even though this is really great news and great progress, please know AND PRAY for complete healing and restoration for Chet. His cognitive level needs to be improved quite a bit, but his physical capabilities are showing good improvement and the doctors said that it is because he was already in pretty great shape and that is going to continue to be in his favor!

With all of that said, we pray for each of you to take a serious look at your own health and make that decision TODAY, to be the best that YOU CAN BE!

So, you might see us out and about in the community, but, please be respectful of this sensitive time for all of us as we continue to heal and reaclimate to our "normal" lives.

I know that with the support of all of our amazing friends, family members and a community that is as great as ours in Ferndale, we will have the support we will need to give Chet the best possible outcome for a INCREDIBLY RICH & BLESSED LIFE!

So many thanks to all of you... ♥ Chet & Debra Kwiat

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Created by Kellee Schroeder on October 23, 2012

Chet Kwiat ~ a great man, an amazing and giving community member, and the owner of Thrive Community Fitness in Ferndale, Washington, suffered a massive brain aneurysm on 10/20/12.  Chet (or 'Chetty' as his beloved wife Debra calls him) was air lifted to Harborview Medical Center where he is currently in serious condition.

In love and gratitude for the friendships the Kwiat family have bestowed upon the community, three funds have been set up to help them with medical expenses and other needs as they travel down the road God has planned for them.  This family has blessed so many and I ask that you give generously in their name, in my name, in God’s name, in your community’s name, and in the name of just being another human being – regardless if you know this awesome family personally.  This is a troubling time for them and we need to lessen their financial burden and worries so they can focus on Chet’s recovery.  The Kwiats are without insurance and it is time to give back.  They have given so so generously to the community.  

In addition to the online account, donations can be made to the ‘Chet Kwiat Donation Account’ at any Wells Fargo; or the Chester Kwiat Medical Fund at any KeyBank.’ 


Remember…’no person was ever honored for what he received.  He was honored for what he gave’ ~ Calvin Coolidge

With sincere and humble gratitude - thank you!


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