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Alan Martinez was hit by a drunk driver on 8 September 2012 and has been in a coma since the accident. He has undergone many surgeries and is fighting battles every day but he is making... more


Updated posted by George Martinez 14 months ago

Well, it looks like Tuesday, Feb. 19th, Alan is discharged and is flying home to Naples. Where he will be able to continue to recover, with home therapy, additional modalities of care (such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic car) and lots of Sunshine and LOVE!
We are very grateful for his continued progress and try to continue to be patient... because we all know he will recovery fully. It just takes a bit of time. Alan is incredibly strong and he has much love and support.
Thank you all for your continued support.
Alan's family.


Updated posted by George Martinez 14 months ago

Thanks for all for your thoughts and donations, Alan is schedule to leave The Shepherd Center next week and head to his mother's home in Naples, Florida. He will continue to improve and heal with our love and care. He is doing very good, he will need different therapies every day and we look forward to reaching his next level.

Part of Alan's home health, and some medical equipment is not cover by his insurance and they have advised that they will pay for sixty days of therapy only, they also will not pay for his home health care attendant.

Your donations are still needed to help us pay for his care, donations can also be made by direct deposit at Wells Fargo Bank, Pay Pal, or by contacting us via Facebook or by contacting me via e mail at


The Martinez Martinez


Updated posted by George Martinez 17 months ago

Alan will be having his surgery on Wednesday November 28, this surgery is to re-attach the cranium piece that was removed at the time of the accident to allow the fluid to build up and prevent further damage. Alan is very stable and looking great. We thank everyone for your support and ask for your prayers for the success of the surgery and a full recovery. God Bless everyone.

George Martinez (JB)

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Created by George Martinez on October 23, 2012

Alan Martinez was hit by a drunk driver on 8 September 2012 and has been in a coma since the accident. He has undergone many surgeries and is fighting battles every day but he is making wonderful progress! The family would like to transport Alan to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta where they specialize in post traumatic brain injuries. Bills are starting to accumulate for Alan's medical needs, family rental cars, food, bills back home, and more. Jeanette and Jorge have been unable to return to work to maintain 24/7 care for Alan. The family is asking for donations from anyone who can give. Every little bit helps! Thank you all for your prayers, love and support. 


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I am lighting an candle light a'glow for you with anointing of healing and recovery.

posted by Cheryl Jones Latimer 17 months ago

I want to thank everyone's support, prayers, and donations. I also look forward to have my son, Alan thank you each one of you. God bless you all. George Martinez PLEASE KEEP YOUR PRAYERS GOING

posted by George Martinez 18 months ago

I hope my anonymous donation (not anymore!) of $100 helps. My friend also needs support.

posted by Neil Patel 18 months ago

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Anne Mahr

10 months ago


Our prayers are with you for continuing progress, Bob and Anne



Ellen Gordon

12 months ago


Thoughts and prayers continue for Alan and his family.



Millie Mejia

12 months ago


My prayers go to Alan and the family. Eve is my dental hygienist and it broke my heart to hear the tragic news of the accident. Big hug to Alan and I wish him a full recovery!



Nora-Elio Villegas

13 months ago


Alan - we are continuing to pray for you. We pray that you get 100% recovery. God bless.



Greg Madsen

13 months ago


Prayers are with you and your family. Greg Madsen - Just Like Family Home Care



Alissa Mitchell

13 months ago


Praying for your family and Alan... I know this is a very hard time and you are going through a lot. Alan's story is a very sad story and it just breaks my heart. As a Mother I cannot even begin to imagine what you are all going through as a family. Thoughts and prayers! Alissa Mitchell Director of Patient Care Just Like Family Home Care




13 months ago



Dumas Joseph

13 months ago




13 months ago



Lisa Lipman

14 months ago


Jeanette, So glad to have you back in Naples. Best wishes to you and your family during Alan's recovery period. Lisa


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