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Our miracle Madden came into this world crying and screaming, which is normal for most babies, but this is something we were told Madden would never do. Just like his brother Jake, we we... more


Updated posted by Mandy Sheridan 15 months ago

You can follow Madden's progress at www.facebook.com/goteammadman
Thanks for the support!!


Updated posted by Mandy Sheridan 15 months ago

Hello all, we are so excited by the news story about our little guy that aired on CBS in Philadelphia! This is a link to the story if you would like to watch it:


We have been so fortunate to receive such amazing support and we can never be thankful enough.

Also, if you are on facebook, Madden's page with daily updates on his progress: is www.facebook.com/goteammadman

Thank you all again! We love and appreciate you,
The Sheridans (Mandy, Chris, Bailey and of course Madman)


Updated posted by Mandy Sheridan 15 months ago

Madden Update: They switched his ventilator settings to CPAP, which means he is breathing on his own now with the number of breaths he is taking (he still has the tube, but isn't getting an extra number of breaths from the machine). He does still require extra pressure to make his breaths big enough, but this is definitely a huge step in the right direction. We just hope his blood gas shows that he is tolerating this change. His next gas is at 8 tonight, so we just wait and see... I now know more about ventilators than I have EVER wanted to know! UGH!! :) All of my critical care nursing friends, my hat is off to you all!!

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Created by Mandy Sheridan on October 9, 2012

Our miracle Madden came into this world crying and screaming, which is normal for most babies, but this is something we were told Madden would never do. Just like his brother Jake, we were told Madden would not live long after he was born because of a very rare genetic condition. Well, Madden has a way of proving doctors wrong and on May 25th, did just that. Madden has a rare condition called Jeunes Syndrome http://www.seattlechildrens.org/medical-conditions/chromosomal-genetic-conditions/jeune-syndrome/ and due to its rarity the doctors are unable to treat him at our local hospital. He likely needs multiple chest expansion surgeries called the VEPTR procedure. The specialist that has agreed to see him is located at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and we will be traveling there very soon so he can finally be evaluated by the experts. The costs associated with having a child with special needs are extraordinary. Many people have asked how they can help and for now this is the best way to help Madden and our family get to the doctors who can help him. We appreciate all of the amazing support we have received from friends and family. Thank you so much in advance for helping our little guy get the help he needs to continue the fight! 

Your donations will be used for Madden's medical expenses and travel costs associated with the trips to and from Philadelphia for the family.

Thank you again. Love, The Sheridan Family


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From a fellow gofundme user dealing with recurrent loss, I wish you all the best of luck with your little Madden. He's absolutely precious!

posted by Heather Walter 17 months ago

Hi mandy congratulations to baby miracle madden for so many supporters. its such a blessing. My wife has an illness and she will be dealing with this life long illness for the rest of her life. If u please could help me on giving me some tips to help get my wife's page out there to help support her page and donations. she has yet to recieve one donation but we still have much hope. god bless baby miracle madden and your family gofundme.com/1d2py0

posted by Ricky Molano 18 months ago

I am Madden's grandmother (Meme) and I appreciate all the support everyone has given to Madden, Mandy, Chris and Bailey. I wanted to let everyone know that another great way to make a donation is by donating airline points/miles. There will be a lot of trips back and forth to Philadelphia and this would help a lot. Thanks again to everyone that has donated and to everyone for keeping Madden in their prayers.

posted by Rhonda Yeakley 18 months ago

Words cannot explain how amazing all of our friends and family are!!! We are so thankful for each of you :) we should know more later today about the timing of all of this. Madden requires a medical plane staffed with a doctor so he cannot fly commercial, so we are still coordinating things. We will update everyone as we know more! Thank you all again!!

posted by Mandy Sheridan 18 months ago

Mandy and Chris, Thinking about you and Madden every day. (btw, LOVE his name...) I follow Mandy on FB and read her posts daily about Madden. You already have a little miracle, and I am praying for a bigger one! Love you you all...

posted by Cheryl Haggard 18 months ago

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Kimberly Kindle

7 months ago


We raised $45.01 so far - and it looks like you'll be getting another $60 by the 15th of October :) We are sending the Scent-sational wishes to our buddy Madden :) We are praying for you guys! xoxo



Mollyana Ward

7 months ago


Praying for Madden



Smolen family

7 months ago


We wish you all the best!




10 months ago


Happy 1st Birthday, Madden!! You don't know us, but we know you! You and your famy have inspired us and touched our hearts!! The Donnelly Family



Andrea Chewpa

10 months ago


Happy 1st Birthday Madden! You are absolutely amazing! SO very strong! We only wishes the very best of things for you and your family for years to come. Hugs all the way from Canada, Andrea, Andrew, Michael, and Nicholas Chewpa



Adrienne Clark

10 months ago


Happy first birthday Madden!!! You are an inspiration to so many and we all love you!



Gina Jones

11 months ago


Happy 1st Birthday Madden!! We love you!!




11 months ago




11 months ago


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