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We are trying to raise money to be able to help us to pay our sons medical bills . He was in the NICU at Maine Medical Center in Portland for the first five months of his life . He wa... more


Updated posted by Carolyn Miller 23 days ago

well still no luck on getting him off 02 we tried for 2 hrs today did good but cant get him to stay up while hes asleep . Been here a week now thoughts and prayers he can go home soon as long as we can get him off o2


Updated posted by Carolyn Miller 24 days ago

UPDATE: Timothy is on the up hill climb finally . He is on room air at the moment been a tough time getting him off oxygen for longer than an hr . His pnemounia is still very clear in the xray so it hasnt shrunk down any but hes vocalizing more and moving around more . His antibitoics are taking a toll on his feeding tube site and his poor little bum. He too Tuff Timmy and I have faith he will bounce back soon ! Every penny helps us get back and fourth to the other kiddos at home and tims needs Thank u to all who are following along with our jounery with AMC


Updated posted by Carolyn Miller 27 days ago

Wanted to update on Timothy.
Timothy was brought into the ER on Ellsworth Maine on Monday morning for a high fever the night before of 104.5 In hopes it was just a little bug he caught but that hospital doesnt know much about him so we were takin by ambulance to Eastern Maine Medical Center up to the PICU . They ran some test and determined at the time he had a viral bug and severe dehydration . After letting it run its course for a day. He woke up the next morning with green phlem and they were hard chunks. They sent him in for xray and found a large white mass in his lower right lung . First we were told it was a lung in fection. This morning (wendsday) we were told he has pnemounia. For a child like him this could be a life or death thing. Right now he is on iv meds and pedialyte. very very sleep boy so here we are 1 1/2 away from home with what they say could be a week or more stay here . Please pray for Tim and a healthy and safe recovery.

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Created by Carolyn Miller on October 9, 2012

We are trying to raise money to be able to help us to pay our sons medical bills . He was in the NICU at Maine Medical Center in Portland for the first five months of his life . He was born with Micrognathism syndrome which is a underdevolped chin so his tounge is to big for the smaller lower jaw falls back in his throat and hampers his breathingHe also has Arthrogryposis Mutiplex Congenita syndrome which is a rare congenital disorder that is characterized by multiple joint contractures and includes muscle weakness and fibrosis. It is a non-progressive disease. Due to his low muscle tone through out his body he is unable to swallow so he is fed by a mickey-button through his abdominal wall into the stomach.
Without being able to swallow makes his acid reflux and any upper body secretions hard for him to handle at times and we have to suction him or he can choke or aspirate into his lungs and cause phenomena. He has physical therapy daily and splints he has to wear on his legs the straight them so he can sit in a power chair or wheel chair when he gets older.
He still has a long road of healing ahead of him as far as tests, therapy, and other issues . He is a strong little man and fights everyday . He will have very limited mobility But this is our new Normal and we love everyday of it God bless you all . <3 Timothy Joesph Miller <3 We hope to go the AMC conference in July 2-5, 2014 in Minneapolis ,Minnesota to help us learn new and the best ways to take care of Tim and his needs as a special needs kiddo

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posted by Joanna Stockbridge 18 months ago

Thank you to all those who have donated and those that will. We thank you immensely from the bottom of our hearts!! Please keep Timothy in your hearts and prayers!!

posted by Brandon Miller 18 months ago

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I will keep you all in my prayers.




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Sending you lots of prayers


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