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In December 2011 John, was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer.  He has one tumor in his pancreas and several that have moved into his liver.  In our efforts to win... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Agger 11 months ago

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support. The way people have reached out to us really humbles me and it means so very much. This situation is so difficult and I can't express how much of an impact it has on us to know that we are not alone. You all mean so much to us!


Updated posted by Jennifer Agger 12 months ago

The latest update is that, while John is doing well, we will need to keep up with the monthly visits to Portland. The doc saw some things in John's latest test results that concerned him and he wants to refocus and continue aggressively. I

In the beginning of the treatment, we were told to expect to have to keep this up for a year, but as most of you know, we were optimistic that John would only need to travel for treatment every 6-8 weeks, based on some very good reports we have received recently. This type of schedule would cut our expenses quite a bit, leaving a time where all we need to pay for are his medications that he uses at home. We were hoping that the decline in tempo would allow us a break to get caught up on finances, but it looks like we will need to keep pressing for at least a few more months. This is ok, God is looking out for us and has provided for us thus far and I know that He will continue to provide what we need as we need it.

Please continue to pray for us. This treatment is hard on John and having the strength to face it every day is a personal challenge for him. He puts on a brave face, but don't be fooled, he's not having fun.

The financial impact of the latest news hasn't helped. It has prompted him to tell me a few times now that he should quit the program. While I can understand his concern and sometimes question myself how we can keep this up, quitting is not an option and I know that if it were me, he would never let me quit. It breaks my heart to hear him say it, because to quit the treatment is to give up on his life, this is a truth that we both know. I can't bear the thought of living without him. His life is worth every possession we have. Please pray that our faith and resolve remains strong.


Updated posted by Jennifer Agger 13 months ago

Thank you everyone for all of your generosity. I was looking through some pictures from the past year and I was blown away by the difference I see in John. He really is a different person than what he was a few months ago and that could never have happened without you! Your prayers and financial support are getting us through this and one day, John will be able to say that he beat cancer. We are forever grateful!!

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Created by Jennifer Agger on September 16, 2012

In December 2011 John, was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer.  He has one tumor in his pancreas and several that have moved into his liver.  In our efforts to win the battle against cancer, we turned MD Anderson in Texas for treatment.  As one of the two leading cancer centers in United States we were very hopeful that they would be able to successfully treat John.  After trying different therapies, they don’t believe chemo can help him.  Throughout his treatment, we have adopted an organic, whole food diet and have researched the benefits of alternative holistic cancer therapies.  After much thought and consideration, we feel that this is a viable option and now--as our oncologist confirmed this week, something we have suspected for awhile--our only option.    As we narrow the field of choices, looking for the most suitable treatment for John’s rare cancer, we are painfully aware of the expense of such treatments; especially because none of the expenses will be covered by insurance.  Whether we can afford it or not doesn’t matter, because how can you put a price on someone’s life? 

John is the father of three beautiful children who have their whole lives in front of them.  Before receiving the diagnosis, John was healthy and active:  we had no idea what kind of surprise was lurking beneath the surface.  The impact on our family has been incredible and the thought of seeing his children grow up without him is heartbreaking.

John is currently serving Active Duty Air Force and recently returned home from deployment to Afghanistan.  In fact, he was home for less than two months when he received the diagnosis.  The joyfulness of his homecoming was cut short by the news that he was in for the fight of his life.  John has given the Air Force 14 years of dedication.  To serve this Nation, he has missed years of his two oldest boy’s lives. So far, he missed most of our daughter's first year. This doesn't stop him from loving what he does and living to serve.


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Once again we would like to sincerely Thank everyone who has offered their support..We greatly appreciate your help. God Bless You All.

posted by Karin Trasferini 18 months ago

Here is an opportunity to help a great family! John serves our country in the Air Force, and has an awesome family! please consider helping them in this time of need!

posted by David Snider 19 months ago

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May God Bless your beautiful family with recovery and happiness



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John, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong buddy.



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Thinking about and praying for all of you.



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