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Friends of the Giroux Family: On the morning of August 7, 2012 our 4 year old Goddaughter, Birklee, was taken from this world...way to soon. Since this tragedy, the family's life has... more


Updated posted by Scott M. Manchester 17 months ago

The day is finally here and the party date is set. Come out and show Brody the love and support that helped to get him home . The party is scheduled for Friday November 16, from 5:30-8:30pm. The family has asked to make this great event a potluck style dinner according to last names. Please bring a dessert if your last name is A-F, salads G-L, appetizers M-Z. Extended family will supply main dishes: meatballs, Mac n cheese etc. They also need candy donations to be passed out during the carnival games in the gym. There will also be a photo booth to help us remember this joyous day.

Its a grand celebration with family and friends as we celebrate Brody being home.


Updated posted by Scott M. Manchester 17 months ago

Praise God. The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Last night the prosecutor called a hearing and asked everyone to report to court at 9 am this morning. At this time the prosecuting attorney told everyone that after having another expert review the findings from Birklee's autopsy that they do not believe that she died as a result of homicide and there is no need for Brody to be kept away from his parents. So at this time the state has decided to drop the case and petition and Brody can return home. So immediately after, a small group of us drove to Brody's school and had a plan to reunite him with Billie and Brian. The excitement was overwhelming. So I'm glad to say Brody is back home where he belongs.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Without all the help, support and love this would not have happened. Continue to keep our friends and godchildren in your prayers. We'll let everyone know when the celebration party is!!!!!!!!!!


Updated posted by Scott M. Manchester 18 months ago

We have been so busy wrapping up everything from the spaghetti dinner and silent auction--whew! What a success! We are so close to our goal of $20,000 and have been able to help Billie and Brian out with many of their legal expenses. What a blessing. You can watch a news story tonight at 11pm on Channel 7 from Detroit on the Giroux family....the link is attached. Keep praying and sending support in all ways! Thank you so very much!
Here is the news link:

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Created by Scott M. Manchester on September 13, 2012

Friends of the Giroux Family:


On the morning of August 7, 2012 our 4 year old Goddaughter, Birklee, was taken from this world...way to soon. Since this tragedy, the family's life has been turned upside down. Birklee had a medical history of seizures and died unexpectedly in her sleep without explanation. Due to the lack of evidence, her parents have had to defend themselves against being wrongfully accused of having any kind of role in the tragic death.


During this time of unknown, their 8 year old son has been taken from the home and placed in foster care. Until Birklee's mom and dad can prove their innocence he will remain away from the family. So, it's like this family has lost two children, not just one. At the time of this update, Brody has been away in foster care for about 3 weeks, with absolutely no contact. Here's how Brody's parents are feeling today:


"Today, September 14, 2012 marks 39 days since we have seen our 4-year-old little “Birkie Bubbles,” and 23 days since we have seen our beautiful 8-year-old son, Brody. To lose one child may seem to some as a great misfortune, but to lose two children is to define the greatest sadness anyone could ever imagine. How does one cope with losing a child, let alone two? What do you say to someone who has lost both of their children within two weeks of each other? How do they do it each day? Well, we struggle just to put one foot in front of the other. We have to remember to breathe while trying to nourish and rest our bodies in order to gain the strength we need to fight another day to get our son back."

We are asking for donations and help to compile a team of medical experts to defend this family and bring their life back to a "new normal". We would also like to help provide financial help to them to cover living expenses while they stumble through this trying time.  


We realize that these are tough times for many people in this country, but if you could please consider just a small donation to our cause, it will be appreciated more than you know. You can help bring our Godson safetly home!


If you would like, you many send or drop donations directly to the bank, account name is Friends of The Giroux Family:

PNC Bank

1965 Boardman Rd

Jackson, MI  49202




Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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So very happy and praising our WONDERFUL, LOVING and AMAZING GOD!!!! This is the best news I could have every had!!! Love our family so much and can't wait to get my arms around Brody to give him the BIGGEST HUG I have ever given him!!!!

posted by Cheryl Pratt 17 months ago

The best news of the day. Thanks

posted by Martha-Jody Haldane 17 months ago

Please feel free to contact me for help with either/both fundraising dinners.. I would be happy to help since I'm Brian's favorite cousin:) They have my cell number

posted by Mandie Lerch Hiram 18 months ago

Angie shared your tragic story w/me, & please know that I am passing it on to my team, clients, community, & church family to LIFT YOU UP IN PRAYER! Further, I would like to donate a % of my monthly sales to help, & I am inviting my whole team to "adopt your cause" & do the same. Keep ya' posted! BTW... I had trouble loading the channel 6 story directly from the link, but was able to scroll through the archive & find it. Show was aired 9-24.

posted by Jen McClure 18 months ago

Sending many prayers your way

posted by Pat Stump 19 months ago

Definitely want to be included in helping with whatever fundraisers are being held. Never too busy for family. Billie has my cell number.

posted by Cheryl Pratt 19 months ago

The update for today is such a wonderful piece of news. I had the pleasure of seeing, talking to and hugging Brian & Billie at church tonight. Praise God that the U of M ME is willing to testify on this case! This definitely is an answer to prayer. I know that we are not at where we need to be to get Brody home, but we sure are a lot closer and God has His hands all over it. Thank you Scott for all the updates and for starting this cause. Love the whole Giroux family and miss little Birkee Bubbles so much.

posted by Cheryl Pratt 19 months ago

Scott thanks for updating.

posted by Martha-Jody Haldane 19 months ago

Found this via a shared link on FB. I shared it too, so hopefully we can make this page viral. I am commenting to talk about the issue surrounding the seizures involved with the death of Birklee. Something i've learned over the years in reading up on autism related isssues. A lot of people with autism also suffer from seizures. Many of them happen at night, and people are unaware unless they go to a neurologist and get the testing for it. Not all seizures make people thrash around or have movement that creates noise that would alert the parents. Some seizures just make people paralyze. my prayers are with this family. Mercy and Grace be with them.

posted by Vanessa Wilson 19 months ago

Will do what I can....Blessings

posted by Julie Pelham-Wenn 19 months ago

This is so sad...

posted by Charity Williams Boisseau 19 months ago

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Praying for your family - stay strong and know that many people are thinking of you and praying for you.Leave a comment...



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A small offering to help in the fight to right a terrible wrong. Praying your family will soon be reunited.




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We continue to pray for all of you and for Brody's return. Love and blessings




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