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My mission is to inspire a society that (re)thinks their choices as compassionate consumers.  My name is Lanni Lantto and I was "born to do this".  Help Me Get a GREEN TV Show on the A... more


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I left Michigan in March, it's been 6 months of living on faith. I'm so grateful for everyone who has helped along the way. So many people are excited about upcycled fashion, meetings are going well, and the aim is still high. If I can meet my goal, I can keep going. Thank you all for believing change is possible and giving me hope.


Living out of Suitcase = Long Days!


Created by Lanni Lantto on September 12, 2012

My mission is to inspire a society that (re)thinks their choices as compassionate consumers.  My name is Lanni Lantto and I was "born to do this". 

Help Me Get a GREEN TV Show on the Air!
I am asking you to co-create this opportunity with me.  I am going to leave my comfort zone of my small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and head to Los Angeles.  This is a necessary Leap of Faith if we are to ever fully REinvent the fashion world.  They need to see that another world is possible, that with a little creativity, we can REuse what already exists and make this idea mainstream!  I would like to do this with you.  If you support this message, YOU can help me spread this eco-awareness message to the media.

I plan to do this in 2 ways:  1.) I will finally be able to meet with television producers that have been pitched a television pilot concept based around fashion upcycling.  This TV show promotes reusing items we already own and fabrics that already exist and creatively revives these old materials into new exciting pieces!  2.)  I will meet with celebrity stylists with the goal of getting upcycled couture on the Red Carpet.  The (re) team has created sketches for upcycled outfits for Ellen DeGeneris & other celebrities that will be pitched.  Gaining celebrity exposure is (fortunately or unfortunately) one of the fastest ways to spread this message and I will be fearless knowing that love is on our side.

Funds raised will be used in support of this mission.  It will only take 1 YES for us to reach millions of people.  Your support, prayerfully or financially, is in support of that YES.

(Plus, you'll get some free (re) goody REwards!)

Please take a look at my website to learn more about what I do and how important I believe it is to politically awaken our sisters and brothers to the spiritual reality that we have only one Earth and it is up to us to take of it.  I am committed to creating a shift of consciousness in 2013, will you join me?

Thank you & I love you all.
Lanni Lantto

My Story:
A Calling From a Young Age:

Yes, I am quoting Joan of Arc but she just happens to be one of my spiritual mentors.  Every since I was little, I was made aware that God had planted a little justice-oriented GPS system. For me, my calling was centered around women’s empowerment. How did I know it was a calling?  Well, there was no other way for me to explain why at the age of 7, I was crying because my male cousin didn't respect the women's movement - or why I was voted, 'most likely to become the first female President" at the age of 18.  I tried my best to listen to this calling, although I did not yet know my path.

Upon graduation from high school, success was defined through the left side of my brain- the academic, the pragmatic, defined by rules and held up by laws. I spent 10 years of my life working to become extremely competent. I got my BA in Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, interned in the Canadian House of Commons for a female MP, burnt out my adrenal glands getting a record number of 18-35yr olds registered for the 2004 election, am still paying for my MA degree in International Law in which I wrote my thesis on "The Theoretical and Practical Approach of Feminist Peace Theory"!  I was the youngest adjunct teacher to teach Intro to Gender Studies and Women & Politics in the US and present Women as Peacemakers at 2 international peace conferences.  The wonderful Kimberly King recognized my passionate calling and asked me to serve as a Woman Saving Humanity where I attended the United Nation's CSW Conference and was honored to meet and hug Jean Shinoda Bolen among other divinely called women peace-makers.

I've always been extremely committed to the belief that upholding and empowering our women WILL change the world.  Jesus has been my trusting force and Sophia has been my guiding wisdom.  The beauty of my path has been realizing that I didn't have to 'suffer' in order to help my sisters.  In 2007, I moved to Washington, DC to get my dream job in women's rights.  When, I didn't get it, I was devasted.  However, I chose to see this as an opportunity to listen for a Leap a Faith.  If God was actively closing one door, a wild adventure must surely be ahead.  I believed and this changed my life.

Empowering Women Through Art:
I am called to serve wo/men as an environmental & social activist gone fashion designer.  You didn't see that coming did you?  You're not alone...either did I!  I thought I had to be behind a desk to be an activist, making phone calls, networking, writing my thesis, teaching at university- what I discovered is that a revolution of the heart can come from anywhere; including through the art of fashion.  Everyone wears clothing and it can make a powerful political statement.  I am a fashion (re)designer.  The difference between myself and other fashion designers is the concept of my label name, “(re)”; reuse, reduce, redesign, rethink, reinvent, recycle.  My entire creative design process is unconventional from start to finish.  I thrift for my materials instead of buying new fabric yardage and I marry wedding dresses with table runners and garters with suit coats.  With no material off limits, inspiration can come from anything … creating truly extra-ordinary clothing and diverting tons of 'waste' from landfills. Plus, the perceptions of women's body image fed to us, most absolutely be redefined. 

Educating consumers is a huge part of my business and getting my message in the media is a goal.  I want models on the runway of all sizes, I want people talking about what/where their clothing came from on the Red Carpet rather than who it was made by, I want to revolutionize the Fashion Industry to be the leader of sustainable design, I want women in rural communities given sewing jobs and paid a fair wage, I want more local manufacturing that strenthens our communities.  Although my path may no longer 'look' political, it surely is. 

We are awakening to the reality that we can create a better world by redesigning what already exists. I am blessed to be on this journey with you in 2013.


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good luck I already live in Las Vegas anything I can do to help get in touch let me know

posted by Celida Allen 14 months ago

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7 months ago (Offline Donation)


"You are doing the impossible on your way to the miraculous."

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Molly Murphy

8 months ago


Amazing Lanni! Still my thriftiest friend - changing the world one dress at a time...Inspiring! -Molly xx

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Laurel Kniskern

8 months ago


Lanni, you live what I call a stewardship of life. Your input is continuously guiding my thinking about how to use stuff and how to limit stuff in my life.



Florence Family Love :-)

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Lynne Finman

14 months ago


You are an inspiration. love, Mom



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Marcy Cole

18 months ago


Wow...what a gal you are! Hoping this helps get you to LA and if so...look for me at Sister Giant!

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John Fuhrman

18 months ago

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Helen Haskell Remien

18 months ago


It's time to soar!!!!!!!!!!!!



Marianne Williamson

19 months ago


So hope you make your goal. Sending love, Marianne


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