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This is dedicated to a couple of amazing musicians. Danny Uzilevsky and Erik Smyth were leaving a gig traveling south on 101 when they collided with a drunk driver who got on the freeway... more


Updated posted by Christina Nelson 19 months ago

Ok - wow !! Word has it that all of our prayers are working!!! Danny has taken a turn for the better!!! Hurray!! Keeping healing brother!


Updated posted by Christina Nelson 19 months ago

As some of you may already know Danny will have to continue staying in the ICU longer than hoped. He is recovering, but with 2 punctured lungs... need I say more. Thank you for your on going support & prayers ! It's a long road ahead ~ but it is a road paved with lots of love....


Updated posted by Christina Nelson 20 months ago

Erik has been released from the hospital & is now home . He is in recovery & although he is in better condition than before he still needs all the love, support & positive vibes from of of us. We love you Erik! Get well soon.

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Created by Christina Nelson on August 19, 2012

This is dedicated to a couple of amazing musicians.
Danny Uzilevsky and Erik Smyth were leaving a gig traveling south on 101 when they collided with a drunk driver who got on the freeway going the wrong way. Both vehicles were traveling 65 m.p.h. upon impact. Thankfully they survived this horrific head-on collision and have been treated at Santa Rosa General Hospital.

As most of you know, being a professional musician doesn't pay very well,.. in the first place, and neither Danny or Erik are even able to work much, if at all, after receiving severe injuries from this horrible accident. They will each incur living and/or survival expenses and precious equipment damages that will most likely exceed $100,000.This is made impossible, when neither Danny or Erik, due to their injuries, are able to work to cover these hefty expenses.

We are grateful for any & all donations - No donation is too small or too great. Help us to to help them get through this event with grace & as much ease a possible.We all know that life is filled with uncertain circumstance but WE as a community can do our best to keep the love strong & help those we love in the hardest of times.


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So sorry to hear about the accident.....awesome to see the community get together for these great brothers...sending love, healing and light, heal well, heal fast! In New Jersey till the second...but Ill be there in spirit!

posted by Mathew Green 19 months ago

Danny and Eric, my prayers go out to you both. If there is any thing I can do to help you guys out don't hesitate to let me know. Just moved to Reno, so I feel like I am far away, but I'm there for you if you need anything. Take care and stay in touch.

posted by Paul Bartolini 19 months ago

Drunk driving is not an accident. I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. We need medical care for all!

posted by Jill Waters 19 months ago

I'm glad to see so many people supporting our local music icons in their time of need. You boys heal up quick, savvy? I expect it will be a while, but I look forward to seeing you guys rocking the stage again in the future. I'm sending healing energy and positive thoughts your way!

posted by Ian Hopper 20 months ago

I just love our music community! This is such a wonderful show of love and support for these two great guys. I love watching the total raised grow and the ideas below about reaching out to other organizations are perfect! I think we're doing the best and fastest for of fundraising possible. RIGHT ON.

posted by Elena Keating 20 months ago

Great idea, Christina. I'll be supporting tonight's event at 19 Broadway. Sending healing thoughts, prayers and love.

posted by Mark Langton 20 months ago

I was so saddened to hear about your accident. It breaks my heart to know you're suffering. Yet I'm glad you're mending. I wish you a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you rockin' soon. Sending much love to my friends. XO

posted by Gail Goodwin 20 months ago

I contacted MusiCares (mentioned below) and received a call back yesterday. They have contacted family members and former manager and will be helping out. Their website is here: http://www.grammy.org/musicare s.

posted by Juliana Inman 20 months ago

I'm contacting Sweet Relief in the morning. Would like to step it up to high gear with them. If anyone has already contacted them, please let me know. If not, I AM ON IT!!

posted by Maria Perrin 20 months ago

Love you both so much! xoxo

posted by Melaney Stuart 20 months ago

Your in my thoughts. SamuraiWolf will be playing to raise money for you tonight. We'll do our best.

posted by Steve Wolf 20 months ago

Hope all goes well with the two of you...sending lots of healing energy your way!

posted by Jennifer Smith 20 months ago

*sniff sniff*...sad but so happy both Danny and Erik are healing...the fax wouldn't be the same without our musical angels...

posted by Lisa Holt 20 months ago

Pony up the cash people...They are worth it.

posted by Jb Diamond 20 months ago

So sorry to hear about this. Please keep us fans updated on Danny and Erik's progress. Thanks to the D&C for putting this together so quickly.

posted by William Savage 20 months ago

I never met these guys, but I sent the info to my friend at MusicCares. Best wishes to the bandmates/friends of Zoe's dad.

posted by Cj Shelker 20 months ago

http://bit.ly/uzi-smyth-bucket Want to help Danny Uzilevsky and Erik Smyth but don't have a credit card? You can come to the Sleeping Lady and put your cash contribution into this tub, which can be found sitting on the bar. All contributions are gratefully accepted and will be delivered to Danny and Erik!

posted by Jory Prum 20 months ago

Thanks for putting this together, Christina & Darren.

posted by Ian Citti 20 months ago

Thank you, Christina & Darren, for getting this together and keeping us updated. Bless you guys!

posted by Taylor Brooks 20 months ago

so sad! Met Danny for the first time when he came into backyardBOOGIE on Friday. There's got to be a fundraising event for these guys!! backyardBOOGIE is down to host anytime

posted by Hayes Walsh 20 months ago

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Jenny Riviere

16 months ago


I wish I could give more.



Jeff Kral

18 months ago


Get well Danny.



Matt Mercurio

18 months ago


Take it easy, Danny! We'll be right here waiting when you return. =Matt Mercurio



Gina Ness

18 months ago


For two incredibly talented and accomplished men... Let the healing continue!



ellen elizabeth

18 months ago





Sanford Barnett

18 months ago


Get Well Soon....




18 months ago




18 months ago



George Crum

19 months ago


Hope you're doing better Danny.




19 months ago


Sending healing wishes to Danny and Erik and their families.


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