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Thanks for helping us bury our little angel baby Rah-Quan. Please continue to pray for us, as we rebuild our lives. We are half way to our goal. God Bless... more


Updated posted by Rah-Quan Palmer 18 months ago

Thank you Brentwood First Responders for all your help. Special thanks to Brentwood activist Deborah Kirnon, of St. Anne Catholic Church, and members of the Brentwood Association of Concerned Citizens for making this special ceremony for baby Rah-Quan possible.

Please click on this link below for the detailed article:



Updated posted by Rah-Quan Palmer 19 months ago

One month ago, on August 14, our lives changed drastically when we lost our precious little angel, Rah-Quan Palmer. He will be forever missed. We think about you everyday and are comforted to know that you're with God.

We are also remembering everyone else affected by the explosion, the heroic first responders/firefighters, Suffolk County Police officers, our fellow neighbors, Irving Justinano (resident), Michael Ray (plumber), and our condolences to the family of Patricia Salegna-Maqueda (insurance representative).

Please continue to pray everyone affected by this horrific tragedy. God Bless!!!


Updated posted by Rah-Quan Palmer 19 months ago

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We are forever grateful. We are accepting clothing donations. Here are the sizes needed below:

Pants/jeans/skirts/dresses- size 9 or medium
shirts/blouses- medium
shoes 10, sneakers/tennis shoes size 7

Pants/jeans- size 34 Waist
shirts- large
shoes/ sneakers/tennis shoes size 12

Please send to the following address:
C/O Deborah Kirnon
Director of Parish Outreach St. ANNES
88 Second Ave
Brentwood, NY 11717

Thanks again and if you have any questions, please send an email to

God Bless!!!

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Created by Rah-Quan Palmer on August 17, 2012

Thanks for helping us bury our little angel baby Rah-Quan. Please continue to pray for us, as we rebuild our lives. We are half way to our goal. God Bless...


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Rashamel & Christina, so sorry for your lost. Your little angel will be watching over you guys as you start your lives again. All the best to you guys. RIP Little guy.

posted by Ana Espinoza-Serrano 20 months ago

Rashamel & Christina, First I would like to express my deep sadness for the loss of your beautiful son. It's a shame we'll never know what his contributions to this world could have been, but knowing you Rashamel, whatever it would have been would have been done with love, compassion and an honest heart. I don't know if you'll remember me, but I was your school bus driver from Kindergarten to 4th grade at Great Neck Rd. School. You and your brother both were the sweetest little boys and I loved you to no end. My daughter Jenny was in your class for a couple of years, you guys were the best of friends. I can only offer you a hundred dollars, please accept it with my love and my tears. Miss Karen

posted by Karen Veltman 20 months ago

I tried contacting directly yesterday, but I will try here and hope we get through. My name is Dave Skoblar, I'm a director of Project195 a national 501c3 charity founded in Oakland, N.J. We have procured furniture, housewares and clothing enough to fill the house and whatever other needs arise. Please contact me when we can start, if even in a small way, the healing process from this most difficult time in your lives. Yours in service, Project195, Director

posted by Dt Skoblar 20 months ago

Im praying for you!!!

posted by Michele Cypress 20 months ago

Not all things can be understood in our lifetime and this is one of those things. Nevertheless I hope that you and your husband can find comfort in each other and when you get overwhelmed and frustrated that you won't take it out on each other. When anger and frustration take hold, hold onto and comfort one another. See the feature that is in your partners face that was in your sons face and kiss it and know that you sent that kiss to your baby in Heaven. God Bless you and your family.

posted by Keisha Davis 20 months ago

May the Lord help you find understanding and love in your time of need.

posted by Angela Fitch 20 months ago

This family lost everything. They were playing with their baby while watching SpongeBob with him and the next thing that happened was the gas explosion. They don't have the means to bury their son, the parents don't have clothes, food or shelter. This story touched my heart and I am happy to be a part of the bereavement team brought in to help them. Dig deep because they have to rebuild from nothing and go on without him. RIP Baby Boy

posted by Sandy Hill 20 months ago

My heart goes out to this family. Any loss is painful but the loss of a child is devastating. Please know that I am lifting you and yours up in prayer. May God provide you strength and comfort during these trying times.

posted by Greer-Renaye Gardner 20 months ago

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19 months ago



Jim Long

19 months ago


I hope you are able to overcome this terrible tragedy



Jazmid Martinez

19 months ago


Hello I would like to express my deepest sympathy on your loss, just know that God has all the control in life and your son is in a better place . Myself , friends and family want to help you God teaches us to love each other as we love ourselves and help our brothers and sisters in time of need our prayer are always with you Jazmid



Terrial Young

19 months ago


I would like to express my deepest condolences and I pray for your family. A loss of any kind is a trajedy but do know that love, prayers and hope will get you through this trying time. Please accept my donation and continue to be faithful and receiving of the blessings to come. Sincerely, Terrial Young



Ky Hodges

20 months ago



Barry and Sheila Herndon

20 months ago


May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you and your family.




20 months ago




20 months ago




20 months ago


I hope and pray that you live to see a day of joy that would not only be as impacting as this time of sadness, but that would also be 100 times as joyful as any day of happines you ever had. God Bless You, this story is close to wife & I have an 18 mo-old boy. For that without ever meeting you, I relate to you and I love you.




20 months ago


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