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I've been accepted into the Interlochen Arts Academy this school year for my songwriting, but my family can't afford to pay the tuition. Please donate whatever you can spare so that may... more


Updated posted by Kenneth Fox 20 months ago

I'm leaving for the Academy tomorrow! Thanks so much to EVERYONE who made this possible. My excitement is beyond words.


Updated posted by Kenneth Fox 20 months ago

Any additional money that's raised will be used to defer out of pocket costs such as travel. Thankyou!


Updated posted by Kenneth Fox 20 months ago


I guess dreams do come true sometimes. I don't know if I can ever properly express my gratitude to everyone who has donated. I might have to write another song! This year is going to be an incredible and transformative experience thanks to the generosity of all of you.


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Created by Kenneth Fox on August 9, 2012

I've been accepted into the Interlochen Arts Academy this school year for my songwriting, but my family can't afford to pay the tuition.

Please donate whatever you can spare so that maybe I can spend this school year learning about what I love with songwriters and artists just like me!


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Nothing gets posted to your wall. Only your Facebook name & photo are used. im humming this song the rest of the day. great job dude!

posted by Darrell Bates 1 month ago

You sir, Are AWESOME! go fulfill your dreams man. Reach higher than those stars

posted by Harley Quinn 3 months ago

Congratulations. I loved your video. You are a very talented young man and will go far in life:)

posted by Sena Rose Hilario Glenn 5 months ago

Good for you. Glad you reached your goal. Very inspiring, creative. And I'm looking forward to seeing your videos and hearing your music in the future. All the best to you.

posted by Jean Givan 6 months ago

Your video was really cool. Glad you raised your money for your school...Have a good time!

posted by Shayla Thomas 7 months ago

congrats dear also i need help plz people help me

posted by Oss Man 7 months ago

what an inspirational story! congrats!

posted by Anna Clark 15 months ago

I Love it Kenneth I am glad God made away for you through the people that gave congrats do well and prosper young man!!!

posted by Tracey Bassett-Davis 16 months ago

You deserve this blessing! Congratulations! Look forward to a follow-up song....

posted by Lori Tuttle 18 months ago

Would love to see continued updates over the year - have a fabulous time at Interlochen!

posted by Lynell Shooks 20 months ago

This is absolutely wonderful and shows the exact anything-is-possible spirit of Interlochen. People like you are exactly what makes the school what it is. I know you will have the time of your life! --Rebecca, class of '08

posted by Rebecca Chou 20 months ago

So inspiring to see people come together like this!! You should post a pic for us on your first day of school! Congratulations :)

posted by Cristina Soto 20 months ago

Looks like we'll be going to school together :)

posted by Zoë Fisher 20 months ago

Congratulations Kenneth! I work at Interlochen, and can't wait to see you and follow your progress. And... I am sure that your mom is absolutely proud and thrilled to be proven wrong about just one song!

posted by Sharon Hill 20 months ago

I went to Interlochen last year after going to the camp and applying, thinking that I wouldn't get it, and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm not going back this year because I didn't get enough financial aid, so I get what you're going through. You are extremely talented, and I hope that you have a great year.

posted by Elizabeth Paparone 20 months ago

So, so happy that you are almost there.

posted by Cheryl Ann 20 months ago

Yay! So close!! I'll keep pestering my family and friends :)

posted by Amy Whiten 20 months ago

I went to Interlochen Arts Camp last summer for the first time and it changed my life! You definitely deserve to go! Almost there, and Goodluck with Songwriting -YourFan, Tally

posted by Tally Bevis 20 months ago

Less than $1000.00 to go! Crossing my fingers for you. As a former camper, academy grad., camp staff, and alumni rep. I can say that it will change your life in the best way.

posted by Eileen Bora 20 months ago

Ah kenneth im in love with you you go boy! interlochen needs you!

posted by Zoë Mirkovich 20 months ago

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Caroline Amer

20 months ago


Talented young artists like this are the ones that need and deserve to be at Interlochen - Everyone should donate! Every little bit helps..... I hope you reach you're goal and have an amazing time at Interlochen. I loved it there and I know you will too!



Gary and Charlie Tye

20 months ago


You can thank Ms. Tye in Creative Writing and MPA for this donation - she is our daughter and has done a great job of promoting you on Facebook. Congratulations and Good Luck!




20 months ago



Jacob Leh

20 months ago


Hey there cousin, I'm a little late to this one! But I'm gonna pretend I'm not and toss a little on the pile anyway.



Roth Herrlinger

20 months ago


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Have fun, Kenneth.



Tom DeFaria

20 months ago


Kenneth - great song / video. You belong at Interlochen. (class of '79)




20 months ago




20 months ago



Missy J.

20 months ago


You deserve it.



Andy Cata

20 months ago


you're an incredible writer and friend. you WILL go places. I'm so incredibly proud of you for doing this and sooo amazed and uplifted by the generosity of people. Kenneth - This is only the start.


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