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  What is the  "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION? It's providing an escape for Children/family who are being inundated with content in media that is not appropriate for young audiences.  ... more


Updated posted by Ruth Bryant White 3 months ago

You want to check out the video of Lady Ele, 2014 Nominee with Natalie Cole and others for the Image awards.

Ms. Lady Ele. Her video is some of the types of intro music we will use in the launching of the Breaking News Journal TV Channel. Please support us for the 2014 Pre Super Bowl "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION to sace our children and put parents back into the Driver's Seat.

If you are serious about the future of Children in America, make your donation now, so we can help children get education materials their parents may not be able to afford. You also will be helping the children get wholesome,clean content on TV. Don't hold back now.


Updated posted by Ruth Bryant White 3 months ago

This year it's time to support the parents who are losing their children to smartphone, computer and television programs that are unhealthy for them. Parents are losing their children also to education in Government Funded Schools.

You can contribute to the Breaking News Journal TV Channel today as we are developing programs your children and you as adults can watch. Cooking, Food, Fashion, Investigative Reporting, Breaking News, Animation, Children/Teen Programming, Sports and more.

If you want to see change, you can contribute now to the producers who will make it happen. You can also go to and click on the ROKU box and save a lot of money. It will also put you back in the drivers seat so you can take control of what your children watch. Now is the time to ACT.


Updated posted by Ruth Bryant White 4 months ago

People it's time to join the "CUT THE CABLE REVOLUTION, created by Professor Steven White You can save 70-100% of your cable bill by joining us on ROKU. Just go to click on the ROKU Box. Tell all of your family and friends.
T he recent actions by A&E against Phil Robertson clearly called for a strong reaction by those of us committed to Biblical values and Constitutional free speech.

Right now, we have the perfect opportunity to
hit the big Cable Companies right where they'll feel it most, in the pocketbook!! I'm appealing to all good folk everywhere to CUT YOUR CABLE
NOW! In so doing, you can save 70% to 100% of your monthly cable bill.
Here's how:

* Go to and click the ROKU link. Right now,
Roku has tremendous deals on their boxes.

*Choose the channels YOU want to watch (like Netflix, or Hulu+). You'll only
be watching what you want, and will not be paying for the channels you don't

*Coming soon is the Breaking News Journal TV Channel , featuring clean,
family-friendly programs such as: Education, Fashion, Teen Programs,
Cooking, Investigative Reporting and much more!

Go to the link below, click, and start saving $$$!
God Bless You, and please pass this on to your friends!! Don't forget to support the Breaking News Journal TV Channel

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Created by Ruth Bryant White on August 1, 2012


What is the  "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION? It's providing an escape for Children/family who are being inundated with content in media that is not appropriate for young audiences.


Much of the television and Feature Film content on Cable TV is not appropriate for families to view together. By joining the

"CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION you are saying that you want to get back into the driver's seat so you can watch what you want.


May parents are paying for cable packages and for programs to be produced that they don't approve. Cutting the cable will totally scale back who has control of what families view. Parents can save so much money by not subscribing to programming they don't watch or don't want. Your contribution to "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION will help us produce programs that will help your children to get clean education through media while having wholesome fun. 


You can get the ROKU Box by clicking on the link at




"Cut the Cable" Revolution is a series of events beginning with a kick-off RadioThon on January 31, 2014 which  officially begain the fundraising for Project Red Slipper. 


This event is in partnership, Breaking News Journal, SportzAddix and CthePower are coordinating their strengths and their reach to support the "CUT THE CABLE" Revolution, a cooperative effort to bring CLEAN, HEALTHY programming to our American families as well as to those abroad.



We had SIX HOURS OF the most pressing issues facing us as parents and grandparents of the next generation; Common Core, public school, home schooling, child slavery/sex trade, influence of corporate media on undeveloped minds of our children, and more. Those who took so much time out of their schedules to support this effert was:

SportzAddix Radio Call In Number



3:05 PST -3:25 PST-6:25 EST


Professor White  is the creator of this movement "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION and updates on comments from parents

3:45 PST - 7:45 -8PM EST :
Kenya Williams  - 
Film Dir. CEO fo JazziMI Productions


4:00 PM  PST-7PM-7:10 EST

Ronald Brown -Detriot Piston's Farm Club Basketball Player 1973-1977


4:15 PM PST-7:15 -:4:30PM EST

Ickey Woods of The Cincinnati Bengals Football Team and the Jovante Woods Foundation for Asthma Research


4:30 PST - 7:30 EST :
Lloyd Marcus  -

Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee


5:00 PST - 8PM EST :
Murray T. Bass -CEO of Tools4Learning, and Tools4PreSchool


5:30 PST - 8:30 EST :
Nohl Rosen -
BNJ Reporter ArizonaProducer/ROKU Installer Creator of Cat Galaxy and Small Business Man of PantherTek

January 31

6:00 pm
UTa1kRadio (310) 807-5055

6PM to 6:15 :


Professor White Creator of the CUT THE CABLE REVOLUTION Explains it


6:20 PST -9:20 EST (15 minutes)

Alec and Stephen Baldwin Family Member

Harriet Baldwin



6:30 PM PST - 9:30  -10 EST (20minutes ) :
Bradlee Dean  -
Band Leader of "Junkyard Prophets" reaching over 1 million High Schoolers Across the country

7:00 PM PST - 10:00-10-20 PM EST  (15 minutes):
Lindsay Grathwohl -
Daughter of the late FBI Informant Larry Grathwohl


7:30- PM PST -10:30-10-50PM EST (20 Minutes)

Diane Burnett, Nevadans on COMMON CORE


8:00 PST -  11 to Midnight EST :
Jocasta Odom Co-Host
- Producer or Radio A Thon, Guest Host on Freedommizer Radio 

Co-Host of Racial Harmony Live

Producer of Project Red Slipper BNJ TV Channel

CEO of Sister Circle 

Celebrity Life Coach


(Ruth Bryant White, Jerry Chiles and Cheryl Greenlee will monitor the entire Radio A Thon Event and will pipe in as needed. SportzAddix News Network and Uta1k Radio's Hosts will announce and participate in the conversations for the Radio A Thon. They will announce themselves and share how long they will be on the air.)


If you would like to use SKYPE, You must register with BLOGTALKRADIO.COM before hand ; even today (with a private account).  The SKYPE button will appear next to the call in number at the UTa1K and SportzAddix links after the show goes live.


More on the Guest Line-up and Topic Details will be forthcoming. 

As this project takes off anew, you may want to provide your email for our updates.  I  will be changing web hosts soon due to lack of certain features available here; send me an email with CUT THE CABLE in the subject line and I will be happy to keep you informed on information pertinent to this project.

Thank you for stopping by ....... MORE TO COME.













The information below is about the Breaking News Journal TV Channel, who we are. and who the producers of Project Red Slipper are.


Thank you for checking out our new Trailer for the launching of the Breaking News Journal TV Channel.

We want to put you the adult/parent/guardian back in the driver's seat when it comes to what your household is viewing. The only way that can be done is for you to get a ROKU Box, and you will help our producer give you strong, fun, savvy, programs that you and your family will love. Just click here and donate to our cause and go to and click the ROKU Link and get started to Freedom. You pay for only the Channels you want to see.

 Newcomers on board the Breaking News Journal TV Channel Launching team are Phenomenal Life Today's host and producers   Dr. Brian Lewis and Pastor Tara Lewis. They are the stars of the hit TV Show of 2013 called "The Sisterhood". Tara is the creator of MomsFit4Life. We look forward to having the entire Lewis Family  in Fitness programs and children/teen programs on  our Channel.


SportzAddix Radio 24 hour News Network, CthePower, and Utalk Radio have joined together to host the Pre-Superbowl "CUT THE CABLE" REVOLUTION Radio A Thon to support our cause.



BNJ collaborates with  Frontgate and Biscuit Media's . We feature their authors and celebrities on the Breaking News Journal "On Air Radio" Programs. We promoted movies for them like "The Snake and the Mongoose." We also promote guest celebrity clients like former Victoria's Secret Model Nicole Weider.


Former Victoria's Secret Angel Model and Designer of her own new fashion jeans line Kylie Bisutti has joined our producers of Project Red Slipper so we can develop programs for their Fashion Line.   International Fashion Model Le Jeune Bryant has also signed on to make appearances on fashion as well as food.  


With your involvement, we will be the next William Randolph Hearst, Ted Turner, and Rupert Murdoch of new media, but it will not happen without your support. Many people are crying for clean TV. This is your chance to do something about it.

Since we are the Town Square of new media, you will have more input than you would have with any other program on TV or Feature Films, but you must support our projects. Tell anyone you know, any investors you know, any business people who are looking for projects to put resources behind to get involved today.

Finally there is a place for the heartland of America to get real news that relates to them and is not slanted one way or another. Our TV Programs will range from Fashion, Food, Cooking, Children/Teen's, Travel,  Fitness, Nutrition,Animation, Breaking News, and Real Estate, Investigative Reporting, Technology Animals/Cats, Indoor/Outdoor Sports Programming and Breaking News and Politics.

We can launch with your donations, investments, sponsorship,or advertisements. We have top movers and shakers in new media on board what we are doing. Notables from the Fashion and Business World who have appeared on CNN, Fox Business News and more, Dave Bego CEO of Executive Management Services and author of the book"The Devil At My Doorstep and The Devil At Our Doorstep", the late Larry Grathwohl author of "Bringing Down America,"


Added to that is the fact that the only time you get the chance to see your favorite celebrity is when they are recycled on all of the same entertainment programs. You only see them when they have a product to promote and sell, not because they really want to talk about an issue or contribute to making media better.

With this project being a success we will launch the Breaking News Journal Channel (BNJ Channel), Feature Films, Breaking News, Live Stream, Pay Per View for the Events, and much, much more. We work together well and communicate on the progress of our projects, plus we like each other.

We have a Independent production staff who are producing programs of different genres ready to get to work on projects like " (Fashion, food, family, New book authors, Education, Faith, Marketing, Breaking News Locally and Nationally, Politics, Special live streaming broadcast events) Fashion, Food, Family, Children, Sports, Live Events, Activists Live Shots, Travel, Hot Topics, Investigative Reporting and Community News, Clean Entertainment TV and Feature Film For The Silver Screen.


Bettina Viviano, is the first listed lady producer listed  on Breaking News Journal's  Project Red Slipper, but she  started her film career way before that.  She was at William Morris Agency as a for 25 years, VP of Steven Spielberg's Amblim Entertainment Producer/Writer/Developer of the hit movies "Out Of Africa, Schindler's List, Roger Rabbit, land Before Time, Indiana Jones, Strange Hearst, Family Sins, Three To Tangle, just to name a few of her projects.  After leaving Amblim, Bettina became a Literary Agent at BBMW, representing Writers and Directors. In 1990 she began her own production management company, Viviano Entertainment Inc. She has sold pitches, script boks etc for millions of dollars, for her clients. She is oen of teh few success stories in Hollywood.

Bradlee Dean, Head of "the hit band that has reached almost a Million high Schooler across Americae with his "Junkyard Prophets Band ". He has an animated Series called "MY War"with Bradlee Dean. people  of "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide". He has appeared on news programs from MSNBC with Rachel Maddow CNN, Fox News and much more. He hosts his program "Sons Of Liberty Radio on his site He has items you can purchase, as he has a large fan base.


A.) Lindsey Grathwohl, daughter of the late and famous Military Hero that saved all of our lives from being put into reducation camps in the 70's, Larry Grathwohl. Lindsay will especially work on the movie with BNJ Feature Films about her father's live. It will be a take off of Robert Redford's propaganda movie, "The Company you Keep." There will be 3 versions of the movie series called "The Company You Don't Want To keep": The Larry Grathwohl Story, The Dave Bego Story, and the Professor Steve White Story. All show in different fields how Socialism and Marxism are working to destroy America Principles and values.

B) Jocasta Odom CEO of Sister Circle in Atlanta Georgia. Besides being producer for the programs that are in development there namely (The Virtuous Women Reality Show, Autism Care with Ms. Norma) she is a Celebrity Life Coach and Public speaker. She made a recent appearance in front of over 4million people on Candy of Atlanta Housewife's Internet program. Check our radio programs to see when her next speaking engagement is.

C.) Our Youngest producer Audrea Taylor Co-Founder and President of She has produced material and have helped to recruit young people from over 20 colleges across the country to have a voice. BNJ Channel will develop the program im2moro (a sit down live on camera program)Talk For Young People produced by Audrea Taylor, Luke Anderson, Blake Anderson

D.) The Alternative To The Hit TLC TV Show The" Sisterhood " called "The Virtuous Women" of Atlanta Reality Show with Producer Host Cornelia Brown, Producer Host Jocasta Odom, Guest Hosts Regina Fuentes,. Soon to develop versions in Arkansas, Minnesota, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and more.

E.) Just joining our list of Project Red Slipper producers of the Creator/Founder of JazzyMi Independent Productions, Kenya Williams in San Diego. She is quickly c=becoming the talk of the entertainment industry. She has worked on the new Web Series to hit the online in 2013. Kenya is launching her solo project called "Wicked Kinda Love"

F.) Audrey Russo Host of "Reel Talk" (like Don Imus) on, co-host of "Clash Radio"wth Doug Wiles, and "Changing World Views" with Sharon Hughes,

KDIA AM 1640
Greater S.F. Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley
Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara
KFNX AM 1100
Phoenix, AZ
WWNL AM 1080
Pittsburgh, PA
Tupelo, MS
WBXR AM 1140
Huntsville, AL
Albuquerque, NM

"The Rick Amato Show" out of San Diego California, and the "Mike Wiley Show" KLAV Radio Las Vegas Associate Producer of the live taping of "Occupy vs Tea Party Reality Show Live from New York. Audrey has some of the top entertainers in the country who interact with real people, come on her programs to talk about real issues. Audrey's show comes on Every week.
Featured Soloist for CD Launch

Clubs: (partial list)
Sanctum Supper Club
Music Works Café
Lambs Café (Lambs Theater)
The Kingdom Kafe
Light In The Woods
Philadelphia Café
Rooftop Series at The Bergen County Jail
Check the show times on

G.) Beatrice Wilson (aka Texas Bea) is a producer "All Fired Up Radio" for many talk show programs on radio. She produced the online Skype: Stream- A -Thon Telethon "Gimme Five " Campaign for children with Teen Leukemia which was by Breaking News Journal in memory of Tween Star of Disney's The Lion King on Broadway Shannon Tavares. She organized giveaways for those who contributed to the cause.


H.) Rita Frazier and her husband Dewalden produce and perform their musical creations at events all across Arkansas.

Barbara Espinosa is the host of Hair on Fire News Talk Radio and Publisher of She fearlessly confronts the difficult issues of our time, with occasional forays in the light-hearted. She has interviewed politicians from all across American, Authors and whoever else catches her fancy.
Barbara has championed political, civic and humanitarian causes in Phoenix/Scottsdale for longer than she likes to admit. As former President of the "Scottsdale Association of Realtors," and through her involvement with organizations like the RNC Eagles, Goldwater Institute, Scottsdale Prevention Institute, and Chairman of "Save Old Scottsdale," she has forged long-time associations within the community.

J.) Cornelia Brown, Author of Black and White makes Brown, is in development and host of the New Book Authors
Talk Show and "Golden Souls" about the ladies who have been through it all and don't care what you think about it. This program will be a program something like "Golden Girls, except working through real issues, some fun, some very serious.

Created by Ruth Bryant White
Ruth aka The L.A.W, is Editor In Chief of Breaking News, Breaking News Journal/Facebook.Twitter, and BNJ Global with reporters out of Japan and Israel. She hosts of Breaking News Journal"On Air" Radio and Racial Harmony Live on, co-hosted KLAV Radio Las Vegas for a year
with Mike Wiley, Guest Co-host the Dr. Roth Show.
(Ruth was a Coordinating Producer of the Post Oscar Showcase in Hollywood which was sponsored by Universal Pictures, Paramount Studios and Women In Film. Those who endorsed our projects were Andy Garcia, Beau Bridges, Sigourney Weaver, Jane Seymour, Steven Spielberg's wife, Kate Capshaw, and Icon Producer , Jerry Bruckheimer Executive Producer of such titanic movies as Pirates Of The Carribbean, Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, All of the CSI TV Series,Without A Trace, and Cold Case.
She was consulted on for such films as Tri-Star's Devil In A Blue Dress, and Viacom/Showtime's Mr. and Mrs. Lovings and work was instrumental in Whitney Houston's version of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Ruth was Executive Producer on The Reality Show"Occupy vs Tea Party which was live in New York?

On a non profit basis, our lifetime achievement will be to see all children survive teen leukemia, a painful disease. Our drive "The Gimme Five"Campaign was promoting the DNA swab Donor Drive in memory of 11 Year old star of Disney's The Lion King On Broadway who died of Teen Leukemia in 2010. Those children who were in the hospital with her in 2010, died in 2011, because there were no matches for them to have a transplant. We need to take millions of Q-Tip swabs for a match.

Ruth is an expert on race relations  started along with her husband Professor White A Place For Us National which is 30 years strong in 2014 and is designed to bringing America towards a colorblind society where people are judged on character not on skin color  She is an ordained minister and certificated Christian Counselor, along with her husband Professor Steve White.

BNJ Channel wants to thank those production and marketing staff who are helping this channel to be a succcess Debi Keatts, Bridgette Bryant, Leslie Hood,


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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