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My husband, Gail Cogdill, is a retired NFL Player who played 11 years for Detroit. As a result of the bumps and bruises, and his genetics he has been battling congestive heart failure. H... more


Updated posted by Dian Cogdill 5 months ago

Gail had a three month follow up with his cardiologist today. And is maintaining his status with his heart. We will be looking at proceeding ahead in the late spring to go to Florida regarding his stem cells.


Updated posted by Dian Cogdill 11 months ago

Gail is still in rehab and will be for the next three months and is making improvements. He will be going for further test in July to see how the heart is doing, Thank you for all the prayers and support.


Updated posted by Dian Cogdill 13 months ago

It has been a while since we have posted on Gail.
Here is a update. He has not had the stem cell procedure done as of yet. The doctors in Florida
wanted Gail to have another procedure done to check his stents (to see if there was any blockage since May 2012), which was done in December 2012. The stent are still clean. The percentage of his heart rate has not gotten any worse. He is still planning on doing the stem cells. But due to be shortage of the funds we will wait a little while longer. God has been good to us. He has given Gail more time. We appreciate all the prayers and support. We are looking for sometime in May. And his new cardiologist will be working with Gail and also the doctors in Florida. If the stents had been blocked they would have done more stents and the stem cells would of followed immediately. We will give another update sometime in May or right after.
Once again Thank you all.

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Created by Dian Cogdill on July 29, 2012

My husband, Gail Cogdill, is a retired NFL Player who played 11 years for Detroit. As a result of the bumps and bruises, and his genetics he has been battling congestive heart failure. His heart is at only 18%, even after a 6 way bypass and he continues to get weaker.

Point is, he needs a new heart. However, the medical field denies him of this due to his age (75). The best they can do is maybe a mechanical heart which maybe will give him 5 years. Maybe isn't a good enough answer for Gail, or myself, or his children. Our family and friends have done a lot of research and a lot of praying and we have found out about adult stem cells. They are taken from his own blood, then the stem cells are harvested from his blood and then put back into his heart. The success of this procedure is good, actually better than that. After speaking to several couples that have gone through exactly the same as us, our belief is that this is the better road for Gail. Yet our insurance does not acknowledge it as a valid procedure. The only specialist that use this treatment are in Mexico or Europe. Although this is what we so desperately want, we have exhausted all of our funds.

Gail has a family to live for still, things he has yet to experience, and moments in life that we need him for. To walk his youngest daughter down the isle, to see his great grandson's firsts, to travel to the places he dreams of, to live his life out with me still. There are a lot of people who love him, and if you knew him for 2 minutes I know you would feel the same. I feel that God has more in store for him. We would appreciate any help. Any at all.
Thank you, From the wife, family, and friends of the NFL Player"


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I met this incredible man and his lovely wife last week. I pray that I get to know them and support them. With all that they face, they spent time talking to me about my (autistic) son and a charity organization I founded. What a blessing they were to me that day.

posted by Lynda Churchill 16 months ago

Former Detroit Lion standout Gail Cogdill is in the fight of his life. If you can, please support his family's plea for contributions to pay for what might prove to be a life saving medical procedure.

posted by Gary Lowe 19 months ago

Wow, that's really a shame! To me, if this man played in the NFL especially for as long as he did, then no disrespect but he SHOULD NOT have to reach out to strangers and reach into his own pocket! The NFL should automatically compensate and pay for all his medical expenses! Point blank! And with the money that a lot of these athletes make today, believe me it would hurt some of the on the present-day Lions' players to maybe reach into THEIR pockets and donate a couple of thousand bucks.

posted by Bryan Lord 19 months ago

Gail and his family are truly wonderful people. I have been friends with the family for atleast 10 yrs and have never known Gail to be anything but wonderful husband, fantastic father, and a kind generous person. Please help support this cause. I love you Cogdill family

posted by Rona Smith-Langley 19 months ago

I too have 20 % to my heart and received no help from gov and have no coverage it's as if I'm supposed just wither away this story has touched me gives me hope bless your family

posted by Dustin Powders 19 months ago

Gail was my babysitter when we lived next door to his parents on 2nd Ave in Spokane. A great man and was always about family. I remember saturday football at Libby with Gail his brother, dad and uncles. He made me the "Coug" supporter I am today. Every manneds to see his daughter down the isle. Please support this effort

posted by Jerry Thompson 20 months ago

Gail is a wnderful person and deserves the very best. Let's all help by praying and donating for his medical sitution. Former classmate, Karen(Skinner)...

posted by Karen Kirshner 20 months ago

I love you Daddy. You'll always be my hero and I'm here to fight for you. xoxox

posted by Austin Cogdill 20 months ago

A great cause, and the right thing to do.

posted by Barry Helfand 20 months ago

The Repair Stem Cell Institute supports The Cogdills in this endeavor since he is a perfect candidate for heart stem cells who is still in good shape for age 75. Gail Cogdill is the only Detroit Lion to win the Rookie of the Year award, and one of very few receivers to ever do so. Since the 1950s, he has been a good neighbor, an active supporter of retired players rights. It seems like everyone who knows him likes him! When you get a minute, check out this video: =ABnhWWHydwc

posted by Don Margolis 21 months ago

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Steve Anderson

3 months ago


Although I've never met Gail or any of his family, as a football historian I've always sensed he was/is a class act and his children are evidence of that. Gave him some love in a trivia question added to my pending book Retro Football Games - A Nostalgic Look at 90 Years of Tabletop Games. All the best - Steve



Mike Hayden

5 months ago



Pat Cogdill-Holt

6 months ago


Best of luck to you.



Bill Starr

11 months ago



Jon Silverberg

14 months ago


I have been a Detroit Lions fan since the early 1950's...Gail Cogdill was a great player and I received many hours of pleasure watching him...I particularly recall the only NY Giants game I ever went to, when the Lions beat them 30-7 on 12/10/67, and, if memory serves, Gail caught 2 touchdown passes (from Milt Plum?).




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Bruce Klosner

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