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Have you ever looked into a glass ball and seeing what you thought was a great future for you and your family? (Recent photo of his cousin Robert, sister Tamera and Thomas) http://www.... more


Updated posted by Kimberly Brady Cummings 7 months ago

We all wanted to Thank everyone for their prayers and support. Please let everyone know that this is the official fundraiser for the Kossow Family. There has been a few scams popping up here and there.
If you have any questions,
Please contact Misty Aherns , Sabrina Halterman or Mike Kossow himself. Thank you again for helping Mike and Kaitlyn threw this terrible time.



Updated posted by Kimberly Brady Cummings 7 months ago


Here is the link to service arrangements


Updated posted by Kimberly Brady Cummings 7 months ago

Created by Kimberly Brady Cummings on September 10, 2013

Have you ever looked into a glass ball and seeing what you thought was a great future for you and your family?

(Recent photo of his cousin Robert, sister Tamera and Thomas)
Well that's just what Mike Kossow had done so many times before his nightmare began on monday night. His beloved son Thomas was murdered in his own driveway. This is something you would think only a stranger would be capable of doing, but this tragedy was committed by the closest of family. Mike never saw anything in a glass ball that said he'd lose one of his own children at such a young age. Much less that Thomas' own mother Jody would take his life. Mike and his 6 other children; Heather Lancaste, Amber Kossow, Kaitlyn Kossow, Tammy Rowe, JayJay George and Robert George, have not only lost their beautiful Thomas today, but they also lost their family. There are no means for this family to send their loving red headed ANGEL to heaven. Mike did not have life insurance for Thomas and nor does he have the resources to handle this life changing event. We can not deny this lil ANGEL the right to have his loved ones say their last goodbyes. As a friend to this family, I am asking for your help to lessen the burden on Mike and his family and open your hearts as well as your change jars and donate what ever you can to complete Thomas'...


In the event money raised is over the amount of expenses;

the additional funds will be used for life expenses for Thomas' 11 year old sister Kaitlyn so that she can somehow regain some sort of normalcy in her life.


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I am so grateful to see all of the people who reached out to help. It has restored my faith in mankind. God Bless you all.

posted by Nanci Duffy 7 months ago

Hi baby love u

posted by William Farley 7 months ago

he was just a great joy to have around he was always mine his uncle bill 's carrot top he is and always will be a cutie he always love coming over here to play with my kids ,also to play cars and moster trucks with my to boys he is always in our players and heart and now he up there with his graamy and poppy that just loved so much, we just loved how those two front teeth would come in , but findly they come in and we told him now you can't ask santa for my two front teeth

posted by Jennifer Farley 7 months ago

I gave what I could for ya bud. I remember you at the bus stop in kindergarten and you would come play with my kids in the yard. We gave you an old boy bike because you were riding on a girl bike and you were so happy to have it :) You always helped bring in the groceries and always had a huge smile on your face. You always made me smile once you smiled. I hadn't seen you in a few years but I could never forget you. Corey really misses you and is very sad that you are gone but we know you are with god now and he is protecting you and you can watch over your family and friends. RIP little buddy.

posted by Nacine King 7 months ago

I wish I could help out but with my husband not working we just can't. I did pass this along to my family and passed it around facebook a few times.

posted by Suzanne DeGrazio 7 months ago

Mike...my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Heaven has received another little angel!!

posted by Gina Urban-Golinski 7 months ago

Thomas i loved watching u grow up i loved hugging u every day after school i am so sorry i couldn't have said goodbye i miss u thomas i miss ur smile i miss when you would talk to me about what happened at school i will never forget u!!!! i love u thomas i am happy ur in a better place i loved our sleepover and the time we spent together... i love u!

posted by Marissa Simms 7 months ago

Kimberly, I didn't take the time earlier to say this, but thanks you for doing this. You are a true blessing to this family. Need more like you in this world.

posted by Vicki Malm Akins 7 months ago

I'm so sorry for this loss of such a beautiful lil boys life Thomas you always had such a bright smile and I'm honored to have had the chance to meet you. I know you are up in heaven with the angels!! Praying for the family!

posted by Brittany Gabrielson 7 months ago

I do not know you or your family, but hearing about your passing, and how it happened, struck me to the core. My heart breaks for you, and all of your loved ones. Rest In Peace, little angel.

posted by Wendy Cihak 7 months ago

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Thomas. He will be in the hearts and prayers of myself and all of our group now and always and we will do whatever we can to continue to post this for the next few days to hopefully help you to raise funds to have a beautiful memorial for him. May he rest in peace

posted by Tamye Haugen 7 months ago

I really miss my brother... My mother had no right. I love you Thomas... I promise that I will still teach you how to drive like you wanted me too.. YOU ARE NOW SAFE AWAY FROM THE HARM OF THE ILL. I love you..

posted by Jay George Jr 7 months ago


posted by Amanda Ganus Kurtzweg 7 months ago

my prayers are with the family...such a young life taken way to early...R.I.P

posted by Ed Duncan 7 months ago

we miss you Thomas. We remember sitting at the bus stop watching you grow up everyday. our hearts are saddened over this and we will never forget you little man. Mike and family if you need anything let me know. If i could give money i would. i will share this until you guys have the money

posted by Anna Maggard 7 months ago

:( my god this is soo sad ;(

posted by Veronica Aguilera 7 months ago

As a mom my heart goes out to all the family left with this tragedy, my children and nieces and nephews knew him and were friends with him. And my niece was in his class and said he was the funniest kid in class always made everyone laugh! RIP Thomas you and your family are forever in our thoughts and prayers

posted by Victoria Steward 7 months ago

I am so sorry for your familys loss. I would like to offer my services to help by coirdinating a benefit. You can reach me at 8152892340. Simply Elegant Solutions

posted by Andrea Messenger 7 months ago

I have been there, I could not afford to bury my son and my husband and had to reach out for help. I wish I had any money to give, but I don't. I will pass this around to everyone I know and keep this family in my prayers.

posted by Kirsten Winkler 7 months ago

I ask so sorry for your loss, I know a family member of Thomas, May this lol Angel R.I.P with his grandma Peggy now.. Good Bless You, and may He had your hands during this time of need!

posted by Melissa Van Barriger 7 months ago

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Tanya Cassata

6 months ago


I am so sorry for your tragic loss. My prayers are with you. God bless you all.



Fatima Sabanovic

7 months ago



Heather Goral

7 months ago


May angels lead you in.



vanessa sheets

7 months ago


My heart breaks for your family! I am so sorry for your loss....fly with the angels little man!



Angy Slater-Thomas and Joseph Byers

7 months ago


Peace to Thomas! Love you precious nephew!



dillon husk

7 months ago




7 months ago




7 months ago




7 months ago




7 months ago


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