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Dear Community, A couple of women of color in my cohort and I received financial assistance in the form of having our tuition reduced to continue here. I now only have to pay $1000 pe... more


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Eres Una Partera? Are You a Midwife?: Reflecting on My First Quarter of Midwifery Training

Today marks the end of an incredible 3 months of life. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done this alone. The journey to this point has been quite the struggle, with friends and family supporting me and my vision for healing our collective. So many things and ways of thinking have changed.

Check out the link to read my full reflection:


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I want to connect with people and organizations that can help me reach my goal in some way. Perhaps you have someone in your network that could help. I have a short term goal of about $3000 (which is in addition to what I have raised) by the end of the year and an overall goal of $13,000 to be able to graduate next September. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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There are not enough words to describe being one of the first human beings to receive a brand new human life in your hands. In the wee hours of this morning, I had the honor of catching, quite literally, the first of many small, resilient and vibrant beings on this journey. My hands guided by another midwife and all the ancestors whose hands have caught generations before me. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far!

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Created by Ynanna Djehuty on May 26, 2013

Dear Community,
A couple of women of color in my cohort and I received financial assistance in the form of having our tuition reduced to continue here. I now only have to pay $1000 per each quarter. This has been a huge blessing. The other I need help making a strategy to raise the amount of money I need to stay for the next 3 quarters. I need to raise $13,000 in total; the rest of the money I need is for my living and educational expenses - i.e housing, nourishment, bills, books.

I am unable to take a job during my time here because I dedicate over 60+ hours a week to two 24-hour shifts a week, with one week of three 24-hour shifts; I have 3-4 hour classes three times a week. Then I spend the other time doing homework, reading and getting the precious sleep I need to function. I need help because I want to gain this reproductive health and midwifery knowledge and bring it back to my community. I am aware of how much has been invested in me and I want to invest back into the home that I love.

My intention is to return to the tri-state area and collaborate with other reproductive justice advocates. It would be ideal to practice in New York but because I would have to get a master’s degree in midwifery, I am looking into opportunities for working as a primary under supervision in New Jersey. New Jersey is the most appealing because of the networks I have there and it is close to New York City, where I have most of my connections. I yearn to return home and invest as much time and energy back into my community as they have invested in my education up to this point. Additionally, if there is an interim between graduation and working with a midwifery practice, I would like to still use my doula skills to assist women. I am also looking into ways of using my workshop facilitation skills in developing ways to educate young and maturing women about their reproductive systems.

As a community, we are in dire need of midwives and other community organizers to assist us in shifting away from the violent and dehumanizing systems of healthcare (and lack thereof). Furthermore, we need comprehensive education for women of all ages about their reproductive health so that we can begin to empower ourselves and influence a better legacy for our future generations. I need help to continue to step up in this way. Please help me in the form of a donation, resource or method of fundraising so I can reach my goal and come back home to serve.

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Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! I am in deep gratitude :)

posted by Ynanna Djehuty 10 months ago

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Barbara Pierson

1 hour ago


not much but i know every little bit helps!!

Water Breaks


johanna de los santos

4 days ago

Active Labor



7 days ago






16 days ago



Morgan McFarland

16 days ago


WOC are so often members of communities that are underserved by quality maternity care. I am glad to contribute to the education of another dedicated midwife.

Water Breaks


Jennifer Rencher

1 month ago


So proud of you!




1 month ago


I know this isn't much but I hope it helps. Good Luck Love!



David Cid

1 month ago




1 month ago



Celina Sisk

1 month ago


Blessings to you!!


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