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Dear family, friends, and whoever has faith that I can make a positive change to this world, It is with great excitement that I announce the official unveiling of my latest web busine... more


Updated posted by Ali H. Chehade 23 months ago

The Dream Matcher is no longer just an online social network. We now organize dream matching events in Beirut, and hopefully all around the world! Our first event for around 40 attendees, and our second event got 70! Thanks everyone for your support :)


Updated posted by Ali H. Chehade 30 months ago

The Dream Matcher started it's official operations with two full time developers. Thanks for our supporters.


Updated posted by Ali H. Chehade 31 months ago

Friends in Lebanon. Since the system does not accept Lebanese credit cards. Please Contant me for your donations : 03-048487

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Created by Ali H. Chehade on April 18, 2011

Dear family, friends, and whoever has faith that I can make a positive change to this world,

It is with great excitement that I announce the official unveiling of my latest web business venture, The Dream Matcher ( My team and I have been putting a lot of research and hard work into this project since June 2010.

The Dream Matcher is a social networking website designed to make dreams come true. It uses complex systems and algorithms to match users according to what their dreams are, and to what dreams they can make come true. Dreams can be relatively small, such as practicing a new language or a musical instrument, or big, such as meeting a celebrity, or spending time in a hard to access location.  Each one of us has different dreams and wishes; at the same time, each one of us has the ability to make someone else’s dream come true. The Dream Matcher will employ its complex systems to make sure that the right people are matched with each other. Won’t this make many people around the world really happy?  (Watch video for more information)

Achieving this simple, yet powerful, concept is not all that easy. It takes months of hard work and dedication from experienced professionals.

I am extremely passionate about this project, which I hope one day will reach every single person in this world. I do not want the lack of finances to stand between me and my dream; thus, I appeal for your help.

In October 2011, The Dream Matcher started its official operations from Beirut, Lebanon. We are planning to equip an open space office with the technologies needed to develop The Dream Matcher. During the first 6 months, we are planning to provide at least 15 competitive internship opportunities to students from universities across Lebanon, and to hire at least three full-time professionals, in addition to the current production team.

Your donations will be highly appreciated disregarding the amount; you can donate as little as $1. If you have faith in me and my idea, please feel free invite your own friends and family and whomever might be interested to donate to The Dream Matcher.

I am working very passionately to make sure that every dream in this world comes true. Making people’s dreams come true gives me immense pleasure. However, I need your support to pursue this dream. Please donate to The Dream Matcher. Just as it is my chance, it is also your chance to “be the change we wish to see in the world,” as the great leader Mahatma Gandhi once said.


NOTE: Please contact me personally before you donate if you are planning to donate more than $50.

NOTE: If you are in Lebanon, and since the system does not accept donations from Lebanon, please contact me directly at 03-048487 or



Ali Chehade
Founder and CEO
The Dream Matcher


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Keep up the good work...wish you all the best and always remember that your only limitations are those you set up in your own mind.



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good luck ali with all my heart <3



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