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Help Team Australia get to the Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto, CA this December! Team Australia: Amykazee-CRDL Bambi von smasher-CRDL Blockodile Dundee-SSRG Cookie cutter-SSRG Fang... more


Created by Nikkee Boyle on August 24, 2011

Help Team Australia get to the Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto, CA this December!

Team Australia:
Bambi von smasher-CRDL
Blockodile Dundee-SSRG
Cookie cutter-SSRG
Fang Fiend-BCR
Dodge and bolt- CARD
Juke nukem-BCR
King cam-CRDL
Rose ruin-SSRG
Ruby rib crusher-VRDL
Short stop-CRDL
Slawat dawta-SSRG
U Sooze U Lose-VRDL
Susy pow-NRDL
Tricksey beltem-ADRD

Team Australia are loading our 20 skaters, our coach and our team manager onto a plane to Canada to represent our country at the first ever Roller Derby World Cup.

We need plane tickets, hotel rooms, food, cabs, absurd amounts of Gatorade, snacks, ice packs, and a million other things - that's why we need your help! Whether you feel like chucking in your whole paycheck, or just the $1.80 you found down the back of your couch, we can't thank you enough!

Any help we can get from our community will be so incredibly appreciated, and you will also get one billion e-hugs from each member of Team Australia.

Stay in the loop - or let us know of any other sponsorship/fundraising ideas you might have - via our facebook page:

Let's help get Team Australia to the world cup! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! OI, OI, OI!

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I am so proud of you ladies. Can't wait to watch the bout on DNN.

posted by Chloe Feisty Cuffs Lyttle 29 months ago

Holy Shiz Balls people!! Your cash, comments and support is an amazing thing to have behind the team! Special mention to Blue Olive and Stricklands Beers who just threw in a whopping $666. Xx Bambi

posted by Deborah Hill 29 months ago

Thank you CRDL and Canberra for your support and fundraising. We hope we make you proud!!

posted by Christine Murray 29 months ago

Thank you to our CRDL sponsors Blue Olive and Stricklands Beers for supporting Team Australia.. You guys rock!!

posted by Christine Murray 29 months ago

Every $100 from here on in means an hour of practise time for Team Australia! Thanks so much for everyone who's donated so far!!!!

posted by Susy Pow 29 months ago

Wow! Way to go Ireland! Hopefully I will see you there :)

posted by Turbonegra 30 months ago

A special shout out and THANK YOU to South Sea and the Glasshouse!

posted by Ruby Ribcrusher 30 months ago

Thanks to all the lovely other people in Victoria that have shown their support for us and of course, our lovely supporters around the country and internationally xx

posted by U Sooz U Lose 30 months ago

Wow! Thanks so so much South Sea Roller Derby for your amazing donation to our Team Australia pool - we hope us Vic girls can do you proud ♥

posted by U Sooz U Lose 30 months ago

Wondering how you can support Team Australia and improve your derby game? If you're going to the box, you might as well get some use outta it so for Oct & Nov I'm pledging $2 for every minor and $5 for every major in scrimmage and bouts Remember! I'd do the exact same for you if you were on the roster!!!

posted by Freyda Cox 31 months ago

All I can say is WOW!

posted by Ruby Ribcrusher 31 months ago

Congratulations Team Australia! We know you'll do us proud!

posted by Roller Derby Au 31 months ago

if we can these donations up to $4900 we will release footage of Slawta Dawta's first ever jam. She was blackmailed into jamming and helped put an extra $900 into this kitty and we caught it all on camera !

posted by Nicky Knockout 31 months ago

Thanks so much guys! The team love you a lot.

posted by Susy Pow 31 months ago I hate typos.

posted by Bambi von Smash'er 31 months ago

Mark, hope you are at home ironing those him-skins.... Thanks for your hear-earned $$$ folks!! e-hugs all round!

posted by Bambi von Smash'er 31 months ago

If we can get the donations up to $4000 by the 10th of Sept team coach Mark will ref his next home game in a pair of HimSkins... spread the word peeps !!!

posted by Nicky Knockout 32 months ago

CHECK THIS OUT! Skate Salvage will donate 100% of the profit for Every single Wheel Regroove done today 01/09/11 (till 4pm) to Team Australia - Roller Derby...

posted by Skate Salvage 32 months ago

wow, the amount raised so far is incredible. Thank you everyone!

posted by Ruby Ribcrusher 32 months ago

Hey Ladies! I'll deposit my $100 "Slawta to Jam" donation next wednesday!

posted by Pickle 32 months ago

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Ghost Points

29 months ago


Thanks for the opportunity to support the first Australian team at the first World Cup! Show 'em what emus are made of!!!



Thigh-dal Wave

29 months ago


So proud Ladies!




29 months ago



Bohemian Slapcity

29 months ago


Go Emus! Show the World what OZ derby is all about!!



Rabid Fire

29 months ago



Micky Finn

29 months ago



Chloe Feisty Cuffs Lyttle

29 months ago


I can already taste the win. Go Aus!



Freyda Cox

29 months ago


So sad the season has come to an end along with my SinBin antics! I got 3 majors against New Zealand so I've decided go double or nothing and give you guys $10 per penalty! Happy $30 from me along with my very best wishes for next week. p.s GO HATER!!!



Blue Olive Cafe & Stricklands Beers

29 months ago



Belly and Dalai Slam'er

29 months ago


Best of luck all!


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