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Greystone Managed Investments will be matching your donations up to $200,000.00. That means every dollar you donate, actually equals two! There is also a benefit concert being held a... more


Updated posted by Amber Achim 11 months ago

Wow! - By Blair Ledingham

Wow! What a night the Shine On Benefit Concert was! The atmosphere was unbelievable. The love, support and positive energy in the room was so uplifting and energizing. The Owl Bar at the University of Regina proved to be a phenomenal venue that was filled with so many good friends and family members from near and far. The musical talents of Jason Plumb and the Willing, The Minnow, and Method to Madness made for an excellent night of song and dance. Unfortunately, The night went by way too fast for us as both Chantelle and I found ourselves wishing we could have chatted with more people then we did, but unfortunately didn't as the night wound down.

This night was one that had its roots back in January after Chantelle and I had our first appointments with the doctors in Houston. Chantelle had sent a text to her "Village" of friends to let them know that although the road we had in front of us was going to be difficult, it was one that at least offered a chance at recovery. It was during this conversation that the subject of treatment costs came up. Needless to say, within the half hour the texts were flying, and the idea of this night, and a fundraising website were born.
The amount of work, effort, and time that was put into making this night a success was mind boggling. We are so grateful and fortunate to the core group who gave up countless evenings and hours with their own families to help our family. There are not words that will ever be able to express how thankful we are for their commitment. The support that also came from so many other friends, and local businesses to help out with the evening via sponsoring, an unbelievable amount of silent auction items, and time was very humbling.

The phenomenal support of our family, and our friends during this battle began well before that night however, when Chantelle was initially diagnosed on September 17th. We have been continually overwhelmed by the unbelievable support and kindness of those not only close to us, but those whom we've become closer to throughout this journey. Whether it be the meal calendar, a random note, a thoughtful gift, or a warm hug. The incredible inner strength and will that Chantelle has exhibited throughout this battle has been fuelled in part by the strength those around us have given to us. Since Chantelle's battle became much more public, we have also been shocked, overwhelmed and truly dumbfounded by the generosity of our community, and many, many anonymous donors who have helped cover the costs associated with seeking treatment outside of Canada.

Despite more than 10 chemotherapy treatments with several different drug combinations this rare and aggressive cancer continues to attempt to beat us. As a result as we move forward the chemotherapy drugs utilized for the past 4 treatments in Houston have been subsequently changed, and a new chemotherapy regiment, as well as other alternative therapies are currently being utilized and explored. Although the 4 chemotherapy treatments most definitely did slow the progression of the cancer, unfortunately it did not stop, or shrink the tumor. While this was an obvious setback, we continue to fight. We continue to know that Chantelle can and will win this battle and we continue to explore alternative options to augment the therapies being currently undertaken.

We are so grateful to all who have helped us in so many different ways along this road. The Shine On Benefit Concert was an unbelievably energizing event for both us. Thank you to all who attended, supported and all who made this event possible.


Updated posted by Amber Achim 13 months ago

Words from Blair...

Chantelle is an incredibly strong woman. Her strength and grace on a daily basis continues to inspire not only myself, but obviously those near and far. Every day we are thankful for the continued kind words, thoughts, strength, and prayers of those close to us and from those who we've yet to meet.

Chantelle has always inspired and made me want to be a better man, so it really isn't a surprise that she has inspired so many others. The unfortunate aspect in her inspiring others however is that it is the result of her grace and strength in battling a terrible disease. Presently Chantelle has endured 2 chemo treatments at MD Anderson, with a third scheduled within the next week.

The decision to make this very personal battle more public than it already was via formal fundraising to assist in paying for these treatments was something that we struggled with and discussed at length with those close to us, and those whom we held in high regard. Their input and the realization that costs would quickly mount, brought us to the point where we are at today. As a result the stresses of paying for these costly treatments has been for the most part alleviated in the short to medium term.

We are more grateful and thankful for all of your support then you'll ever know. This support has come primarily in the form of donations to the trust to assist in covering medical treatments.

The support has also come in the form of covering all travel and accommodations for our family of 5 to travel to San Diego to create some phenomenal memories for us, and our 3 children at Disneyland, and Sea World. Knowing that we couldn't and wouldn't feel comfortable taking time away while others were sacrificing and doing so much for us in so many ways, a couple of individuals came forth with this offer knowing that this respite, in the face of what will be a long battle, would help provide an opportunity to have fun again as a family. We are eternally grateful for this.

The memories created on this trip will live with us, and our children forever, and we are so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to "get away" from this disease which has worked it's way into many facets of our, and undoubtedly, many of your lives as well.

Given the unbelievable generosity of those near and far the trust has more funds then we ever would have dreamed to assist us in fighting this disease. The battle which Chantelle is waging is one that will be long and costly. However, if at the end of this battle, when Chantelle has ultimately beat this disease, we both feel very, very strongly that if there are any funds available in the trust they will be donated to someone in a similar situation, so that they too can feel in some small way, the unbelievable generosity that we have felt from those whom we are close to, those who have wished to remain anonymous, and from those who we don't know but who felt compelled to help our family.

The words thank you will never adequately express how grateful we are for all of the support.


Updated posted by Amber Achim 14 months ago

Shine on! Chantelle Desmarais Trust Benefit Concert
April 27, 2013

I've had enquiries about when tickets would be on sale for the benefit concert and they are on sale now! But act fast because there is limited space available and these tickets will sell out!

$50 per ticket gets you some great live entertainment (these musicians have donated their talent!), silent auction, and a night out with some great people!

All proceeds go to the Chantelle Desmarais Trust.


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Created by Amber Achim on January 23, 2013

Greystone Managed Investments will be matching your donations up to $200,000.00. That means every dollar you donate, actually equals two!

There is also a benefit concert being held at the Lazy Owl at the U of R on April 27. For tickets, please visit Ticket Edge.

Our dear friend, Chantelle Desmarais, was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Please help us alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses as well as daily living expenses.

Chantelle and Blair have elected to obtain treatment from a clinic in Houston, Texas that specializes in Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She had already begun chemotherapy treatments at home in Canada but they weren't working and the cancer began to spread. The treatment she needs to save her life is not available in Canada.

As a result, they will be forced to pay for her treatments out of their own pockets. The cost of one single chemotherapy treatment is jaw dropping. Whether you give $10 or $1000, or simply choose to pass this fundraiser along to someone else, know that the Ledingham/Desmarais family will be forever grateful for your generous contributions.

Every little bit will help tremendously.

(All donations will be made to an account held in trust for Chantelle Desmarais and Blair Ledingham.)


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Stay strong Chantelle you will beat this! You will fight and stay positive! We are thinking of you!

posted by Melanie Holowachuk 14 months ago

Blair put the most perfectly written note on here! It's inspiring the amount of support you and the family have. Being a mom to 3 little ones like you, I think of you daily! I know you will fight hard and being the strong, amazing, positive woman you are you will kick it's ass!!!

posted by Karma Ritchie 14 months ago

We are thinking of you each day. All of us are blessed to have you and your family in our lives.

posted by Robert Guillaume 14 months ago

Chantelle and Blair - our family is here to help in any way that we can. our love and prayers to get you through this. you are loved by many

posted by Carol Schultz 14 months ago

Sending you much love and many prayers xo

posted by Deb Ash 15 months ago

Thinking of you all, with very fond pre-school smiles, visits and memories...and trust you will be getting stronger each day....blessing from Kyle and Rena Phillipson and Family

posted by Natasha Phillipson 15 months ago

Stay strong Chantelle and family xo

posted by Kevina Power 15 months ago

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