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Created by Jono Bacon on November 4, 2013

Rock For Water is a fund-raiser that I (Jono Bacon) am running to raise money for WaterAid to help bring clean water to people in poorer parts of the world.

The idea is simple: I wrote and recorded 'Trilogy'; three acoustic rock songs I originally wrote for my wife when we first got together just over five years ago, as well as a bonus fourth song. I am providing the songs here free to download and all I ask for is a donation to WaterAid. I would like to raise $1000 if possible, but preferably more if possible!

The link to the songs is below, but I trust you nice people will donate if you like the music. :-)


'Trilogy' is a collection of songs that I wrote, performed, and recorded in my studio.

I originally recorded these songs for my wife five years ago while we were dating. They chronologically tell the story from us meeting (Smile) to waiting to move to be together (Wait For Me), to the trip over to start our new life together (One More Day). The original versions of these songs have only ever been heard by Erica, but recently I completely re-recorded them, and it is these far higher quality re-recorded versions I am providing here.

The songs included are:

* Smile (6.36)
* Wait For Me (5.21)
* One More Day (4.31)
* Endless Days (Bonus) (4.29)

The four songs weigh in at 20mins 24secs and are available in a package of 48k/160kbps including MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files.

All the songs are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license meaning that you can share them with your friends, put them in your videos and other creative pieces, remix them; you just need to credit me as the original author of the songs. You can read more about what you can do with the songs here.


Download .zip packages of all the music:

* Download 'Trilogy' in MP3 format (25MB)
* Download 'Trilogy' in Ogg Vorbis format (29MB)
* Download 'Trilogy' in FLAC format (275MB)

You can also listen to four songs as MP3s in your browser here:

* Smile
* Wait For Me
* One More Day
* Endless Days

If you like the music please go and donate however much you can afford. Just scroll up and click the big grey Donate button to the right!

Remember, be a nice person and donate!

Thanks to Bytemark Hosting for hosting the songs!


I am Jono Bacon, and I work as a community manager for the Ubuntu project. I also wrote The Art of Community, organize the annual Community Leadership Summit, and I am on the Bad Voltage show.

I love the ethos behind Creative Commons material. I used to play in the band Severed Fifth, and co-founded the podcasts LugRadio and Shot Of Jaq. Everything I do, including all of these books, music, and podcasts is released under the Creative Commons.

More important than me though is you, and your wallet, and giving money to a good cause. Do it, the good karma will be rewarded. :-)

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"One More Day" is really good; better than anything by either Thirty Seconds to Mars or Hootie & the Blowfish. Good work.



Kevin Gunn

5 months ago


worthy cause, in the states its a belly other places it means death



Chris Wayne

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J Alejandro Oliva

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Water to the people!


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