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I have been a veterinarian for over 20 years. I also am an avid traveller. I can recall on countless occasions being in a country where the stray population was abominable and the leve... more


Updated posted by Robin Brennen 2 months ago

Gearing up for May 2014 campaign in Turks & Caicos. $15 will spay and neuter 2 dogs!



Updated posted by Robin Brennen 4 months ago

Happy Holidays to all of you who have given generously to support my mission. Pets without Vets had a successful campaign in November and we were excited to have all of our new equipment that you all helped purchase.

With your help, we bought:
1 Anesthesia Machine
2 Pulse Oximeters
3 Blood Pressure Monitors
4 Breathe Safe Apnea Alerts
2 Pelican Cases to transport these sensitive
1 Patient warmer
4 upgraded surgical lights
and a host of anesthesia supplies

Our next trip will be in May, and we are hoping to increase the number of surgical tables that we operate which will increase the need for additional supplies.

As we kick off our 2014 fundraising effort, I thought I would share a 20 minute documentary that was made for us by 2 volunteers from France who were vacationing in Turks & Caicos during our November Clinic. We are so appreciative to everyone who gave money, time, services and provisions. Without collaboration we could not be successful.

Happy and Healthy holidays!
Good Cheer
Dr. Robin


Pets without Vets TCI Potcake Mission


Updated posted by Robin Brennen 5 months ago

We are home, weary but very successful. The spay/neuter clinic had so much support from the local government, media and residents. It was a truly amazing and humbling experience.

This is a good photo depicting the surgery set up taken by one of our volunteers, Dr. Perry. All of our gadgets and machines that you all helped pay for are in place. The island was quite impressed with our technology and diligence to excellent patient care!

We have been invited back in 2014!


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Created by Robin Brennen on May 8, 2013

I have been a veterinarian for over 20 years. I also am an avid traveller. I can recall on countless occasions being in a country where the stray population was abominable and the level of health care and opportunity abysmal. I thought, "Hmmm, someone should do something about this". Then it dawned on me, that I AM someone.

I started volunteering my time for a variety of organizations over the years, personally funding my travel and bringing much needed supplies. In 9 years I have participated in 9 clinics that have spayed and neutered over 2700 animals collectively. During this time, the concept of Pets without Vets was born.
Pets without Vets is the name I have been using to solicit the other like-minded, highly skilled veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians, in donating short term services and expertise at specific locales around the world for brief but intensive spay-neutering clinics. I organize the manpower, travel and equipment and I partner with local individuals and/or small organizations to help set up the effort.
I have recently focused efforts in areas of the Caribbean that are particularly overwrought with dog and cat populations in terrible need of health services, population control and future healthcare oversight.

Though these animals are residents of third world countries, I believe I am obligated to uphold the same standards of care that my patients in the USA enjoy. This means safe, balanced anesthesia and pain management and proper anesthetic monitoring equipment. I am seeking to enhance my current equipment cache, so we can employ advanced monitoring to these patients who are often in poor health and have a higher surgical risk.

Any money left over will be used to finalize Pets without Vets 501 C3 status.

The next trip will be to Turks & Caicos in October 2013. These islands are known for a huge homeless animal population which is exceeding the local community's ability to mitigate. With few veterinarians on the island it is difficult to manage the problem despite all good efforts. I will be working with local organizations, Potcake Place and the Animal Welfare Committee, all dedicated and committed volunteers, as well as the Island Government who will be assisting us in permitting and supplies. It is encouraging to see local government recognize that it is good business to curb out-of-control animal populations which effect the tourist trade and the island economy.

I promise to use all monetary gifts to effect positive change in under-served animal communities and to enhance the quality of life of these animals by providing compassionate, humane and technically advanced medical care and surgical services, public education and community awareness.

I hope you will consider contributing to this effort. Any size contribution is enormously helpful.

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Elizabeth Rodman

11 days ago


Good luck with the coming trip, Robin! You are the best!



A dear friend of my cousin, LeeAnn's

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Debbie bond

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Nancy Horvath

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Rory Deutsch

20 days ago


Thank you for the hard, hard work you are doing for the wonderful people, for the animals and for the very spirit of this special place.



Elaine Stubbs

1 month ago



Liana Lovell

1 month ago



Gabriella Demenyi

1 month ago



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1 month ago



Alvina Terrell

1 month ago


Thank you for the great work you are doing for the Potcakes of TCI.


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