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Updated posted by Steve Hitch 23 days ago

The Redmond Elementary PTSA is pleased to announce that we have met our fundraising goal.

By the Numbers:

Goal: Raise $35,335 by April 2014
Amount Raised: $31,254.57
Negotiated Cost: $30,875.35
Outcome: We have enough to build the playground, this summer!
Where the Money Came From:

Carryover from 2012-13 Budget - $7,000
Cookie Dough Fundraiser - $9,737.50
Direct Donations - $3,508.53
Winter Dance - $1,234.96
Spaghetti Dinner - $9,773.58
Special thanks to the sponsors from throughout Redmond who stepped up to help make this happen.

Key Community Volunteers for Spaghetti Dinner (Non-PTSA)

David Carson, Redmond City Council
Jonathan Zimmer, Pomegranate Bistro & Lisa Dupar Catering
Chet Hunt, Pomegranate Bistro & Lisa Dupar Catering
John Stilin, Redmond City Council
Byron Shutz, Redmond City Council
Hank Margeson, Redmond City Council
Jess Lynes, Woodmark Hotel
Patti Margeson
In-Kind Spaghetti Dinner Contributors

Redmond's Bar and Grill
Pomegranate Bistro & Lisa Dupar Catering
Redmond Academy of Junior Voices
Frankie's Pizza and Pasta
Papa Johns Pizza
Matt Flinn State Farm
Concur Technologies
Great American Opportunities
JJ Mahoneys
Discover Yoga
Redmond Florist
Financial Sponsors

Microsoft Matching
Anonymous Donors
Srinivas Choudam
Jason Roof & Josephine Wang
William & Jean Avery
Katie Ostler, DMD
Steve & Shannon Hitch
Matt Flinn State Farm
Ross & Melody Brown
Kelly Young & Tracey Schofield
Kevin Kelly
Stephen Haase
Roos Orthodontics
Golder Associates
LWPTSA Council
LTC Solutions, Inc.
Redmond Middle School PTSA
Sandra Vargas
The Barr Family
Discover Yoga
Angie Ramierez
Dave & Sierra Forstrom
Greg & Maria Benson
Maxim Mazeev
Nancy Yim
Hundreds of others from Redmond Elementary and the broader community.
Next Steps

Review all income and expenses. Confirm checks have cleared, etc.
Board vote to approve payment to District. (April 16)
Payment to Lake Washington School District. (Late April)
LWSD School Board Approval to accept funds. (May)
Equipment Ordered (June)
Construction (Summer)
Ribbon Cutting (September)


Updated posted by Steve Hitch 1 month ago

The event is over, but we're still raising money for the playground.


Updated posted by Steve Hitch 1 month ago

What an amazing event! The Spaghetti Dinner was a complete success. Our event goal: $5,000. We brought in at least $10,000. Guidance from David Carson who conceived of the idea in a conversation last fall, helped shepherd us to the end. That, combined with advice from Redmond’s Bar and Grill helped us create a successful game plan. The professionals from Pomegranate / Lisa Dupar Catering: Jonathan Zimmer and Chet Hunt, brought us the confidence to know the plan would work (and a lot of the equipment to pull it off). David led our kitchen crew for two days of cooking. Mayor John Marchione kicked us off as we started our program. The hospitality and antics of Council Members David Carson, John Stilin, Byron Shutz, Hank Margeson (the quorum in the kitchen) and Woodmark Hotel’s Jess Lynes gave a welcoming and energetic face to the food line and kept it moving quickly. Patti Margeson was a great leader on the back end, with the support of volunteers from Matt Flinn State Farm, Concur Technologies, and Discover Yoga helping kids get their trays safely to their tables and clearing as people finished. The army of Redmond El parents jumping in to help with planning, finding sponsors, delivering materials, setting up and decorating, cooking, selling tickets, supporting the auction, clearing tables, and cleaning up at the end was gratifying. What a community we have!

The key to the fundraising here was keeping our costs low with in-kind donations. The venue was provided through a partnership between the City of Redmond and Lake Washington School District. The entertainment was provided by the Redmond Academy of Junior Voices. The food came from Redmond’s Bar and Grill, Pomegranate Bistro / Lisa Dupar Catering, Papa Johns Pizza, Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta, Great American Opportunities (cookies), and others.

Thanks to our sponsors: Katie Ostler, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentist, Golder Associates, JJ Mahoneys, LTC Solutions, Inc., LWPTSA Council, Redmond Elementary staff, Redmond Middle School PTSA, Roos Orthodontics, Meredith and Holden Kelly, and Sandra Vargas.

Thanks to our fund-an-item contributors who sponsored playground items: Jason Roof & Josephine Wang; Dave and Sierra Forstrom; Steve & Shannon Hitch; Matt Flinn State Farm; Kelly Young & Tracey Schofield. People had fun with the 50/50 raffle and getting some great wine packages from the silent auction.

Thanks to the 300 people who bought tickets and came out to support our school. With this success, we are very close to funding the playground. Once we have all our expenses tracked and funds deposited, we’ll report out on how much of a gap we have left.


Serving Crew Enjoying Their Work

Good Food!

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Created by Steve Hitch on February 14, 2014


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Thank you Bryan and Maxim for supporting our neighborhood Elementary School.

posted by Kevin Kelly 1 month ago

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