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Neon Roberts, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October 2012, when he was only 7 years old. This is a very rare and often very aggressive brain tumour. With such low occurrences of t... more


Updated posted by Sally Jane Roberts 15 months ago

I just wanted to say a huge thank for everyone's wonderful support; I will keep you updated on Neon's progress. In the meantime, as I only have 2 weeks to raise the funds, please donate to Neon's Appeal today and keep spreading the word.


Created by Sally Jane Roberts on January 14, 2013

Neon Roberts, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October 2012, when he was only 7 years old. This is a very rare and often very aggressive brain tumour. With such low occurrences of this type of tumour, our NHS has been limited to what they can offer by way of treatment.
The NHS has done all it can to treat Neon, and we are now looking to take Neon to Germany for further treatment, not currently available in the UK, but which is necessary to give him the greatest chance of making a full recovery.
The treatment regime given in the UK has been extremely gruelling as the levels of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy he has received are far higher than for most other cancers and this has left Neon seriously underweight, with a much weakened immune system and with side effects which affect his day to day quality of life.
Unfortunately, the UK has one of the worst records of cancer survival in Europe which is why it is so important for Neon to go to a country where their treatment protocols are most effective. Germany is the leader in Europe in this field.
The information received from the doctors in Germany suggests that to maximise the chances of Neon recovering fully, the additional therapies which they offer need to be started as soon as possible, These therapies will allow his immune system to be re-established, which is the first vital step to recovering his health.
The treatment will take a month to complete and will cost £25 000.
We believe that this treatment is essential for Neon to live a “Happily Ever After” life and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support by way of your donations today. We promise to keep you up to date with Neon’s positive progress. Thank you for everyone who has helped and supported him thus far. Now my greatest wish is to allow his health to recover too.

Sally, Neon and Elektra

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glad to see you have so much money donate. i would like you to know about a fruit called sour sop from a graviola tree which is grown in the rain forest all info is online under graviola tree or sour sop. Hope this helps you. Sour sop only kills cancer cells. My daughter had the same operation as your son I agreed to radiation but not chemo. Proffessor Hawang from the alfred hospital in melbourne.

posted by Frances Nikora 13 months ago

Come on guys - dig deep and help this little boy - we cannot let the medical bureaucracy continue - this is real lives they are playing with - shocking !! Please help Neon>

posted by Alison Lane 15 months ago

Battling with the EGO's of the medical profession in this country is an appalling trial. Closed mindedness is a tyranny and our Doctors are mostly, shamefully tyrannical. I wish you both the VERY BEST.

posted by Emma Coutts 15 months ago

I'm with you sally, shame on those who stand in your way. Please people support Neons fund and help him get the life saving treatment he needs.

posted by Emma Iles 15 months ago

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Sophia Weigang

4 months ago





Sophia. Weigang.

4 months ago


Hi Neon!Hope you are well on your road to recovery!We got free water given to us today.It's very dry in this part of Australia.We live on a small farm.I also have an 8 year old boy.His name is Mulloka.All the best from us too!



Sophia Weigang

4 months ago


Sorry that i can,t give you more.All the best in the future.Hope everybody will come to their senses.yours sincerely,Sophie.



sarah barber

5 months ago



Farana Cheema

7 months ago


Sending best wishes to Neon xx



Shafique Mohamed Khatib

8 months ago



Ania Rock

8 months ago


Good luck to you and Neon! Totally support you!



Shafique Mohamed Khatib

8 months ago


My prayers go out to you.



Farana Cheema

8 months ago


Neon deserves the best treatment xx Good luck in this fight for the right to choose



Joy Elliott

8 months ago


Kia kaha Sally! Stand tall! Keep following your gut - that's all we mothers can do. Keep being brave as it gives us all courage in the face of medical, legal and pharmaceutical bullies. I'm praying for you and Neon xx


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