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First let me thank you for even taking the time to look at this page. This is Jennifer Moser, Neal's wife and I heard about this site via Gerson Therapy Clinic when I 1st started researc... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Haroutunian Moser 9 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has helped my beloved husband, Neal Moser Jr., me and our son Michael Moser. I don't mean just financially, I mean in any interaction possible with or following a SMILE :-) or a great conversation, a beer, a smoke, a drink, a Tee Hee, a anything with positive light - Thank you!
Michael and I may go to counseling (looking into that) but we'll see. I need to get back to work now after Michael's 5th B-Day this weekend.

The service was beautiful and thank you all for coming. The day was filled with tears and laughter as to be expected but to EVERYONE who has a like or a love for my man, thank you for your love and friendship that you had with Neal Jr. It means (not meant) the world to him. The following day, Father's Day, we sailed out from Dana Point to spread my husband's grandmother, Willa Moser's ashes and my love, Neal L. Moser Jr.'s ashes to sea. It was the most gorgeous and hardest day for me aside from June 1st, 2013.

I know Neal is with me and Michael. I am living in the place of his ascending and he IS my soulmate. Michael and I heard him say HEY really loud the other night right after Michael and I started to quarrel. Michael and I both looked at each other and I said didya hear that? and he shook his head yes and I said, see even Daddy say's you need to listen.
I can feel him too but not all the time but a lot. I know that our energy is still together and that our worlds are just not aligned in frequency. (if that makes sense)

God Bless you all and live everyday as if it's your last cause life is just too damn short!
Love you all, THANK YOU & TEE HEE xo

The Moser Family


Updated posted by Jennifer Haroutunian Moser 10 months ago

This is Neal’s daughter Shandi Renae writing on behalf of myself, my stepmother Jen, and my brother Michael. Many might not know of my existence, I am 20 going on 21, but I have been with my father, Jen, and Michael over the last few days. On Saturday June 1st at 2:05 A.M. my father passed away of cancer. This whole experience has been incredibly challenging and heartbreaking for anyone involved and I can only begin to imagine how Jennifer feels…My father was the love of her life. I have been by her side in the most trying stages of my fathers illness and I just have to say how much I appreciate her undying love and sincerity… she is an absolute gift to anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing her. The things I have seen her do, the love and care she has presented, and the strength is something I have never seen before, truly unremarkable. Not to mention the love my father and her share is something like a fairytale, everlasting to say the least.

I just ask that everyone keeps my step mother and brother in their prayers. By no means are the next steps in their lives going to be easy but with ample love and support things can become more manageable. I also know my step mother is struggling to pay for the services and if anyone could help, even with five dollars, we as a family would be so incredibly grateful. I know my father would be too.

Although I had been absent for most of my dad’s life, I have been able to have known him for the past 7 years and more importantly, I have been blessed to spend these last few days with him. He has fulfilled me with the most amazing love as he has with Jen and Michael. What a beautiful soul.
If you knew my father I also ask that we take a moment of silence to mourn this loss. Although his body is no longer with us his spirit will always remain deep within our hearts. I learn more about him every second and I have no doubts that he won’t be here holding our hands, kissing our foreheads, and providing additional strength as we face these trying times.

-Thank you all,
and thank you God for taking my father in peace

Shandi Renae


Updated posted by Jennifer Haroutunian Moser 10 months ago

Neal and I are at Tarzana hospital and will be discharged to go home with hospice tomorrow per Neal's wishes. I was taking good care of him at home and then he started getting short of breath this past Friday so we came to ER. They ventilated him for some hours and then took him off. He is now on Morphine to keep his pain and shortness of breath at bay. His oncologist told me today after speaking to the Dr. here at Tarzana that he is too weak to endure anymore chemo. I'm so very proud of my husband for fighting so hard and still smiling through it all.

Neal L. Moser Jr. is an amazing man with a huge heart and I know whoever has crossed his path, he has made a tattood impression on cause that's MY NEAL!? Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to. His daughter arrived today from Chicago and thank you Kim for driving out here today and leaving Kris's side, (Neal's half brother) who's also been in the hospital.

We ask for your prayers for peace now for my love of my life. Thank you all and God Bless you All.

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Created by Jennifer Haroutunian Moser on February 3, 2013

First let me thank you for even taking the time to look at this page. This is Jennifer Moser, Neal's wife and I heard about this site via Gerson Therapy Clinic when I 1st started researching for alternative cancer treatments when Neal was diagnosed, Sept. 2011.  We never crossed that bridge but I've been researching now for over a year and I believe I have found what will help Neal as a strong "Protocol" to kick this stage IV right in it's ass.  We need help as I have been trying to hold up 2 jobs and I've been doing my best with juicing and keeping a regiment for him but we need financial assistance to get this REALLY GOING and make this happen.  Neal receives nominal financial assistance from SSI disability and Michael (our 4 year old) & I receive a couple hundred from DPSS.  Neal is being seen by Dr. Quinn at Norris USC Keck University and is on "Inlyta" Chemotherapy.  

He is going through some real bad hurdles as he's also fighting Pneumonia and recently underwent Pneumothorax procedure where a third of his lung collapsed. He has lost weight and appetite and recently started vomiting in the morning this past week.  Were struggling so hard financially and WE need help and as a mother and wife, I am left with no other option but to do this and ask for your help as I have no where else to turn.

Neal has felt very bonded and lucky to have all of your prayers and energy that you continually send his way. He was hesitant when I mentioned this website and he feels uncomfortable asking for donations from his friends. Yesterday we received a donation from a very close friend and Neal broke down crying at the unbelievable love and strength, he just lost it. He never knew such a response would come to him. He knows everyone is having hard times too and doesn't want to take away from anyone. This is such a difficult time and place for us.  

The money will go directly to help Neal for his treatment with supplements I will be purchasing for the "Cellect Budwig Protocol" which is approx. $450.00 a month plus in addition to the other supplements he needs (Flax Seed Oil, Raw Flax Seeds, Essence of Life, Vitamin D-3 10,000 IU,  Noni Juice, Limu Juice, Aloe Arborescens and all the Organic Vegetables & Fruits) it adds up so fast cause he takes this all daily. We also need another hand to help me juice and give Neal the regiment he needs daily.  

I am looking into IHSS for that this week.  

Thank you for your prayers and support.  If you can't help financially, you can always send out your prayers and energy as that is much appreciated too.  God Bless and again, THANK YOU!!! 

If anyone has Cancer or needs any information that I can share on protocols and nutrition that I have learned or vice versa, please don't hesitate to ask me. You may email me at:

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ON YOUR PAGE OR ANY WHERE YOU THINK BEST... Thank You Again.... God Bless You & Your  Loved Ones.


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Neal,my brother,I'm praying as hard as I know how for your full recovery,also just want to let you know that your Wife is one great lady,with her fighting for you so hard you can't help but have a full recovery.You and your Family have ALL MY PRAYERS-STRENGTH and LOVE .YOU WILL WIN THE GOOD FIGHT!

posted by Gary Scarborough 13 months ago

Have a Blessed Sunday and SMILE :) cause your loved!

posted by Jennifer Moser 14 months ago

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Jodi Carter

10 months ago


Jennifer, we are sorry we couldn't make it to Neal's memorial today. I'm sure it was beautiful and I hope you will soon feel at peace knowing he is now with the Lord watching over you and Michael. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Love, The Carter Family...



Joseph Rotta

10 months ago


Niels memorial was beutifull and perfect.he had the strength of a 100 men!thank you so much Jennifer



Bob Sorace

10 months ago


I type this through bleary eyes and with a heavy heart. Neil was one of the good ones. I can't even begin to explain the positive impact he had on my life. My best thoughts are with you all.



Cynthia Sixx

10 months ago




10 months ago



Phoenix Calhoun

10 months ago


Dear Michael, I hope you know I am your friend and I am here for you. From, Phoenix



Tom Malone

10 months ago


All my best during the tragic time. Tom



Eileen Brock

10 months ago


Dearest jennifer & Michael, I am so sorry I am unable to attend the service for Neal do to living in Florida and work. I am praying for you and your family and my deepest condolences. I loved Neal very much and will miss being with all of you at the service. Love you XOXO Love Eileen



Frank Jordan

10 months ago


From the SHINE THE LIGHT event held Sat, July 20, 2013 7:00 p.m. at the Wood Music Studio in Van Nuys, Funds will be recouped by a raffle of a Red Fury Minarik Guitar. The event has really already started and has help 3 Families and 1 organization for Musicians Health Care.



Louis Kruglov

10 months ago


I will always remember Neal as a very cool person. Neal and your Family are in our prayers.....


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