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In memory of Mona Elswedy, a memorial fund has been created in support of raising her two young daughters. On Friday, June 7th, 2013, we lost loving daughter, sister, and mother Mona El... more


Updated posted by Noha Amer Mahmoud 9 months ago

Alhamdulillah, we have exceeded our 30K goal, and we couldn't have done it without all of the generous donors, the friends who continued to share news of the fund, and even the strangers with hearts of gold so touched by Mona's story.

While the memorial fund will remain open to allow continued support and insight into the progress, we, as a community, have proven the good nature of simply being...a human being. While the devastation of Mona's loss is a painfully slow-healing wound, we can say with absolute certainty, the Elswedy family is so dearly loved, Mona's two beautiful girls will live on with her spirit, and Mona, Allah Yirhama, will not ever be forgotten.

Thank you all so much.


Updated posted by Noha Amer Mahmoud 10 months ago

What we are capable of in one day is astounding mA. Thank you all so much for your contributions. That said, as promised, the goal will continue to increase.

With the increase, we ask each of you to continue sharing with your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone you know. is mainly effective over social media, but we need word of mouth too. If you have parents, or grandparents, who don't feel comfortable online, offer to make the donation for them. Or feel free to reach out to me for a physical address they can send a check to.

No contribution is too small, monthly recurring donations are welcome, and donations can be made anonymously, so please spread the word, and think only of Mona, Allah Yirhamha, and the future of her two little girls. JAK.


Updated posted by Noha Amer Mahmoud 10 months ago

Your overwhelming generosity has proven that we can take this fund very far. Stretching our goal to $20K, which based on the flood of contributions received, will be a breeze insha Allah. Please continue to share with everyone you know to ensure that Mona's two daughters, Nora and Salma, receive the care and life-long support that Mona, Allah Yirhamha, always intended for them. JAK.

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Created by Noha Amer Mahmoud on June 10, 2013

In memory of Mona Elswedy, a memorial fund has been created in support of raising her two young daughters.

On Friday, June 7th, 2013, we lost loving daughter, sister, and mother Mona Elswedy, to a brutal and senseless murder. Mona, a devoted mother, left behind two beautiful twin 5-year-old girls, Nora and Salma.

Friends of the Elswedy family have set up this memorial fund in an effort to provide comfort and security for Nora and Salma.

In recent days, the family has received food, clothes, and toys, amongst other generous gifts that have been greatly appreciated and immediately put to use. Many of you continue to ask how you can help support the Elswedy family and Mona's daughters.

To help, please feel free to donate what you can to aid the Elswedy family. The funds will be used only to support the welfare of Mona's two daughters, both immediately and long term.

Every contribution, no matter the amount, is appreciated.

**To reiterate, this is a fund established by friends of the Elswedy family. It serves as a way to show the support of friends and loved ones who have expressed desire to help during this trying time. The family had no part in the creation (or ever requesting the establishment) of this fund. Your thoughtfulness and consideration of these points (whether you agree to contribute or not) is appreciated.


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Every time I look at this picture I think of how she was an inspiration for my husband. Mona encouraged him even on the phone. A woman full of compassion, she will never be forgotten. My prayers go up for those beautiful girls.

posted by Beverly Schenewolf 9 months ago

This touches my heart I wish the girls peace and hope they know their mother is with them every waking moment:) RIP MONA

posted by Bobbi Vail 9 months ago

Hello, all - I am so moved to see how many people have pulled together to donate for these beautiful girls! Does anyone know if the candlelight vigil for Mona is still happening tomorrow (6/19) night? I'd very much like to attend...

posted by Ashley Cameron 10 months ago

God give peace to her sole!!!

posted by Himanshu Upadhyay 10 months ago

I will miss you so much . You were my best friend since we were 4 . I love U so much . May you rest in peace and watch over us all of us now .

posted by Jessi Tindall 10 months ago

R.i.p !

posted by Ahmed Tahoun 10 months ago

I just heard the news this morning and am simply devastated! Mona was an amazing woman with such a loving and gentle heart...

posted by Kim Hopkins 10 months ago

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peace, comfort, and Love always



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we miss you Mona; peace and love to all


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