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Imagine, you wake up tomorrow, go about your day and are never able to return home again. All you have are the clothes on your back, your car, and your loved ones. You will never again s... more


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For the top 10% of master students! After many nights of tears, sweat, and exhaustion...
#MSW #gradschool #NerdStatus



Updated posted by Catherine Adkins 5 months ago

It has been a long 10 years since I lost my childhood home in the wildfire. I am so blessed to have truely learned the value of family, relationships, and most of all, humanity.


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October has always brought many changes and I'm excited for what this month has in store for me personally and professionally. Even with a government shut-down today, I am feeling optimistic this will be a great month!

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Created by Catherine Adkins on June 4, 2013

Imagine, you wake up tomorrow, go about your day and are never able to return home again. All you have are the clothes on your back, your car, and your loved ones. You will never again see your belongings; pictures, year books, baby clothes, precious jewelry, or have that feeling of being "Home". My home and neighborhood were turned to ash in the 2003 CA wildfires. Everything I knew was gone by the end of a day.

Homeless but not hopeless.

This event had a profound effect on my personality, career choice, and overall psychological functioning. In the past ten years I have been financially independent, earned my bachelor’s degree and created social and economic change as a social worker.

 Currently, I am pursuing my graduate degree in Social Work so I can competently and effectively provide dignity and social justice for others. 

I will not have reached my goal until my thesis is complete. This will be focused on those who have lost their homes due to natural disaster and who are still coping with the after effects. 

I need your help for my last year of graduate school. I have taken out as many loans as I can financially afford and am seeking other funding sources like scholarships in addition to

Even a small amount of $10 will help and will add up! Each dollar brings me closer to my goal of obtaining my Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) and helping those who have lost thier home.

For more about me and my personal story check out my YouTube video!

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Lisa Escobar

9 months ago


I hope this helps with some of your school costs. Keep up the good work. You have chosen a career field that is challenging, but so essential. Good luck and much love.




9 months ago




9 months ago



Christine Wilson

10 months ago're not going to take this money and run to Vegas, are you?! I kid. All of the comments below are a testament of your character and the amount of support you have behind you towards your education. I'm just one of the many that are proud of you and truly believe in your desire to make a difference.



Carol and Craig Hartson

10 months ago


This world is so very lucky to have wonderful, aspiring young people like you - we never forget that - everybody deserves the chance to fulfill their dreams. Best wishes!



Rachel Moore

10 months ago


I am really proud of you and your determiniation to extend your education. You are a great role model and I pray our girls follow in your footsteps to continue their education after high school. I hope this small amount helps you and pray that the gifts continue to multiply for your success.



Dave Hunter

10 months ago


You know the regard I hold for you. As always, I wish you the best!



Michael O'Connor

10 months ago


I know you are doing great in your school! This money is an investment, you are the most compassionate person I know. Keep up the good work!



Belinda Matuska

10 months ago


Wish I could donate more, but I know GOD can multiply even the smallest amount...


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