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Kalon Ludvigson is the USA's most decorated Trampoline & Tumbling athlete in history. He has earned 20 World Cup and World Championships Medals, 2 World Records and 8 Consecutive USA Nat... more


Created by Justen Millerbernd on August 11, 2013

Kalon Ludvigson is the USA's most decorated Trampoline & Tumbling athlete in history. He has earned 20 World Cup and World Championships Medals, 2 World Records and 8 Consecutive USA National Titles.

Help Kalon recover from his injury by donating. Kalon suffered trauma to his neck while training and is in need of financial support during his recovery. Expenses are rising and your support is needed! Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Click here to learn more about Kalon's injury and current status. Support Kalon by being his fan and leaving him a message on his athlete page KALON LUDVIGSON ATHLETE.

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I have no money to send Im struggling myself, I can offer any type of household care service i.e cleaning, cooking, laundry, errands ect. . . I hope you reach your goal and I'll be praying everyday for you

posted by Jeremy Burns 5 months ago

Hope you get better soon, cheers from a mexican in Australia. We support!

posted by Abel MacBerry 5 months ago

Hey my man Kalon... It has been too many years since we last saw each other. I am so sorry it had to be for such a tragic accident for me to find you again. I hope that you know how amazing you are in so many ways. You always have been such a strong influence in all the lives around you. And you continue now to be such. You are truly amazing, I will always remember the fun times way back when... was it 2001? Keep smiling and remember we are all praying for you and thinking of you.

posted by DeAnne Bateman 5 months ago

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Syed was just telling me about your story. Be strong and don't give up because you are an inspiration to many. When I'm down I think of this guy and his amazing story. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y o_24_qTNac&desktop_uri=/watch? v=yo_24_qTNac

posted by Tim Lukas 6 months ago

This is absolutely incredible Justen. Kalon is a very blessed man to have such a devoted support in his life such as yourself. You have always been a great friend in my life, in closeness and in distance. I wish the best for you, Kalon. Your even talented in your recovery, and what an astounding recovery it's been. I can tell you're a strong man. Stay strong. Be strong. Live strong. Justen, I love ya buddy. I'm praying great things for you both.

posted by Wesley Austen Radcliff 7 months ago

Dear Kalon, in 1974, I sustained an injury similar to yours. After winning the NCAA Div. II High Bar competition, I went on to place 4th in Div. I. As I began preparing for my senior year, at CSU-Chico, I landed on my neck during warm ups. After my surgery, I was paralyzed from the neck down. Like you, my friend, I had an UNBELIEVEABLE amount of love and support from my friends, family, teammates and the Chico community. Although I was not able to return to competitive gymnastics, I was never-the-less blessed beyond measure, in that I now have two wonderful kids, in their mid-twenties and three beautiful grandkids. No one can predict how things will turn out for Kalon, but I wanted to share my story with you, in the hope that it will inspire you to just work your ass off to get better... It took me years upon years and numerous ups and downs but whatever it takes for you... "Get better!" As you begin your journey, toward recovering, I'd like to share something that I wrote during mine... It's called, "Wounded In Flight" "What might become... Of one wounded, in flight, When once visions of splendor, Turn echoes the night... Does he crawl away, to die, In a dark, lonely hole... Or does deeper the wound, Make deeper the soul...?" Of these things, I will know, When again I can fly, But until that time, I know only to cry... Let the heavens open arms, Let the winds give chase, In this world of despair... I will find my place. And should this mean tears Must fill my eye... Then let these come forth, I will gladly cry. Kalon, being that I am a man of faith, I pray that in these words, you will find strength, inspiration, motivation, comfort and help; in the days and nights to come. My friend, you and I have not met, but know this: "Where you are, I have been. And where I am, I pray you will be." All my best and all my hopes. NOW, "Get better!" Robert

posted by Robert Harden 8 months ago

Kalon, you are in our thoughts and prayers.. One of the highlights in my daughters young TnT career was comments you made to her at a 2013 competition a week before the Invitational in Salt Lake. She is a UT gymnast competing at the Jr level, and your words will continue to inspire her..

posted by Julie Visco Barbara 8 months ago

Kalon I am thinking and praying for you as everyone else is! You have so many friends! We are with you even thought we are not sitting with you at this time! I mention Praying and Hoping because when I was 15yr's old and had only been doing Gymnastics for three years hence my skills not being Great by any means! Gymnastics had made me agile and with quick reflexes! So when I rode my bicycle out into the street and was hip by a station wagon going 65mph in a 35mph zone my front tire and bicycle went under the right front tire of the car and in a Billionth of a Second I dove through the Windshield of the car Breaking the window with my left arm and head! This was 1959 and there were no Trauma Units were the accident happened so they had to transport me a long way to a hospital! All the while my mother and older brother were Praying! To shorten the story I was in a Coma for a Week and had amnesia for a couple of weeks and severed everything in my left arm fractured skull and concussion but it was Praying and Theraputic Gymnastics that got me back in gymnastics! THINK POSITIVE!! All the Best Michael Cates Owner Broadway Gymnastics School Los Angeles,Ca.

posted by Michael Cates 8 months ago

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Lee Whitmore

26 days ago



High Country Gymnastics Academy

1 month ago


It was wonderful to see Kalon this weekend at the 4th annual KLI! Thanks for a fun meet with tough competition. - Sam, Paige, Ethan and Luke from High Country in Colorado



Charlene Mills

1 month ago




1 month ago



KMC Trampoline Team

1 month ago


Wishing you the best and sending our support... KMC Trampoline Fundraiser for Kaylon



Missy Weder

1 month ago



KC Kung

1 month ago




2 months ago



Arctic Circle Sinclair

2 months ago


Miss your spirit and generous heart around here!



Jim Potter

2 months ago


You have been and always will be an amazing soul. Love you Kalon. Jim


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