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Token Adams, a loving husband, father, son, and firefighter, went missing after checking a report of smoke in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Forest August 30. After failing to return to the p... more


Created by Kate Dennison on September 6, 2013

Token Adams, a loving husband, father, son, and firefighter, went missing after checking a report of smoke in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Forest August 30. After failing to return to the pre-arranged meeting point with two other firefighters, a search began. Inclement weather hindered the search over the weekend, but no one ever stopped looking for him or having hope. Several hundred volunteers focused on 25 miles of rugged forest, increasing the area as time went on. Token was unfortunately discovered on September 6 as the victim of a deadly ATV accident.

Token was vivacious, full of life, energy, and love. People were drawn to him - including his wife Hiedi who he met while on assignment in Maine. Hiedi is a similar spirit and they were perfect for eachother. Their son Tristan was born in Texas when they were living there, and Hiedi is expecting a daughter, Isla, later this month. The loss of Token has created a hole in everyone's hearts, but no more than their's.

This website is to support Hiedi and her family through this transition with whatever they need. Her family has traveled from Maine to be with her during this difficult time, however, the travel and the extended time off from work is costly. Hiedi will need all the emotional and physical support she can have right now, especially with her due date being less than two weeks away. There will be additional expenses shortly being a single mother with two children, so far from home.

Please donate anywhere from $1 to $1 million. Every little bit will help.

God bless you Token.

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Today is Token's sons birthday! Happy Birthday Tristan Some very special folks in NM are working to bring some joy to this family in the midst of such hardship. To: C.L. Whitehouse Picture of Emotional Embarassed In a good way, receiving your note. The story of Token Adams, being local to us here, was a tragic story that we all watched with so much Prayer and Hope. Only to receive that same heart break that you and his family all did, when he was finally found. Never would we pretend to understand what his own friends and family are feeling, but our hearts sincerely have ached at all that was involved in this Hero's life. A young young son, a new baby on the way, the expectant, supportive wife forced to wait and wonder and then hear the news. Just has rocked our world, rocked New Mexico as a whole. We are blessed, sincerely blessed that you chose to call us today and another unusual circumstance, that my husband was eaves dropping on my call. I am on the phone so much, he rarely pays attention any more. He began sign languaging at me "Its FREE, tell them I will do it on my time". My husband, Kelly has a big heart and is over joyed to be a part of Tristan's deserving celebration. It is us, that feels like you describe... "What can we say! We are overwhelmed with gratitude...." Thank you for your quick note, brought a tear and another ray of sunshine to why we love what we do. To bring smiles and laughter to kids faces. Heck, to the whole family's face if we can Wink You are so kind to aim for us any news coverage. Please do not feel obligated to that, all the Glory will be with God and in the hearts of you and your friends and family for giving us this connection to such a deserving family. I regret we wont meet, since you are in NC...but we look forward to being there tomorrow and will be bringing a little bit of the Whitehouse family with us to this party tomorrow, in spirit and love. Thank you Lezlie Bicknell - Manager Funtastic Jumps, where we rent FUN Smile 505-232-5867

posted by Chuck Whitehouse 7 months ago

Kate, I have also set up a second fund raiser to assist with the high cost of moving Hiedi back to Maine. There is a link to it on Jeannie's Facebook timeline. Together, I believe they will receive the funds they need to get Hiedi back to Maine. I got the support of the Hero's memorial page & they are running with it so praise God, between both fund raisers I have faith that all the family's needs will be met. God bless you for your efforts to help your friend. The world needs many more like you.

posted by Rhonda Rowley 7 months ago

My thoughts and Prays go out to Hiedi and Family. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Token you will be missed and never forgotten. We love you Hiedi

posted by Ann King 7 months ago

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my dear friend's son-in-law. I will be riding with friends and family today to support Maine Special Olympics, but my heart will be with Jeannie and her loved ones. May God bless his soul and comfort those who loved him.

posted by Kim Crockett 7 months ago

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6 months ago



John Waszilycsak

6 months ago


Not enought but a bit...DC firefighter and family thinking of you...Cynthia Fischer and Patrick Fischer....



John Young

6 months ago


I know what it's like to lose someone really close. My heart goes out to all of your family members and you.



First Baptist Church of Los Alamos

6 months ago



Pamela Jolly

7 months ago


Prayers for Strength & Faith - Always



Jackie and Shad Gunderman

7 months ago


May God Bless all of Tokens family and friends during this unfortunate time. My thoughts and prayers are sent to all of you.



Dara Baldwin

7 months ago



Santa Fe Helitack

7 months ago



Gina Wade

7 months ago


Praying for your family, Heidi. My brother Dave was best buddies with Token in high school and college. We are so sorry for your loss.




7 months ago


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