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A good friend of Waltham lost his home to fire on January 24, 2014. Dan Reedy gives generously of his time and volunteers for many non-profits including WATCH, the Community Day Cen... more


Updated posted by Martha Creedon 4 months ago

We did it, people! With the addition of the new donations made directly to the fund at Rockland Trust, we have SURPASSED our goal!

Dan and his son are settled for now in temporary housing, comfortable and profoundly grateful to each and every person who responded with donations and kind words of support.

Your support is a phenomenal demonstration of our community at its best. Thank you!!


Updated posted by Martha Creedon 5 months ago

So very close! We are waiting to get new update from the donations that have been made directly at the bank instead of offline this month, so I really think we may have hit the mark!! So grateful to everyone, from those awesome first responders to everyone who has donated money, and to the many who have offered their concerns and best wishes!


Updated posted by Martha Creedon 5 months ago

A letter from Dan:

Until Jan. 24, my son and I lived downstairs at a two-family home at 15 Prospect Street Ave. in Waltham. We had lived there for 8+ years but on that Friday, a fire started on the second floor and burned the second floor, attic and roof. Our home had water damage in every part of the house and it is no longer habitable "“ accessible only for short periods of time.

Eli Sherman of the Waltham News Tribune spent a lot of time watching the fire with me "“ and then went back to the office with his photos and wrote about our loss.

I am sure there were other people who got the word out but between Eli, Daria Gere of WATCH who alerted this wonderful community of friends and volunteers to our problem, and Martha Creedon, a Waltham resident who set up a web page that solicited and facilitated donations. I am pretty sure everybody in Waltham gave to help us.

Your generosity is overwhelming and I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Obviously the first thing you will have helped us with is settling into (i.e. affording) our next apartment. A lot of this is uncharted territory "“ one can imagine needing towels "“ but expenses will crop up that are hard to even anticipate, and you have given us that cushion.

The other thing you have done is warmed our hearts. (OK, my son would never word things that way, but I would.) I am very committed to being the best neighbor I can be, to helping those who live in Waltham who have challenges "“ and your support shows that you agree, that's how one should participate in the community "“ and I am inspired by you all.

I volunteer frequently at WATCH, and it's a bit of a role reversal now in that, while I have spent many hours with them weatherizing homes to lower the cost of utilities for low-income families, I am now the guy in need. And you are the ones that saved us. Thanks again.

"“Sincerely, Dan and Christopher Reedy, Waltham


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Created by Martha Creedon on January 27, 2014

A good friend of Waltham lost his home to fire on January 24, 2014.

Dan Reedy gives generously of his time and volunteers for many non-profits including WATCH, the Community Day Center, and REACH. Dan also volunteers in his neighborhood, taking neighborhood kids to tutoring sessions and soccer practices. He is known as the "mayor" of his neighborhood because people on his street always go to him for help. Just days before losing his own home, Dan spent 4 hours helping someone who was being evicted move their things into storage, and spent another day helping to weatherize a home in one of the many "energy efficiency barnraisings" that he conducts with WATCH.

Dan and his son rented at this home for 6 years and also ran his business out of his home. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire, but the contents of the house were destroyed, including books and recordings that Dan sells to make his living. Through an act of kindness of a local real estate owner, Dan and his son have a furnished apartment to use rent free until the end of February. They will need to find and furnish a new apartment by March 1st, and will need their first and last months' rent plus a security deposit.

Dan is rich in spirit and in giving, but does not have a big rainy day fund for this kind of emergency. He would never in a million years be a person to ask for help. So others are asking for him. Let's give back to someone who has given so much to his community!

If you prefer to pay by check or cash, please stop by or mail to the Rockland Trust Bank at 75 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453. Please make checks payable to THE DAN REEDY FUND.


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Happy to help. If the Waltham FD has not yet told Mr. Reedy about HGRM, please check out this excellent organization that provides household furnishings to folks starting over from fires and other disasters: http://www.hgrm.org/ The Exec. Director Sharon Martens has a Waltham connection, too.

posted by Michele Steinberg 5 months ago

Would love to donate household items, to get them settled once they find a new place to rent.

posted by Susan Gentile-Monfette 5 months ago

Will definitely donate when I get paid! Been sharing all over Facebook on the Walrham Pages. I'm a 5th Generation Walthamite, and proud of it! A large portion of the city knows my family. We take care of our own!

posted by Kelly Dugas 5 months ago

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Since we last reported on offline donations, 15 new deposits were made in person at the Rockland Trust Bank on Moody Street. Over the top!



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I am happy to see the fund growing, and that so many people got involved. Hope we can reach the goal of $10.000 soon.




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