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As everyone is well aware of the recent hurricane that has come through NJ and how it has devestated many of our family and friends. Much of this damage will be covered by insurance; how... more


Updated posted by Kurt Krüger 17 months ago

Kurt Kruger and I, Ashley Maxson, would just like to thank everyone for supporting this fund. You have helped raise $1583.00 total. We have been discussing for days where to donate this money exactly and we have come up with three different families/people that we would like to help. This was a very hard decision because there are so many people in need at this time.

The first family who is going to receive a portion of the fund actually lives in the house where Kurt was born and raised in Belford. Before this family moved into this house, the house was in our family for 40 years. Due to the flooding, this house is now inhabitable.

The second family also lives in Belford. Their house is now inhabitable due to the flooding from Sandy. This family consists of three young children, a mother who currently has cancer, and a father. Their house had to be gutted, they have lost everything, and they need a new beginning.

The third person we have decided to donate a portion of the fund to is someone very dear to both of us. She has been like an aunt to us our entire lives. "She" being Raggy. She has an apartment in Sea Bright, and is currently misplaced due to the flooding. She was finally able to enter her apartment a week and a half after the storm to retrieve some of her things including her uniform so she can get back to work. She is currently waiting on the status of her building because it may possibly be condemned. If it is not condemned, the amount of time before she is able to move back into her apartment is unknown and most likely not in the near future.

Due to all of your help we were able to assist three families/people in these hard times. We really just want to thank you all so much for your help and support. And please continue to help where needed in your home towns because this is going to be a long road to recovery. But, New Jersey will be back and better than ever. JERSEY STRONG!


Created by Kurt Krüger on October 30, 2012

As everyone is well aware of the recent hurricane that has come through NJ and how it has devestated many of our family and friends. Much of this damage will be covered by insurance; however, alot of it won't be. I'm just putting this collection out there so that if anyone wants to throw a few bucks their way and help them get back on their feet, I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

Feel free to donate whatever. Even if it's only $1. Anything will help.


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If you could get someone to pay for ppl gas as they pull up to pump,lots are not able to get back to work yet.If Sunoco on 36 even has gas.

posted by Karen Croft 17 months ago

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Emily Masters

17 months ago


God bless for continued support.



karen brown

17 months ago


This is a fantastic website...you are amazing with your computer skills..




17 months ago



Kurt Kruger

17 months ago


This is from random donations I picked up from people.



jennifer nobile

17 months ago


So many of my family and friends have been affected by Sandy! Thank you Kurt for putting this together!



Donna Newborn

17 months ago


I know it is not much but I hope it can help. I would be up there helping if I had any vacation time left



Judith Werner

17 months ago


Nice going, Kurt. (I'm Raggy's sister.)



joyce levitt

17 months ago



Heather stockman

17 months ago



An Do

17 months ago


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