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Last night (10/24/2013) I accidentally ran over my dog in the driveway when I came home from work. It was dark, and Donald and he were outside waiting for me to get home. See, for the... more


Updated posted by Crystal Groves 4 months ago

Hi all!

Sorry to not have updated on Bastian's status recently, things have been very busy. But the good news is that Bastian is almost 100%, about as 100% as a dog can be that is missing a leg.

He's eating like a champ, drinking like a champ, and peeing like a champ. He jumps on furniture, chases tennis balls, tries to run crookedly but doesn't always succeed, and is licking and loving on everyone who stops by to see him.

The only thing he's not doing so great is stairs yet. He can go up them, but is weary on his balance going back down so we've been blocking his access to stairs for a while.

The vet took his stitches out and said he looked amazing. She was impressed at his recovery time and that he was so lovable. Of course, the only time she had seen him he was in pain or sedated, so she was pretty much seeing a brand new dog.

I suspect I have hit the limit on donations, which is perfectly fine because you guys did AMAZING and helped me out so incredibly much. $4015 raised?? How awesome is that???

I am in the process of compiling a thank you letter to the veterinarian with all your comments and information on what you all have raised. I figured it would be a nice gesture.

In the mean time, a recent picture of my boy:



Updated posted by Crystal Groves 5 months ago

We have POOP!

Yesterday Bastian had his first bowel movement since the accident. I was so proud that I even have it on video. I didn't actually tape him thinking he'd poop, I mainly wanted to have a progress video for all of our donators here. It just happened to contain the moment of poop glory as well. Feel free to view the little man here:

In addition to that, I came home to him hopped up in a chair and later on he jumped up on the couch. I never would have imagined he'd bounce back so fast, considering the first video I posted over the weekend he was in so much pain.

Since I have a lot of pictures of him when he had 4 legs lying upside down, it seemed as if all was in place when I caught him lying upside down with 3 legs as well. See below!



Updated posted by Crystal Groves 5 months ago

Great progress and also some heavy emotions today.

Not only did Bastian eat a significant amount of food today, but he also got up and went to his water bowl (now raised) to drink. He has not done either of these since the horrible accident. That's emotional event #1.

Just before bed (a little bit ago), he took a tumble and yelped and couldn't get up. He was wiggling and moving around and hurting. So I ran to him to help him up, forced some more meds down his throat, and he is now resting.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work (I was allowed to work from home today), so I am hoping dad will be able to handle taking care of Bastian until at least Donald gets home at 4pm. Praying that things keep progressing forward, however slow and painful.

Thank you especially to all the RMNB readers who have come at the request of RMNB to help support my little guy in his time of need, and well I guess my time of need too. The support is overwhelming and beyond anything I've ever experienced before.

Here is a picture of Bastian before the accident, because why not.


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Created by Crystal Groves on May 31, 2013

Last night (10/24/2013) I accidentally ran over my dog in the driveway when I came home from work. It was dark, and Donald and he were outside waiting for me to get home. See, for the last 10 years it has been Bastian's daily ritual to run down and greet me in my car once I got home, literally every single day that I come home. Usually this is after I have already pulled in the driveway, but occasionally he is out there early.

Because he is so fast, gets so excited, and (I suspect) his vision is not the best at his age, he sprinted straight for my car and went under the front passenger wheel.

The sound he made is pretty much forever etched in my memory at this point, and I know I was not far from collapsing myself, once I realized what happened.

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that this dog is a huge part of my world. Anyone who has ever been over my house knew they were not leaving without Bastian putting his butt in their lap and licking their face. My father has conversations with Bastian, it's quite silly and adorable at the same time. Since my father is disabled and I am his caretaker, I like that him and Bastian spend time together during the day while I'm at work that way neither of them are lonely. You can see a gallery of some pictures of Bastian on a public Facebook album:

I stayed at the vet till late last night so I could at least find out what the x-rays showed. There does not appear to be any internal injury, though they want to continue to monitor his blood and stool for any changes. His right front paw is partially "degloved', which means the skin was peeled off of the meat and bone. He also has some fractures in his paw and according to the emergency vet I spoke to this morning, he is still in some significant pain. They are doing a sedated bandage change around noon today, and then I may be able to bring him home on antibotics and pain meds until we can schedule surgery with a specialist due to the nature of the trauma.

I have hopes that physically he will be okay. I really hope he does not fear me or change his happy demeanor from this experience. I love my dog and would give up almost anything for him.

Last nights visit I was quoted $1400 for the emergency care for 14 hours. This does not include any surgery, which I suspect will be another hefty $2k or more. I do not yet know the final cost, but am asking for help. I put down $700 last night for the deposit for his care.

It has not been an easy year for me suffering through job loss in March, and even though I am employed again, I am still taking care of catching up, taking care of my dad and paying all the bills, and dealing with a slew of other financial crap right now (such as Donald's truck dying and us buying him a used car this past weekend so he could keep HIS job).

So if you are a pet lover like me, if you have an unexplainable bond with an animal, then I'm sure you know part of what I am feeling. I can't help but feel guilty and like I have wronged him in some way, but I know everyone keeps trying to tell me it's not my fault, he'll still love me, etc. I can't help but still take responsibility because I am his caretaker and I should be protecting him.

I had originally started this fund for Donald's HVAC training, but have decided to use the money raised for that towards Bastian's vet bills instead. So for those of you who asked for a way to donate, I think this is probably the best way to do so.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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How's the doggy doing so far? Love his photo album on Facebookwhat a special companion you have! :-D

posted by Feline Kewl 3 months ago

Sweet baby boy! No hyperness for 2 weeks! Im glad he is responding so well. You sound relieved too. Sending reiki again to join with orhers for fast healing. You too.

posted by Debbie Brodeur 5 months ago

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For Bastian



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I am so sorry for what happened to your dog. Just two months ago, my six month old puppy was hit by a car and had to have her left rear leg amputated. I saw the whole thing happen, but I couldn't stop it. It's still haunts me sometimes. We did a gofundme also, and we were able to raise about one third of the vet expenses. It was a big help. My puppy is recovering really well, she's here with me now. She can run, and she loves to play as much as she ever did. I know she will live a happy life. She's just not quite as fast as she used to be, but I love her just as much. I know she loves us just as much. Because of my expenses with her, I don't have much I can give, but here is a little bit to help.




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I know this is not much but we wanted to help some!



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Glad to see Bastian is doing so well



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Wishing Bastian a speedy recovery!!! From a RMNB dog lover.


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