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My son Jackson was diagnosed with Dyslexia in May/June of this year. School has never been easy for my son and he is only 9. He has been in a very intense program called the Ark all su... more


Updated posted by Megan Wetter 4 months ago

Jackson has improved one whole reading level. We are so proud of him and he continues to work hard every single day. I also spoke with his comged instructor and she said he has improve as well with is computer program that he does at home with me.Jackson has at least two more days of testing at at the public schools and then I have his eligibility review on the 18th. Wish us luck and we will continue keep you updated! Thank you Megan wetter and Jackson wetter.


Updated posted by Megan Wetter 4 months ago

Week 3 of 5 for Jacksons cogmed! He has another busy week of testing cogmed and ark:) he is doing great and staying positive...some days are easier then others. It is amazing to watch him grow change and become more confident through all this!


Updated posted by Megan Wetter 4 months ago

I got a call from Jacksons cogmed specialist and she has been reviewing the work Jacksons has been doin at home with me on the computer. She said he is doing great and making progress! I am So happy for him he works so hard and has a lot to do! Thank you everyone for all your support:) Megan Wetter and Jackson Wetter

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Created by Megan Wetter on October 10, 2013

My son Jackson was diagnosed with Dyslexia in May/June of this year. School has never been easy for my son and he is only 9. He has been in a very intense program called the Ark all summer up until this past month when the facility was no longer able to give me anymore scholarships for him.

Since then he has no longer been able to continue at his school because of limited resources. I went to four different schools until I finally found a school that was able to handle how serious his case is. After One week of him being at this new school, which has a special room for him, I was informed that it was more serious then what even i had been told. I now have to take him for his 2nd ADD Evaluation, he is seeing a speech therapist, he needs to continue one-on-one training with his Ark instructor, he needs to start Cogmed, and he is needing to be given an IQ test.

Some of this I can take him to the public schools for but over all cost is on me. These instructors are $80-$175 an hour long term plus start up fees, his schooling is $1,260.00 per month. I have already taken on a lot of cost and and no longer am able to keep up with it all. If my son does not get the services he needs, he will continue to fight an up hill battle toward reading and writing. With out the Cogmed Jackson can't retain certain information, without the one-on-one Ark he wont recieve the attention needed for him to catch up. He is in the 3rd grade and is now at a beginners 1st grade reading level.

I am a mom who wants the best for her child, and is learning how to help my son deal with his disability in a positive way on a daily basis. Everyday is a struggle and a challenge but everyday that he makes some type of progress it reminds me of the strength, courage and determination that lies deep with in him. He is such an amazing boy who is so sweet, He works so hard and has had some type of after schooling since the 1st grade. I know that my son will overcome this and become a succesful man someday. Thank you for taking the time to read the, "shortened" version of my son's story. Thank you again for any and all Donations made.

From the bottom of our Hearts,
Megan and Jackson Wetter

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I still have Jackson's baby pic in my wallet :)



Shannon Olsen

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I remember little Jackson at Danielle's wedding! He wouldn't wear shoes down the isle. Let's get him the help he needs, he is a sweetheart!



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