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Updated posted by Deborah Kelloway Veterinarian 12 days ago

Here's a sweet story thanks to your support!



Updated posted by Deborah Kelloway Veterinarian 3 months ago

Molly in action!


Molly about 2 days after surgery

Learning to walk with the wheelchair

Happy New Year!


Updated posted by Deborah Kelloway Veterinarian 3 months ago

We want to share a few timeline photos with everyone. Molly will soon go home but here's a short overview of where we (and you) have been.


Molly the day before surgery

Molly's 9 1/2 hour surgery

A remarkable 12 hours after surgery!

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Created by Deborah Kelloway Veterinarian on December 18, 2013


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It's been a few months since I saw the video of Molly walking. How is she doing now?

posted by Bill Tweedy 11 days ago

Go Molly! Love you girl!

posted by Gail Lyons-Coneeny 3 months ago

I love the picture of Molly smiling with the Santa hat . I feel that she is saying thank you my Christmas was made brighter with Molly in my life.

posted by Cynthia Kopczynskie 3 months ago

Hello, my name if Falisa hill, my Yorkshire was hit by a car. I'm finding it hard to raise money (6000.00) for him. please check out my profile. by the way Congrats on your dogs recovery. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to offer.

posted by Falisa Hill 3 months ago

Molly's surgery went well according to NECN TV Boston. Here is a link and video about her recovery: H-dog-undergoes-successful-sur gery-afte/landing.html?blockID =860453&feedID=11106 AND here is the link from Better Pets about her recovery: ory/molly/

posted by Jo Fass 3 months ago

How did Molly's surgery go yesterday? Is there an update somewhere? Thanks!

posted by Debbie Lewis 3 months ago

We were told to contact you as extra funds would be donated to other dogs in need. One of our current foster dogs (with Dachshund rescue and Pet Services in Connecticut) is having back surgery on a disk with recurring problems this Thursday. We need about $1,500 more. If you can help her link is hloe , or you can mail a check to Eliot Jordan (check payable to DRPS) to PO Box 223 Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 Thanks

posted by Eliot Jordan 3 months ago

What an awesome outpouring of love and funds to save Molly! I can hardly wait to follow the rest of her journey! Merry Christmas and thank you to our veterans for serving.

posted by Dorrie Burke 3 months ago

I live in Colorado but grew up in Mass. My mom told me about this story today and I am overwhelmed by the kindness of all who have donated to help Molly! While the goal has been reached, I still am going to donate what I can for the next treasured pet that is in need of help. My thoughts are with you tomorrow, Molly!

posted by Jane Yeaton 3 months ago

good luck tomorrow Molly. I will be thinking about you and sending lots of love and prayers

posted by Deb Labrie 3 months ago

I'm so glad you raised so much money! This is amazing. I'm so happy to see people helping. Merry Christmas everyone. :)

posted by Kwania Gordon 3 months ago

Merry Christmas Molly....My dog Bear and I can't wait to chase a ball at the park if we ever get a chance..

posted by Matthew Leduc 3 months ago

Thank you and God Bless You, Dr. Deborah Kelloway Owner of Center for Advanced Veterinary Care Thank you for saving Molly. I live in San Diego, originally from Mass, and saw the story of Molly on the Internet. It just killed me to know how hurt she was. Bless you and all your helpers, and the surgeon that came to help. You have restored my faith in humanity. Blessings to you.

posted by Lorraine Del-Rose 3 months ago

I hope each and every one of you is specially blessed this season for your overwhelming generosity in saving Molly. You've all shown the best of mankind in this gesture.

posted by Jeannine Mettinen 3 months ago

33 thousand dollars in 2 days! absolutely incredible. if there's any way you can post some pictures of molly's updates, especially after she is reunited with her owner, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. faith in humanity = restored.

posted by Danny Hurd 3 months ago

I am so happy to hear that Molly and her owner will have a Merry Christmas. I cried when I read the story. I am a dog lover. I have 3 dogs ofmy own and couldn't imagine my life without them. Merry Christmas Molly! You are a beautiful girl and deserve a happy life with your wonderful owner.

posted by Deb Labrie 3 months ago

So happy to hear you've raised you goal. Molly is so lucky! She is saved, unlike the many others, Lets try and donate to help the ones sitting in shelters looking for a little help. Donate and help save another life!

posted by Talena Pierce 3 months ago

I love the idea of setting up a fund for the care of the pets of veterans! As the proud mother of a veteran and an animal lover I am passionate about both!

posted by Kerry Bashir 3 months ago

This is awesome news.....this story broke my heart ( owning 2 dogs myself ). I am so glad molly will still be with us and be back with her owner.

posted by David Sullivan 3 months ago

WOW!! Great news for Molly and her Dad!! I'm so pleased to see such a response from everyone. I was thinking maybe the left over funds could be put aside and used for other Vets and their pets! They have done so much for all of us and deserve our thanks and support when they need it. Happy Holidays to all Vets and thank you so much for your service to this country and the sacrifices you and your families have made. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!!

posted by Kimchi Reichard 3 months ago

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Sandy Norton

12 days ago


Helping a little bit, and wishing you continued success! Than you for all the wonderful work you do ... and thanks for the update on Molly!




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Nicole Martel

16 days ago


Donation made on behalf of Monty, who was rescued from the San Antonio shelter yesterday. Thanks for your good work!



patti mc gan

16 days ago


For Monty the yella lab mix




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Patricia B Delarios

17 days ago


For Monty, the beautiful yellow Lab from San Antonio, TX. xxoo




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sandra monroe

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