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What is the Freedom Lifted app? The Freedom Lifted app maps out sites of Civil Rights Movement and social justice history to customize tours just for you. Just enter your location, your... more


Updated posted by Lewis Wallace 1 month ago

Hello Freedom Lifted Mobile App Supporters -

Thank you again for supporting our mobile app in its early stages of development. With your invaluable help, we completed the mobile app and it is currently in the Google Play and Itunes Stores! However, we are still in the preview stage and would like to ask you all take a first look.

Please email if you have an IPhone and we will send you a personal promo code for your FREE redemption in the ITunes store. If you will be using a Google Play to access the app, we will host a free weekend just for you March 7 - 9.

After you have a chance to download the app (and give us a good rating :)), please send your feedback to us personally. We are SO grateful for your support!


Mia, Lewis, and the Freedom Lifted Team


Updated posted by Lewis Wallace 5 months ago

We are SO CLOSE and our last launch party is this Sunday in Chicago! Can you ask a friend to help us reach our goal by then? As always, thanks for your support!


Updated posted by Lewis Wallace 6 months ago

Thanks to everyone who has continued to contribute to the Freedom Lifted mobile app while we are still in development stage. We are inching towards our goal and friends who came to our Brooklyn launch party yesterday believe we can reach it. Let's prove them right!

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Created by Lewis Wallace on August 8, 2013

What is the Freedom Lifted app?
The Freedom Lifted app maps out sites of Civil Rights Movement and social justice history to customize tours just for you. Just enter your location, your historical interests, and Freedom Lifted will take you to museums, cemeteries, historical markers and unmarked spots where battles for social justice were fought as long ago as the 1700s and as recently as last year.

Why is it important?
Social movement history is everywhere-and the Freedom Lifted app will let you bring that knowledge with you. Featuring sites in every state, we expect that after its launch, the app will continue to grow and integrate the deep knowledge of organizers, researchers and elders across the country. The app is a way we can use technology to make this historical information accessible to many people at a low cost.

What’s Freedom Lifted?
Freedom Lifted provides opportunities for immersion in social movement history. Currently, these include affordable and customized Civil Rights history tours to Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and other significant sites. We are dedicated to bringing education and light to all those interested in learning more about the past in order to create positive social change today and tomorrow.

Find out more here:

Where will the money go?
The real cost of an app like this is far above what it will cost the user. For the app to be well-researched, up-to-date and user friendly, we need to put time into creating the platform and content you'll be using. So, most of the money will go towards paying our employees, and making the app into something that's worth your money and time. Give us five bucks, and you're doing your part...give us $25 or $100, and you're helping make the app affordable for other folks, too. We promise it will be worth it!

What do I get for giving?
For $5 you’ll get the premium version of the app before anyone else, and receive all updates and new content as they become available. You can check out some other pretty amazing perks to the right (big spenders get a real live tour of their own with Freedom Lifted founder, Mia Henry!). But the most important thing is that you’re helping develop a resource unlike anything out there right now. The Freedom Lifted app will makes any trip into a social justice adventure, and might even change your experience of your own hometown or home state.

Who’s behind this whole thing?
Mia Henry, the owner-operator and tour guide for Freedom Lifted, has more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit management, youth development, intergenerational community organizing, and civic and history education. She was born and raised in the U.S. South, the daughter of a Civil Rights activist who integrated her high school in Alabama in the 1960s. Learn more about Mia's extensive experience here.

Mia’s working with developer Nitin Hemmady, and writer/researchers Lewis Wallace and Hannah Jacoby to complete the app and put it in your hands. Basically, we are a team of grounded, hardworking activist dreamers in love with learning our history and seeing it in action. We hope you’ll help us make this happen.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Any project/app that keeps our history and Ancestors alive is all right with me!

posted by George Geder 6 months ago

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Consuella Brown

5 months ago


Glad you all are putting something positive out into the universe. Keep up the great work.



Marilyn Del Duca

5 months ago



Phoebe Carter

5 months ago


This is a really important project and app. I wish I could give more, but I'm happy that even my $5 will help. Thank you for doing this!



Lynn Hershberger

5 months ago





K River Artz-Iffland

5 months ago


Great idea! I look forward to information being added (within easy driving distance for me) around Chicago and Detroit. Thank You!



Erica Myles

5 months ago


The goal is in sight! Let's keep moving forward.




5 months ago



John Mogulescu

5 months ago



Mateo Cruz

5 months ago


Proud of the work and happy to support!


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