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Help us find and bring home my father, Bob Ehlert. I'm absolutely heartbroken to make this request and to deal with the fact that my dad is still missing. My dad, Bob Ehlert, has been mi... more


Updated posted by Mariah Ehlert 21 days ago

Update on #findbob: there is nothing new to report on the case. I've had a few inquires lately from friends and family. If there is anything significant to report I'll let you know. Meanwhile, the case is still open and actively being investigated. The FBI and police in the U.S. have been very responsive and helpful, doing all they can on this end. I am involved weekly, often daily, with the investigation in Panama. Unfortunately things don't move as efficiently in Panama as they do in the U.S., much less as quickly as a snappy 45-minute TV show. That would be nice. The Panama police, investigators, and lawyers will attest that I've been relentless in this search. Thank you for your kind thoughts and suggestions. But right now, it's like asking progress on how the snail is doing in the frozen ice, "any new continents been explored yet?" Umm, how about 5 feet?

Thanks, as always for the support.


Updated posted by Mariah Ehlert 2 months ago

Happy birthday weekend (2/16), Pops, we miss you.


Updated posted by Mariah Ehlert 3 months ago

Heading home today. The trip was useful. Met with the US Embassy, in-country FBI (Legal Attache), ACS consul, Consul General (US), Panamanian Fiscalia 1era Superior (head DA), the Private Investigator, my local lawyer (even victims need lawyers there to get anything done), and a friend that has been helping in Panama the whole time. We are not even near to getting answers (as so many wished I'd get), which I didn't expect to get either. But, we have more people (and of higher authorities) working on the case.

It's a long journey. I was told by others with experience in missing persons' cases to prepare for a marathon, not a sprint. So very true. It's frustrating to keep hitting walls, but we continue to move forward, however slow, and hopefully someday we'll have those answers. #findbob

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Created by Mariah Ehlert on August 12, 2013

Help us find and bring home my father, Bob Ehlert. I'm absolutely heartbroken to make this request and to deal with the fact that my dad is still missing. My dad, Bob Ehlert, has been missing since June 21. $7000 is close to the current sum of the investigation. If I hire a PI, it'll be more, unfortunately.

He was last heard from in Panama (where he lives half the year). No one has heard from him nor have I been able to find any trace of him, yet. Through my family and friends, we have managed to launch a significant campaign contacting senators, urging them to push the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, State Department, and US Embassy in Panama to take action to help find my dad. We have managed to get the FBI involved. They, unfortunately, can't do more than the local Panama police will allow them. We are now looking at hiring a PI to do an independent search in Panama. At this point, the bills are quickly adding up. Lawyers, paperwork, travel expenses, all those little things you never think about are becoming a significant burden. (Because who EVER prepares for something like this?! See end for how you can!)

My dad is a very outgoing, gregarious man, has lots of friends, was enjoying his retirement part time in Panama and part time in Minnesota. He loved volunteering, gardening, sailing, and was a Vietnam War Vet. We are all worried and torn up by his disappearance. Some days I'm able to set it aside and address my daily life and job, but other days are not as easy. Many have asked what they can do to help. If you support me, and whatever that form takes, thank you. I am so impressed at how amazing my friends and family are. Times like these really shows the true colors of people, and there's a whole shiny rainbow around me of their beauty. The money donations, notes, hugs, last minute mountain trips, or simply understanding my current erratic behavior mean the world to me. Thank you.

My deepest and heartfelt: Thank You,

What I've learned we should all do, with every family member: prepare a living will and assign power of attorney. Do it now, do it for your loved ones, gods forbid anything horrible happened, at least you are all prepared.

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Hello, I'm looking for volunteers to contact various groups that Bob belonged to (past or present). I just contacted all of Bob's friends on his Facebook page. Now we need to think of what other places his friends reside and start contacting them. Time is of the essence because we don't know what shape Bob is in and how desperate he may be for help. I'd like to get the following groups contacted and invited to join us: ADT, Military Friends, St. Thomas Alumni, His Church, His Sailing Community, The Horticulture Society, and any others you can think of. Please contact me at our facebook group - FIND BOB EHLERT

posted by Melanie Vejdani 8 months ago

Please join the facebook group: Find Bob Ehlert. We will post updates and keep you informed on how you can help. s/findbobehlert/

posted by Melanie Vejdani 8 months ago

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Mariah, I am so sorry I didn't see the donation site sooner. I send you love and hope dear E



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2 months ago


Friend of Alyson Farrel who shared your story ! Wishing some peace and resolution !



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5 months ago


Mariah I hope this helps.



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