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I am trying to raise some much needed money for my friends who are in need of help. My friend Yvette and her husband Mike have been together for about 19 years. They have five beautiful... more


Updated posted by Melissa Nafus Carrillo 6 months ago

WE DID IT!!! I would like to thank each and everyone of you that helped in contributing to our gofundme account! Also, I would like to give a special Thanks to Elisa Bier for all her hard work she has contributed to this site. The Escobedo family would like to express their gratitude to everyone who has helped them during this hard time. Whether it was through prayers, sharing this link, fundraisers, giving blood, registering with Be the match, donations, meals or support. Yvette apologizes for not responding to every private message. She is extremely busy trying to keep things together for the family and expressed how truly sorry she is. Mike went to City of Hope on Monday for his 5th round of chemotherapy. He is still in search of a match at this time. Let's continue to pray for Mike and his family!



Updated posted by Melissa Nafus Carrillo 6 months ago

Good Morning! We are $90.00 away from our goal! Thank you everyone for your continued support with our gofund me account! Let's continue to Pray for Mike and his family during this time. Hopefully, he will be matched with a donor soon. Again, I would like to thank everyone for there donations and those who joined Be the Match and made a commitment to help Mike or someone else with their fight!


Updated posted by Melissa Nafus Carrillo 7 months ago

Good Afternoon! LOOK GUYS!! We are $145.00 away from our goal! I would like to thank Erin Velarde for the $50.00 donation she raised from her Scentsy Fundraiser. Also, I would like to thank everyone who has donated to The Escobedo Family. It truly means so much to the family at this time. Please continue to Pray, Share and Donate!

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Created by Melissa Nafus Carrillo on June 18, 2013

I am trying to raise some much needed money for my friends who are in need of help. My friend Yvette and her husband Mike have been together for about 19 years. They have five beautiful children; Michael 17, Destiny 16, Faith 8, and Hope 2. Mike also has a son Andrew 20, from a previous relationship. Yvette and I were pregnant with our sons and our youngest daughters at the same time. Although we live in different cities our boys have been best friends since birth and still get together from time to time.
Through those 19 years, they have had many ups and downs but now they are facing their biggest battle ever. About a year ago, Yvette had her thyroid removed. During that surgery, her vocal cords were damaged and she has difficulty breathing correctly. Also, this left Yvette unable to speak for a little over six months. She has been through rehabilitation to regain her voice, although she still struggles with noticeable side effects. Currently, she is still supposed to continue rehabilitation for her voice and breathing problems but has put her needs on hold for now because another tragic event has touched this family. On the first of May, her husband Mike who is 36 years old was diagnosed with AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He has been out on disability for quite sometime and was going to have back surgery. They are not sure how long he has had it and now think the back pain problems may have also been because of the leukemia. Currently, Mike has had two rounds of chemotherapy. The first one wasn’t successful. At this point, they are not sure if the second round was a success either. He will be receiving outpatient chemo at City of Hope until they can find a match for a bone marrow transplant. After testing their two oldest children, his wife, father, and brother none are a match. He is on the registry and hopes to find a donor.
They are in a race against time as most bone marrow donor registries are made up of few Hispanic or people of color and AML is an aggressive as well as a fast moving cancer. The chemo treatments have caused second degree burns on Mike’s hands and feet. His wife, Yvette must clean the wounds and redress these areas often. It is heartbreaking to watch this brave father of four try to hold back the tears from the extreme pain in which he is dealing with. Yvette is doing her best to stay strong for her husband and the children even though she is still in a very frail state from her own health issues and the stress of her husband’s cancer. Mike is living not only with the terrible side effects of chemo but also with the fear of leaving his beloved wife and children.
As a result of them both being unable to work at this time, they are having serious difficulty financially. Mike’s co-pay for his medication is $800.00 a month. Their sixteen year old daughter, Destiny works at Aeropostale to help out her family. I am sure in the near future their medical bills and financial bills will accumulate and become even more overwhelming. For those of you who know Mike and Yvette and even those who don't. Any donations you can make to them would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your help,
Melissa Carrillo

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Thank you, Momma! That's wonderful!

posted by Melissa Nafus Carrillo 10 months ago

Thank you, Craig! You're Awesome!

posted by Melissa Nafus Carrillo 10 months ago

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Bob Gossman

6 months ago


I love you, Mike and Yvette.



Juliana Griggs

6 months ago


Mike, It was a pleasure meeting you at the office. I'm praying for your family. Have faith and don't stop fighting! God Bless



Darlene Buelna

6 months ago (Monthly Donation)



michael nafus

7 months ago


It is always great to se a family so devoted to each other. Though we don't know you we can see the love you have for your family. It does not matter where we are it is times like this that show us that we are all the same we live our lives and love our family and once in a while we need a little help. We will pray for your family



Erin Velarde

7 months ago


Still in my Thoughts and Prayers!!!



michell carcel

7 months ago


Praying for u Mike hope u and u family are staying strong



Elizabeth Garcia

7 months ago


God bless you all.




7 months ago



Darlene Buelna

7 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Heidi Alderete

7 months ago


Best wishes to you and your family. Will be praying for healing.


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