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hello freinds and  family and ppl i will never meet  hi! amd welcome to my film project about homelessness the Videos in these  links Was Taken 4 Years Ago When I Thought My Situation Wa... more


Updated posted by Charles Neely 28 months ago

thank you Gareth!... i been having problem with my internet connection when it come to opening up my email,, brother i truey want to say "thank you again and thank you for that birthday wish to. this is great it the best xamas gift ever!, i meant thank you very much. :)


Updated posted by Charles Neely 28 months ago

wow stone ozzy , im floored you are the next best thing! to getting this project finshed!.. thank you
my man!.


Updated posted by Charles Neely 29 months ago

Looking for a productive educational way to spend your Black Friday money?? Go fund me!

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Created by Charles Neely on December 30, 2010

hello freinds and  family and ppl i will never meet  hi! amd welcome to my film project about homelessness the Videos in these  links Was Taken 4 Years Ago When I Thought My Situation Was Hopeless.  It Seem To Me , That I Would Never Get My Act Together And Get Off The Streets
I Started Shooting Videos To Document My Plight On Being

" homeless" The Streets Of Little Rock, The Result Were That In Doing so I Brought Attention To This Problem By Posting My Video To You Tube,go Here 

how it all started for me be interview by a  local news reporter


here one were im interviewing a guy named jerry,

jerry views

And Now I Come To My Followers You-tubers, And Twitters Friends And Family
And All The Peoples Around The World I Need Money To Make A Small Budget Film About The Homeless This will Purchase A better quaity Hd Camera , To Edit All The Footage With Your Help I Can Bring This Story To The Big The Big Screen In Hd.

I Know I Can Do It Cause I M Sort Of Expert On The Matter
I Still Haven't Forgotten My Brothers 
And Sister Still Out There On The Streets Of Little Rock This Film Is For Them To Give Them A Voice, With Your Help I Can Do This .thank You Just Taking Time Out To Read This Import Messages.
Thank You Very Much In Advance To Help Me Reach My Goals. Don't Forget Your Family And Friends Spread This Message Of Great Important Like"wildfire" .
I Thank You In Advance


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.....I'd POUND MIKE HUCKABEE IF I WERE YOU! Go to city council meetings and tell them of your concerns, and seek solutions.....Wouldnt hurt? SEE IF those in power across ARKANSAS & THE MAINSTREAM will help with ACTUAL ESCALATING AMERICAN PROBLEMS due to the US FEDERAL GOVT's -OUT OF CONTROL- CORPORATE FAVORITISM & WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS ON UNWARRANTED UNPRECEDENTED WORLDWIDE BLOODY WAR ACROSS THIS PLANET!.....Homelessness is everywhere in America today AND the hand of the US FEDS & their many minions.....and those who OWN OUR US GOV, the bankers, Wall Street, the military industrial complex.....! ! ! ! ! ! ! I will pray for you & wish you many blessings! NOTHING LIKE THE PEOPLE FIGHTING THESE CORPORATE BEASTS!

posted by WHO would Jesus BOMB? 33 months ago

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Linda Vaughn

3 months ago


I pray God help you to reach this goal.



Gareth Catherall

3 months ago


all best charles



Gareth Catherall

12 months ago


hi charles a contribution to the cause mate)



Yolanda Robeson

23 months ago



Alissa Malnar-Vilardo

24 months ago


Best wishes on your documentary! I look forward to seeing it, so PLEASE keep me on your mailing list!



Gareth Catherall

28 months ago


all helps.



gareth catherall

28 months ago


every bit helps



Stone Ozzy

28 months ago


Unlawful Legislation is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. (Swap the hug for a cheaply directed phonefilm youtubed tht shows how lil rock being bent over by a fake money supply & nazis Policys, printed out at will by the same ppl tht Paid Hitler & Stalin & Now in the Pockets of Obama. nm but sry im poor & same boat as u ,. b strong & may GoODness Guide You in all tht u do.



Rod Bryan

29 months ago


Every little bit helps I hope.



Naomi Matlock

30 months ago


Why not? I have been there myself and hope you reach your goal before winter sets in.


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