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WOW what is a MOM to say..... Goal one was reached by so many amazing people. The love and support is amazing. As you know my once little boy has become a man, a husband, and a cancer pa... more


Updated posted by Dawn Nalley 5 months ago



Updated posted by Dawn Nalley 5 months ago

I hope this picture shows you all just how Thankful we as a family are for all the support. I know we can reach this goal. Share and share away!!!!!! Love to you all.


A Thank you to you ALL.....


Updated posted by Dawn Nalley 5 months ago

Thank you for all that are supporting this goal. It means a lot from 1.00 to whatever it all adds up. Again I can't Thank you all enough. Working on some big immediate future plans for my brave son. Couldn't do this without you all.


Created by Dawn Nalley on October 8, 2013

WOW what is a MOM to say..... Goal one was reached by so many amazing people. The love and support is amazing. As you know my once little boy has become a man, a husband, and a cancer patient at the young age of 18. He was diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma and given 3-10months left with us. May god grant him more time for us all. He is such a brave young man, he sure makes this mama proud. I wish you all had the joy in meeting my son and knowing what a inspiration he is to others. Never seen such strong courage, and determination. I LOVE YOU SON.......THANK YOU ALL.................

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250 Milligrams of Organic Vitamin C per day for 4 months will heal Cancer! Sea Salt Baths & Organic Yogurt are also what must be done! A Sea Salt Bath once every 2-3 days & Organic Yogurt the non-sugared kind 2-3 times per day!

posted by Ashley Lenartson 4 months ago

All my commission from Scentsy from now to the end of November to the Damon Haggan Cancer Fund. place orders here www.oganequeen.scentsy.us

posted by Crystal O'Gane 5 months ago

My son Jimmy has started " Coins for Cancer" for your fund. You rock Damon

posted by Lyn Traver 5 months ago

Hi. I sent a message. Please contact me at bethnasonphotography@gmail.com . I would like to help you out. Thank you :)

posted by A Good Human 5 months ago

Your story has touched my heart, as I have a 17 year old son who is alot like you, fast snowmobile, dirt bikes, trucks with lifts, jeeping, hunting fishing. He is my world and I can not imagine what you may be going through. I do not have alot to offer but I can offer to perform your marriage cermony at no charge, and would also pay the fee for the marriage license. I wish you peace and happiness in all you endure. My thoughts are with you and those you love. Joyce Tillson

posted by Joyce Tillson 5 months ago

Damon, Stay strong, keep eating, Keep Fighting. I will be sending many prayers your way. You are young and full of life and ambition, you will keep this disease at bay. Many thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

posted by Chontelle Hockenbery 5 months ago

Prayers for you buddy. in all the years i knew you i never thought this could or ever would happen to you especially. it comes as a very big shock. i wish the best for you.

posted by Jared White 5 months ago

Wishing you the best Damon. Hope your wedding is the most wonderful day of your life. Hoping all goes well for you, you can beat it!

posted by Louise Cunningham 6 months ago

Wish u and your family all of the best. Stay Strong! Dawn and Shifter, see you in November. Take care Archie and Marilyn

posted by Marilyn Holbrook 6 months ago

please keep fighting damon and we hope you stay strong for us damon ,we love youso much , we miss you so much from chance and destiny and tracy damon and please just stay strong damon

posted by Destiny Doherty 6 months ago

Love you! Keep up the fight

posted by Tracy Doherty 6 months ago

Thank you to the people that are helping kick the start of this goal off. Please share, and spread the word. Love to you all for the support.

posted by Dawn Nalley 6 months ago

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Carrie Thurber

5 months ago


Damon Keep fighting.. I don't know you and Keshia but I know Ellie and your story is so inspiring



Frank & Josephine Gorman

5 months ago


Congratulations on your Wedding & Stay Strong!!!



Dennis Davis

5 months ago


I hope you both have a great Wedding day Damon and Keisha Love from Dennis and Helen Davis Tasmania.



Aja Brill

5 months ago


Caitlin Levesque is my sister and has talked about you often. Hope you have an amazing wedding day today!!



Ball Peen

5 months ago



Jackie Nunes

5 months ago



Logan Brown

5 months ago


I don't know you but my girlfriend Caitlin does, you sound like a good guy. Best of luck Logan



Amanda Eustis

5 months ago


Love you Damon!




5 months ago




5 months ago


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