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My name is Joe. I am a lifelong resident of Kansas and a Kansas City Royals fan who was recently relocated to the Saint Louis, MO area. During the last five years in KC, I grew to love a... more


Updated posted by Joe Hoffmann 11 months ago

My pursuit of plate #1 is now in the home stretch. Everything will be decided this Saturday, May 11 at 10AM at the Flying Saucer in StL.

There is still no word on what will decide who finishes first, but the word "games" has been used multiple times. I would obviously rather just be able to pound a couple beers, but I plan on taking out whatever they have planned and bringing this one home for KC and the Royals.

Since we last spoke, my Cardinals opponent has overtaken me in funds. There is still time to make donations and be a part of leaving the mark of Don Denkinger right next to Busch Stadium. I am coming under my $5/beer average and hope to make a sizable donation to Royalty Fields thanks to everyone's generosity and support.


Updated posted by Joe Hoffmann 13 months ago

This has been amazing. I keep setting goals and you help push through them. I am told the competition from the Cardinals side will be setting up a site just like this one, so my new goal is to out raise them every step of the way.

Every dollar I earn that does not go directly towards a beer at the Saucer will be donated to Royals charities. I'm not going to eat with this money, tip with this money, pay parking, etc. I want as much possible to go towards helping people who need it and the causes supported by the team that brought you here. So please keep passing this around, sharing it with family, friends and co-workers. In the end, we can take an awesome shot at the Cardinals and support some great causes in the process.

You can check out a blog with updates and pictures at http://showmeplate.tumblr.com. Twitter handle is TheShowMePlate. And keep up with cost progress at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApQS_NC2GVtvdEE5elUxSUg4SXc5RFNZQjF3RTQzUUE&usp=sharing.



Updated posted by Joe Hoffmann 13 months ago

This thing has gotten pretty crazy, you guys. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, and hopefully things just keep going up from here. Going to drop a few quick links, and I will be back at the Saucer in 2 hours going for beers 4 -6. Hoping to have the blog up tonight.

The River Front Times here in StL did a story and video about the competition this has evolved into -- http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/2013/03/flying_saucer_royal_fan_cardinals_fan_saucerwatch.php

Twitter -- https://twitter.com/TheShowMePlate

You can follow standings here (messed up at the moment) -- http://www.beerknurd.com/stores/stlouis/

Make beer/Royal suggestions here --

Follow progress here -- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApQS_NC2GVtvdEE5elUxSUg4SXc5RFNZQjF3RTQzUUE&usp=sharing

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Created by Joe Hoffmann on February 14, 2013

My name is Joe. I am a lifelong resident of Kansas and a Kansas City Royals fan who was recently relocated to the Saint Louis, MO area. During the last five years in KC, I grew to love a drinking establishment called the Flying Saucer, which awards you with a plate for every 200 unique beers you drink. The plates go up in order of date achieved, and usually feature the person's name and a quote of their choosing. I have plate #72 in Kansas City and have completed the 200 beer journey five times.

It just so happens that they are preparing to open a Flying Saucer in Saint Louis in the next two weeks (March 1). The location of the bar is directly between my office and parking lot. When I leave work, the bar is directly to my right and Busch Stadium, home of the StL Cardinals is to my left. Like any self-respecting Royals fan, I have no love for the Cardinals. So I came up with the idea of going after the #1 plate in the Saint Louis Flying Saucer, except instead of my name, it would be adorned with the name of Don Denkinger, the first base umpire who "blew a call" that allowed the Royals to win game 6 of the '85 World Series. The Royals went on to win game 7 and the World Series away from the Cardinals. While most Cardinal fans will deny any existence of a rivalry with the Royals, I feel this act will be viewed with great contempt, especially in a bar that looks directly at their stadium and will likely be filled with Cardinal fans on game days.

To accomplish this feat, it will take going to the Flying Saucer 67 straight days since only 3 beers can be counted per day. It is a lot of time and a lot of money, so I thought I would ask Kansas City and Royals fans (or Cardinals haters) for any help you can provide. My $500 total goal is based on trying to fund half of the cost of getting the plate on a $5 average beer price. Donate, and I will gladly let you pick my three beers, Royals player or even yourself to be featured. The Flying Saucer website also features a leader board, where I will change my name to feature anyone charitable enough to donate on a rotating basis.

Thanks for your support and go Royals!

Update - Since starting this quest, I have updated my goal from $500 to $1,000 to the current $2,500. This spike is due to Cardinal fans copying my idea to try and beat me. In an effort to turn this competition into something greater than beer, both sides have agreed to donate any money raised beyond what is needed for a saucer to our respective team charities. Not only am I going to put the #1 saucer on the wall, I also want to raise more overall funds for the Royals and the community of baseball and giving that they support.


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You have to get a card at the location you want the Saucer at, and then you have to drink a majority of your beers at that location. So everyone starts from the same point for the first 6 months.

posted by Joe Hoffmann 13 months ago

Can't you complete your 200 beers at any Flying Saucer? So couldn't someone theoretically drink their 200th beer on opening day and get a plate? Just wanted to make sure before I divert my beer fund money to you.

posted by Justin Shoemaker 13 months ago


posted by Richard Haegele 14 months ago

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Darren Gotham

11 months ago


St. Louis will never win! GO ROYALS!!



Justin Gifford

11 months ago



Rachel Leimkuehler

11 months ago


Let's get 'em, Joe!




13 months ago (Offline Donation)



Phillip Alley

13 months ago


Cards fans seem to forget, they lost the Series in GAME 7.



Braden Padget

13 months ago


Drink barleywine with my money!



Gary Briggs

13 months ago



Jon Poteet

13 months ago


On behalf of your KC friends @CSBEV



Brian Dillbeck

13 months ago



Jennifer Harper

13 months ago


Good luck, Joe. I am behind you 100%!


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