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Chloe had her first jaw implant surgery in September. What a trying time it was! The bone taken from her scapula and implanted into her jaw looks to have taken successfully. The expected... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Mau 8 months ago

The time has come again for another surgery for Chloe. Chloe and I will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio for the 3rd step in her jaw reconstruction surgery. This one will be a jaw distraction. This will be a process that takes 30 days to extend the jaw enough to allow her to get her trach out in the Spring. It is very exciting to think of how far she has come in the last year. The previous 2 surgeries have been very successful and Chloe has started to make vocal sounds and recently started saying "mom" and "wow". She has been so healthy this summer and making strides in her daily life. She is a miracle girl and has the spirit of a true warrior princess.
All of these trips have been made possible due to the generosity of this community. It would have been impossible for me to take her without all your help! This next trip will be for a total of 5 weeks without employment, and the donations we receive will make this possible, yet again. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, love, and prayers for us and with us along this journey. I will keep this page updated throughout the recovery. Thanks again, it means the world to me to see the outpour of love for Chloe and my family! God Bless, Jen


Updated posted by Jennifer Mau 14 months ago

We leave tomorrow for Chloes 2nd jaw surgery. She will have her left side constructed. This is once again, a very tedious, long, procedure. Please pray and donate anything you have to help with expences we will have. I will not have any income the time we are gone which is expected to be almost 3 weeks. Any donation is a greatly aprreciated and thank you all for the HUGE amount of support you have always shown.


Updated posted by Jennifer Mau 16 months ago

Chloes story told on Denver 7 news, CNN and all over the country news stations!

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Created by Jennifer Mau on March 1, 2011

Chloe had her first jaw implant surgery in September. What a trying time it was! The bone taken from her scapula and implanted into her jaw looks to have taken successfully. The expected 8 hour surgery turned into 14 grueling hours and stabilizing Chloe took days! She continues to earn her Warrior Princess status, and fought it through to the homecoming day. Expenses were high, as the Ronald McDonald House didn't have a room for a while and the stay was longer than expected.  She will return in Feb. or March 2013 to have the other side of her face/jaw reconstructed. Your donations were a God send  and now we need to start the process of fundraising for the next trip. Please give a little or a lot. Chloe needs us ALL to help her continued movement to a more normal life! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this first step in this part of the journey possible!

We are raising money for our sweet angel Chloe's future surgeries and medical costs. Chloe was born with several life threatening birth defects. This precious little girl spent her first 7 months fighting for her life at Childrens Hospital in Denver. She was born with 2 holes in her heart, pulmonary hypertension, no ears, no jaw, missing bone in multiple areas of her face, spinal cord complications, and the most sweetest smile ever. Chloe was ventalator dependent up until this last October. We will celebrate her 2nd birthday in April. She is a miracle conquering over 8 surgeries so far, including repairing 2 holes in her heart, and the untethering of her spinal cord (making it possible for her to walk),   She has managed to work her way off of the ventalator during the day and naps. Chloe is trached, so she breathes through a hole in her throat, she is also fed through a tube in her stomach. She will have to live this way until her jaw is reconstructed.  This could be as long as 12 years old.  The next step is to find the BEST cranniofacial and bone reconstructive doctor there is! In doing so, we are asking for any donations that would help us make this possible. Chloe will need to have her jaw built by using her ribs. She will need to have the bone built up around her eye socket. CHloe also needs to have ears made and screwed onto her skull. She will need to have the skin tags on the sides of her face removed and then plastic surgery to fill in the holes.  We are asking for help to raise money for all of these complex surgeries.  All out of state appointments, tests, and procedures will not be covered under insurance. Once we find the doctor right for Chloe, we will most likely need to move to where they are. 
From the day Chloe was born, we have faced many challenges as a family. Chloe has a 7 year old sister, and a 5 year old brother that have been through everything right along with Chloe. We love her so much, and want to make sure we find the BEST doctors to fix this angels face, and help give her the normal life she deserves.
Any amount you can give to help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jennifer, Sierra, Kadin, and most of all, Chloe. God Bless.


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I am so grateful to be able to be able to have the opportunity to give periodically to Miss Chloe. I don't think we think about this being an ongoing struggle for Chloe and her family. I hope and pray that all of you who see this to search your hearts and give Chloe a financial gift. No amount is too small. And every $5.oo dollars adds up quickly. Is it too hard for us to try to do this at least every 3-6 months??? Carol Lee Widell

posted by Carol Lee 6 months ago

Chloe' s story is on The Denver Channel 7 news.

posted by Jennifer Cooper 17 months ago

All of you are such an inspiration! Thank you for reaching out to give others the honor of sharing our love and prayers for Chloe!!!♥♥♥

posted by Carolyn Mair 27 months ago

She is such an amazing little girl!! And what a strong fighter she is !!! God has some special plans for this little girl!!! I will continue to pray for her!!! God Bless you all!!!

posted by Sheila Powers 37 months ago

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I'm so glad I took the time to take a pic of your leaflet at Starbucks to read more later. how heartbreaking for you all. What indomitable spirits you must have. My heart and prayers go out to each one of you, the siblings included. Thank you for bringing this need to our community's attention. Wishing you every success fund raising, going forward, and every ounce of encouragement. Godspeed.




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Best wishes for Chloe and your entire family. Merry Christmas




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For such a strong family! Hope this helps a little.


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