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the money raised here will help us with tyler's treatment, transportation and possibly trips to boston for bone marrow at some point. this is tyler's 2nd time around with leukemia. he wa... more


Updated posted by Rachel Seddon-Dunn 1 month ago

The support here is AMAZING!!! Anyone wishing to get tested can go to www.bethematch.com


Updated posted by Rachel Seddon-Dunn 2 months ago

The support here is wonderful!!! Tyler cannot wait to see what comes in the mail for him!!!! Everything is greatly appreciated!!! Any questions please direct them to his Facebook page Tyler's troops!!!! Thanks everyone :)


Updated posted by Rachel Seddon-Dunn 3 months ago

I cannot express how thankful I am for the generosity shown here to help with our journey.

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Created by Rachel Seddon-Dunn on November 22, 2013

the money raised here will help us with tyler's treatment, transportation and possibly trips to boston for bone marrow at some point. this is tyler's 2nd time around with leukemia. he was in remission since july 2012. he's a beautiful, smart little boy who loves trucks and cars. we appreciate any help you can give!!!!

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Hi Tyler, I prayed for you in church yesterday as I do every day. Did you see the red moon last night? I went out to look but the clouds covered it so I could not see it by gazing at the sky! I had to watch it on TV.

posted by Karen DiPietro 3 days ago

Hi Tyler, I have hot heard how are you doing? Have you found a donor yet? I pray you have. Are you in Boston now? I am praying for you. LOL Karen

posted by Karen DiPietro 13 days ago

Hi buddy, praying for you!

posted by Karen DiPietro 21 days ago

Hi buddy, How are you today? I have been thinking of you and praying for you.

posted by Karen DiPietro 22 days ago

Hey Tyler, I think and pray daily. May you feel the power of Jesus and be healed. Is there a way to donate as sending a check. My computer is compromised and I never do the credit card thing. Is there an address I can send a check to? I really want to even if my contribution may be small. So, how is my little guy. Every time I look at you I think of my grandson. He likes cars too but he likes football better. I see you like baseball. Get well little buddy. As part of my prayers to you, I play my Pastor Joel Andrus song, "Refresh Me." I am hoping it will help your mom too. LOL little buddy!

posted by Karen DiPietro 28 days ago

Hi Tyler, Hope you are doing well. I sure do pray for you and your family. LOL and Hugs good buddy!

posted by Karen DiPietro 1 month ago

Prayers for my little friend! LOL Tyler!

posted by Karen DiPietro 1 month ago

Hi again Tyler, I am going to try and friend your mom! I went to church last night and prayed for you and others, many others, are too. We love you little guy and I hope you feel better as your treatment progresses. I have those police patches if you want them. Maybe I could send them to the hospital where you are. I also have wolf pictures. I love animals. Do you? I can send you some really nice pictures of wolves if you like them. Some people don't but I do. I studied them and how they behave at a place called Wolf Park. I was a wolf puppy mother there. LOL to you today. Take care... and prayers, always!

posted by Karen DiPietro 1 month ago

Hi Mr. Tyler! You are an awesome and strong young man. I intend to make a special donation besides a donation here. How would you like for me to get you some police patches? My son's are both police in Md. and I can give you many of my patches I have collected over the years! They are totally cool! Also, go to my Facebook and friend me. I have some wonderful animal videos I have on there and your picture with comments and thoughts I have had about you each day. You are very special and we all want you to get well and pray to Jesus you will. Be determined and love Jesus and with the doctors and nurses all will happen for you. I am praying and find you so special. If you can send an address, I will send those police patches tomorrow! You can arrange them and frame them. It will be fun They are from all over! Let me know little guy. Tell your mom hi and that I am good on my word. We all love you and you are on my facebook and on the facebook of all of my friends. Check it out. Scroll down and you will see things that are interesting! Take care and I will get back...promise! In a few days I will make a small contribution. I wish it could be tons but every little bit helps! I hope you have a donor and I will keep up with you every single day. LOL to Tyler...hugs little buddy!

posted by Karen DiPietro 1 month ago

Happy belated birthday Tyler. Hope you enjoy the package from Engine 84 and Ladder 34 of the FDNY. This Sunday myself and my son Matthew (he turned 11 on March 5th) will be shaving our heads for St Baldricks to raise money for children's cancer research. This years head shaving is dedicated to you. I'll update you with some post shave pics.

posted by Chris Fischer 1 month ago

Happy Belated Birthday, Tyler!

posted by Elizabeth Tilley 1 month ago

My little sister lives in buriville and my nephew has gone to school with your son. My sister told me about what happened today. I would like to fly your family to Washington on me for cop week in May. I will make sure your son will have the time of his life with all the cops here

posted by Sean Ryan 1 month ago

Happy Birthday Tyler!

posted by Nycole Chisum 1 month ago

Happy birthday Tyler. Sending prayers and hugs. Stay strong!

posted by Kate Pichie 1 month ago

I was so honored to meet you wednesday Tyler. To meet this wonderful person that united us together for a happy event(your birthday)

posted by Nicole McCormick 1 month ago

Happy Birthday Tyler!! From all the volunteers at Whitman County Fire District #12!!

posted by Mirenda Caessens 1 month ago

Have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY TYLER!!! You are a true hero!

posted by Missy Baugher Whitledge 1 month ago

Happy Birthday Bud! Have fun and stay strong - Firefighter Fred Jimenez, Clinton Fire Department(NJ), Star Lake Fire and Rescue Department(NY)

posted by Fred Jimenez 1 month ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! from all of us in South GA. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=MrUEvWMIxmY

posted by Julie Mae 1 month ago

Congratulations on meeting the funding goal thanks largely in part to the incredibile amount of media coverage. But what about the thousands of other children with leukemia? Are we going to waste tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer resources on fuel every time they have a birthday? I'll bet the bill by the end of the day totals six figures and at least one person dies because first responders were taking pictures of the taxpayer funded convoy.

posted by Matt Oliver 1 month ago

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