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Trinity Western University won’t accept gay and lesbian students. It threatens to expel students caught in "same-sex intimacy", even if they are married to each other, because this offen... more


Updated posted by Marcus McCann 8 days ago

April 14, 2014: The legal challenge starts today. Trevor Loke, an openly gay Christian who intends to go to law school, is asking the Court to decide whether the Charter applies to the BC government's decision to accredit Trinity Western University's new law school.

Trevor needs your help. While lawyers involved are donating hundreds of hours of time, some costs of a legal challenge of this type are fixed. While these expenses are not glamorous -- filing fees, disbursements, travel costs -- without a way to pay for them, Trevor will not have his day in court. Please consider donating.


Updated posted by Marcus McCann 2 months ago

The Law Society of BC will seek written submissions from the public on whether or not Trinity Western University Law's graduates should be eligible to be called to the bar, its Benchers decided January 24. If you feel strongly about TWU's proposed new law school, email by March 3, 2014. The Law Society could make its decision as early as April.


Updated posted by Marcus McCann 4 months ago

Regrettably, the government of British Columbia announced December 18 that it has approved Trinity Western University's bid for a new law school. This approval makes it all but certain that BC will soon be home to the first law school in Canada in which entering students must sign an anti-gay pledge and in which those attending can be disciplined or expelled for same-sex intimacy.

Media reports suggest a legal challenge is inevitable. But we need your help to make it happen. Please consider donating, to help fight the accreditation of Trinity Western Law.


Created by Marcus McCann on December 16, 2013

Trinity Western University won’t accept gay and lesbian students. It threatens to expel students caught in "same-sex intimacy", even if they are married to each other, because this offends its interpretation of the Bible.

On April 14, 2014, Trevor Loke, a gay Christian in BC, sued the BC government for approving of a new law school at Trinity Western University. Loke is represented by a team of lawyers, including Clayton Ruby, Angela Chaisson, Karey Brooks and Elin Sigurdson.

To effectively oppose the accreditation of Trinity Western's law school, we need to raise enough money to oppose them in court. While lawyers have stepped up to volunteer a significant amount of time, there are still lots of costs which will need to be covered, such as disbursements, filing fees, etc. These aren't glamorous, but they are necessary to be able to effectively mount a challenge in court. Please consider giving.

Make no mistake about it; TWU’s proposed law school will discriminate against queer persons by imposing a queer quota. There are already not enough law school places for the students who want to become lawyers. And by letting Trinity Western create a school that bars gay students from attending, the Federation of Law Societies would create a quota system: fewer law school places would be available to LGBTQ students than to straight students. The quota system was wrong when it applied to Jews and to blacks and it has no place in Canadian society today. This is backwards; a step in the wrong direction.

Angela Chaisson, Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan
Marcus McCann, JD student, University of Toronto Faculty of Law


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Tory Pearson

6 days ago


Anyone who thinks institutionalized discrimination is legal isn't fit to train future generations of lawyers.



Jeff Langlois

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Mark Meredith

8 days ago


I am personally shocked that the substantial majority of "our" Benchers appear unable to recognize that their approval of TWU Law is more than a matter of "legal rights". We must stand up as a profession against the morally repugnant. If our stance goes beyond the interpretation of law to include a moral commitment, all the better for us and the place of our profession in modern society.




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