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Short Summary: My name is Cameron. I am a 17 year old, homeschooled guy that paints, plays with lightning, makes electronic mechanical contraptions, writes computer programs, and builds/... more


Updated posted by Cameron D Mira 2 months ago

Hey everyone

Wow its been a while. But we are still working on TARDIS Tesla. We are probably going to have a coil for Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. Here you can see D-Steel working on the base for one of the coils. We are going to be winding the secondary soon and installing all the electronics!


D-Steel Working on one of the coil bases


Updated posted by Cameron D Mira 6 months ago

Come see us at East Bay Mini Maker Faire!!
You can check out MOTy, as well as my new project,
a pinball machine inspired by rolling ball sculpture!



Updated posted by Cameron D Mira 7 months ago

Come see us at East Bay Mini Maker Faire on October 20th!

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Created by Cameron D Mira on February 1, 2013

Short Summary:
My name is Cameron. I am a 17 year old, homeschooled guy that paints, plays with lightning, makes electronic mechanical contraptions, writes computer programs, and builds/fixes computers.

TARDIS Tesla is a lightning performance/game involving two large tesla coils, a replica TARDIS, and sonic screwdriver TV remotes. The way it works is there are two players each with a sonic screwdriver that they use to play a game of Bulls and Cows These sonic screwdrivers have accelerometers in them that detects movement like up, down, left, right, ect. The players move their screwdriver to input a sequence of commands assigned to each movement. Each screwdriver has a corresponding coil it controls via a computer program and arduinos. The Two Players (or companions) demonstrate their ability to use a sonic screwdriver to gain access to the TARDIS. Whenever they enter in part of the combo, their corresponding coil fires a bolt of lightning at the TARDIS. If it's correct, the bolt sounds like a sonic screwdriver and if it's incorrect sounds like an error beep. Who ever wins gets to pick a song to play on the coils.

Here is a prototype video. Please note when finished I will be using two 8ft Tall 10kw DRSSTC coils and not a little table top coil.

I also talk about TARDIS Tesla and some of my other work in the following

Why do you want to make this and why should we donate?
When I was younger I went to Bay Area Maker Faire San Mateo and got inspired to pursue learning electronics, technology, and many other skills. This is why I want to make TARDIS Tesla to inspire kids and adults alike to learn more about the world around them. Also as of right now people use Tesla Coils to make music and do performances where they basically shock a bunch of different things. I am trying to broaden the spectrum of possibility for uses for Tesla Coils. So help me inspire the world through TARDIS Tesla and get some awesome rewards in the process!

What I Need:
This project is going to cost around $4,000.

$2,400 for the Coils
$500 for the TARDIS and sonic screwdrivers
$500 for the electronics of Bulls and Cows
$600 for other necessary items
If I don't reach my entire goal, I will be exhibiting my prototype and progress at Bay Area Maker Faire.
Note: Any extra money will help a lot and goto, improvements and spare parts.

Update: April 11 2014
We are almost finished with one coil and will mostlikly be desplaying it at Bay Area Maker Faire 2014!  We have recevend over $1525 but we still need more for the other coil, the TARDIS, the game electronics, speaker system, etc.

Project Views:
Over 1,010 people have visited this page, if each person donated $10 we would have over $10,000.

The difference your contribution will make:Your contributions will help me realize my goal of exhibiting a functioning TARDIS Tesla at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May of 2013! I have the knowledge, experience, mentors, and passion to complete this project in time, but I need help funding the hardware!
I have worked on several other successful projects, including:
~250kv Spark Gap Tesla Coil (SGTC)
~250kv (1ft bolts) Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil (SSTC)
Tesladuino an arduino that can withstand high voltage
CD Drive Dominos
Super Nintenduino
Audio Modulated Flyback driver
Portable Telephone System (PTS)

Rewards will be sent out once we have the corresponding graphics for them.

Diablo Valley Mac Users Group 2011
Exploratorium Open Make 2012
San Francisco Bay Area Maker Fare 2012 (received editors Choice Award)
2012 Celiac Camp at Camp Arroyo
Oakland East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2012
Ace Monster Toys, Oakland
Tri Valley Explorers Halloween Celebration
February 16 2013-Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley
February 17 2013-Ace Monster Toys, Oakland
May 18 & 19 San Mateo Maker Faire 2013
Oakland East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2013

Up coming Exhibitions:
May 18 & 19 San Mateo Maker Faire 2014

To see more, please visit My Youtube Channel or my website!

A note from Hacker Scouts:
We are proud to be helping Cam reach his Maker Faire goal. As a member of our Hacker Scouts Guild 001 in Oakland, we have the privilege of seeing him work on a variety of projects with precision, ingenuity and passion. He also mentors the younger members of the Guild with compassion and a cool ability to share knowledge. Between the Hacker Scouts mentors and his mentors at Arc Attack, he has the support to achieve his dream. We believe in him and his TARDIS Tesla, and ask you to contribute to his campaign.
Thank you, Samantha Cook
Executive Director, Hacker Scouts

Other Ways You Can Help:
If you can’t contribute, you can still help! Please share my project with your family, friends, and community!
Thank you so much for your consideration and support.

For more information goto http://CamDAX.dyndns-free.com/My-Projects.php

Here is a few videos from our coil shows.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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posted by Cameron Mira 14 months ago

now THAT is a project worthy of a Maker Fair. As another 17 year old homeschooled whovian and Maker, I strongly support your project and will do what I can for you!

posted by David Stowers 14 months ago

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For a better tomorrow.. Keep going Cameron!



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Looking forward to seeing this in action at the Maker Faire!



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I like potatoes.



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I appreciate the opportunity to support a brilliant inventor!


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