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My name's Lauren Danielle Drain and I'm one of several ex Westboro Baptist Church members that were forced to start a new life from scratch outside of the CULT. Some of us left by choice... more


Updated posted by Lauren Danielle 11 days ago

Thank you all for you support. We were able to send another $500 check to a recent young escapee to help start a new life. The amount isn't life changing but we hope it sets a great example and demonstrates that we are here to support those that are willing to escape the hate. Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


5th Check going out to a new Ex-Member


Updated posted by Lauren Danielle 7 months ago

To all that have helped support The Safety Net Project in any capacity here is a quick update: Last month we were able to help several ex-members with things like educational needs, housing & travel expenses for reconnecting with other escapees or family. And all though the checks not necessary life changing, I hope that this sets a great example for all those still trapped within the WBC. We will be here for them on any levels of support should they manage to escape!


Checks sent to ex-members


Updated posted by Lauren Danielle 8 months ago

An amazing blog post by my good friend Grace Phelps-Roper who left the WBC with her sister Megan less than a year ago. The post is about a bus ride to visit their grandmother and it touches on what it's like to start a life outside of the "church".

Excerpt: "I drift in and out of sleep. My mind wanders to the bags at my feet. All The Things I Must Travel With. So much of it is technically useless. A more practical soul couldn’t have spared the precious little space in two bags for such items, but they’re of more value to me by far than my pretty bras or toothbrush or running shoes.

A ring my little brother made for me in jewelry class a few years back. A book my Madre used to read to me when I was a wee one. A framed photo of my babe brother that I’ve had since fifth grade. So many little things that my life has been reduced to. Twenty years, and this is what I’m left with. I’ll take them with me everywhere I go for forever."

Read the full post here:


Created by Lauren Danielle on July 7, 2013

My name's Lauren Danielle Drain and I'm one of several ex Westboro Baptist Church members that were forced to start a new life from scratch outside of the CULT. Some of us left by choice and others banished for questioning the doctrine. In both instances we're forced to start life over after years of brainwashing, indoctrination and near isolation. When I was ostracized I was given a few hours to pack my life into a few suitcases, dropped off by my father at a motel and told to never return, never contact my siblings and that I was now disowned. Anyone that leaves or is kicked out is banished for life and all ties to your family, friends, community, life are severed and you are truly on your own.

Most of the cult is now made up of young children or those in their twenties. These are the people I plan to help, they were BORN into the cult or otherwise indoctrinated as children by their parents and their new community.

(My own 3 younger siblings still stranded in the WBC: Bo - 11, Taylor - 22 & Faith - 9)

(Bo & Faith being forced to mock the NOH8 campaign)

In the past 10 years, some 19 members have been able to escape the clutches of the WBC. Many have struggled to find their way and start from near scratch. Often times the "church" or family leaves the defector with little to no personal possessions and those who are able to plan an escape usually leave quickly with the bare minimums. With more and more young members defecting or being kicked out for questioning the church, I want to set up The Safety Net Project fund for those who need help getting back on their feet once they escape. Be it to help with housing, living essentials, educational needs, travel to reconnect with lost family, or just to explore the new world and see first hand that it is full of LOVE not HATE and EVIL like we have been brainwashed to believe.

Please help me foster positive change (photo of Lauren Drain)

Personally I'm doing my best to help those that have already left, I've even opened my home to them and will continue to do so. This is an opportunity for others to lend a hand and show your support for those willing to change. Together with The Safety Net Project we can help ensure that those willing to escape but are too afraid to do so, know that there are countless people out there willing to help them, accept them, forgive them, guide them and offer up some sort of safety net for starting a new life outside of the cult.

(Chalk drawing on a sidewalk by a recent young escapee)

I do not know what is too much or too little for this fundraiser (The Safety Net Project) but I want to ensure that there is a fund to help out those few who are currently struggling and those who are bound to leave someday. If this is successful in helping even those few that have recently escaped maybe it will set a great example for those others who are thinking of walking away from the only family they've have, the only friends they know, the community they are forced to maintain and the only life they have ever had.

I will be updating everyone here and on my Facebook Fan Page regarding the progress of this fundraiser and the distribution of funds to those that need it now or in the future. I hope that we can provide some level of comfort for those looking to change for the better and walk away from the WBC.

Thank you for your help!
Lauren Drain
Sister to Taylor, Bo & Faith

Author of BANISHED: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church

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i hope one day your siblings can be saved one day. We all know the younger members are manipulated. One day it will end. You are dong a great service. God bless you.

posted by Shahed Alam 11 days ago

I applaud your effort. The City of Topeka will forever be stained with the presence of Fred Phelps and "The Cult." We have enabled this group of haters too long and the WBC children are truly the ones that are forgotten.

posted by Ben Brunson 8 months ago

You are doing a great thing helping others see this "church" for what it is; a cult

posted by Nichole Ireland 9 months ago

posted by Melissa Wigley 9 months ago

Shared the link. Great idea, hope it get's more and more coverage.

posted by Jennifer Knollenberg 9 months ago

Reading all of the donations and comments have brought me to tears. God Bless your efforts. I will be donating as soon as I can. I'll help spread the message.

posted by Carol Larson 9 months ago

@jerrod None of us deserve grace, that is why it is called grace. It is the scandalous gift of God. What you said is legalistic and in opposition to what grace is. You my troll have missed the mark.

posted by James Carnahan 9 months ago

I can't donate right now, but I will be praying about getting a job soon so I can. I have great respect for you and this is a good thing you are doing. I am so sorry you had to endure what you did. What WBC did and does is very wrong, but they don't actually represent God. I hope you can trust in Him and know the love He has for you (as He loves every person) unconditionally. *hugs*

posted by Miki Gain 9 months ago

Lauren...You are doing an awesome thing and truly working for the Lord. I am working on getting something together right now to help you out...I have a group that is working on it...If you would please send me a pm on FB I can give you details and ask you some questions. Please let me know.

posted by Patricia Vaughn 9 months ago

@ Jerrod -- Everybody deserves redemption, even you. Sorry for whoever hurt you, I hope somebody can help you too, seriously.

posted by Kelly Kathrineberg 9 months ago

@Jerrod - I know I'm probably just feeding a troll, but the vast majority of the WBC are born into it. It's all members of one huge family, and for a lot of people, cutting all ties with their family is hard, no matter how shitty their family is. Not only that, but these poor people are brainwashed from childhood into believing these shitty things, and those who question are either ostracised, or if they're young enough, beaten by Fred Phelps. It's a cult. It promises people safety and security in exchange for total control over their lives. They all deserve redemption, for they are all human, all capable of change, and all susceptable to brainwashing tactics. I see you using one of those symbols for equality and gay rights. Well, a huge part of gay rights includes understanding and tolerance, and your statement flies in the face of both.

posted by Sarah Preston 9 months ago

@Jerrod- that's pretty shitty, and it seems to me that you're doing the same to her that the WBC does to others. You can only do so much when you're young. Stay awesome, Lauren.

posted by Steve Meyers 9 months ago

@Jerrod Shackelford it's hard to pull away from something if you don't know any different. For example, plenty of people are born into a religion and they tend to not question it. She deserves praise for the realizing the situation she was in and making an effort to better herself. Don't be a simple-minded fool.

posted by Tyrone Willis 9 months ago

If you can be in that cult for even ten minutes, you don't deserve redemption.

posted by Jerrod Shackelford 9 months ago

I'll be sharing the link to this on fb. We need to help those who've been chewed up and spat out by that church. Lets let them know that there are good people in this world, despite what they've been told!

posted by Steven Sanudo 9 months ago

Don't ever give up Lauren! I can't donate at the moment, but I can spread the word!!! You have shown so much courage, and your light shines brightly- showing the REAL message that God wants us to hear- that he loves us, and will ALWAYS show us a way through the storm

posted by Jaxon Rae 9 months ago

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Hal Sawyer

10 days ago


Another young life un-ruined. Another victory for the human spirit. Another defeat for medieval stupidity.



Pete Shea

10 days ago


Your experience sounds so similar to young gay kids who are kicked out of their homes and disowned for being gay. As a gay man myself, I can relate to their situation and yours. Bravo to you for what you are doing to help!




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Boaz Naiman

11 days ago



Sarah Terzo

11 days ago


I am a lesbian. I am one of those the people at WBC were most taught to hate. I am donating because the power of love and compassion is stronger than the power of hate. I'm sorry I could only give 20.




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shahed alam

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