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" not only will I sue, I will make sure that it is never possible for something like this to happen in NJ ever again." part of a message from Keith sent 2/6/2013 from Hudson County Corre... more


Updated posted by Roslyn Campbell 1 month ago

UPDATE!!!!! WE WON!!!!THE JUDGE AGREED TO SUPPRESS THE EVIDENCE AND ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED!!!! We can not thank all of you enough for your support in the one plus year we spent fighting this injustice. Keith and I are humbled by all of your thoughtful donations and encouraging words. When I started this page Keith was sitting in jail with no attorney nor public defender. Of all the inmates he was the only one in his area who had a pin that did not work so that he could make phone calls. I had no resources of my own to help him and I cried every day because I mostly did not know what to do. All I had was this page and the people that reached out to me once his story got out. It is because of every last one of you who donated to this fund that Keith was able to afford the best attorney Lou Nappen of Evan Nappen and Associates, afford the erroneous bail charges that were against him once the $75,000 bail was dropped, moving out of New Jersey to place where he was safe once he got out, and afforded him the ability to get back on his feet while he fought this case. None of this would've happened the way it did if not for all of your support, advice, and kind words. Many of you reached out to me personally and gave me advice and resources that I followed up on. Keith is now in the process of filing the civil suit and wants to do whatever he can to help other people whose 2nd amendment rights are being violated every day. Please know that whatever funds were donated since February 24th will be forwarded to organizations and/or individuals who are in need of those funds to stand up whatever tyranny they are facing regarding their constitutional rights. This page will be shut down in a couple of days but please feel free to contact Keith and I emailing us at


Updated posted by Roslyn Campbell 3 months ago

This is what was knocked down in court by the judge "“Here, the police conduct and entering Defendant’s apartment, without a warrant, and without satisfying an exception to the warrant requirement, violated Defendant’s federal and state constitutional rights. As a result, all evidence seized as a result of the Officers’ warrantless entry and search of Defendant’s apartment must be suppressed.”

The Court found that the officers’ testimony “simply did not have a ring of truthfulness to it.”

The Court struck down every exemption to the warrant requirement that the State contended --

The Court struck down “emergency aid,” finding “No testimony that [the upstairs neighbor] required immediate assistance” and “no immediate risk to [the upstairs neighbor’s] safety that would justify a warrantless entry or search of Defendant’s apartment.”

The Court struck down “exigency,” finding “Under these circumstances, I cannot find an objectively reasonable emergency that would vindicate or support the Officers’ warrantless entry. No exigency existed on the night in question that would justify the entry into Defendant’s apartment, at 10:30pm on a weekday night, to examine the heating unit.”

The Court found that Pantaleon never consented to a search of his apartment, and that the landlord did not have authority to allow officers entry into Pantaleon’s apartment.

Lastly, the Court struck down the State’s contention that “plain view” applied, as the Officers were not in a permissible vantage point to view Pantaleon in the first instance, and that, even if they had been, nothing was “’immediately apparent’ to the Officer that was contraband or evidence of a crime.

Furthermore, an Officer inexcusably moved an item in Pantaleon’s bedroom in order to better view what was inside."

After the next court date on February 10th we will know what will happen next. Again we are praying for a dismissal so that we can move forward and pursue the civil case against these officers and the police department. Your prayers and continues support are much appreciated :-)

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Created by Roslyn Campbell on February 2, 2013

" not only will I sue, I will make sure that it is never possible for something like this to happen in NJ ever again." part of a message from Keith sent 2/6/2013 from Hudson County Correctional Center where he is being wrongfully detained. 


This is my friend Keith who was wrongfully arrested in his home without warrant or probable cause by the NJ Police department!!!

On Thursday January 25th around 10:30 pm, Keith was in his apartment when he heard a noise outside of his bedroom door. The 2nd time he heard it he opened the door and found someone standing in his living room. Not knowing what was going on he did have his notebook in his hand which contained his weapon that he has in his home for protection. When he looked towards his front door he saw that it was opened and the landlord was outside the door with a police officer. When the man in the living room turned around he saw that he was also an officer so he threw his notebook containing the weapon on the bed. The officer asked what it was he threw on the bed and barged into the bedroom. When he discovered it was a weapon he arrested Keith right inside of his home. 
This event was reportedly differently by the in the following news article:
Keith is a funny, outgoing, chivalrous, thoughtful, and conscious individual who vocally advocates for civil rights, the 2nd amendment, gun rights and public awareness of policies that affect us. Keith is also a highly educated man who attended college at NJIT and worked on Wall St. as an IT Specialist. His interest are acting ( he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild), films, and capoeira.  Right now he is currently sitting in Hudson County Correctional Center on charges of having weapons in his home. To my knowledge the weapons he owns were legally purchased. Keith also has no priors or criminal record having never been to jail before. We need to raise $26,500 to cover his legal fees and get him out of this situation immediately, and restore his life. Please help me do this by donating to this cause. Any donation will be appreciated. Thank you! 
Yesterday, February 4th, I received an email from Keith through a special inmate email service I set up for him. He was able to tell me the details of the charges and shed more light on what happened to him. These are his words:


“The charges are unlawful possession of my 2 handguns, unlawful possession of my rifle, unlawful possession of my ammo and felony possession of an assault rifle. The cops claimed the third floor tenant called because he did not have heat in his apt, and the boiler just happened to be in my apartment. I don't know what the landlord told him.
They had no warrant nor did they have my consent.They did not Mirandize me until after 15 hours of no sleep, no food and no water.”


They did not ask him about his receipts, or legality, they're weren't even let into the apartment by him or with his knowledge WHILE HE WAS AT HOME!!!! They didn't knock, the landlord just let the police walk in. The police searched his room when they suspected he was hiding something, found his weapon, and arrested him. As of last night he was moved into the inmate population and now, this law abiding citizen who has never been to jail, did everything he was supposed to do growing up, staying out of trouble, going to college, protesting and speaking out for our Civil Rights and liberties, acquiring and maintaining a professional career in computers at a lucrative establishment, and giving back to the community by tutoring kids and sharing his theatrical talents, now sits among hardened criminals, repeat offenders who have done nothing but take away from society. The very population whom he has worked so hard to make sure we keep our rights to bear arms to protect ourselves from, is now the community that surrounds him. WE MUST GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!!! He needs an attorney fast and he needs bail or bond ($75,000 or 10% of that). Please donate whatever, whenever, and as often as you can to help us meet our goal. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support. 





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SO glad for the good news! Been following you since day one. What an absolute shame that this happened to begin with, but even more so that it took a year of your life from you. I'll still continue to pray for you and Keith, that this will not only bring awareness, but also help others.

posted by Lisa Tingle 1 month ago

This latest update is huge!! This is AWESOME.... now I hope he can really teach them a lesion civilly!!

posted by Richard Deldonna 3 months ago

I have also forwarded this story and webpages regarding this story to the NRA in hopes of support.

posted by Alexander Frye 13 months ago

HCPO (Hudson County Prosecutor's Office) - (201) 795-6400 JCPD (Jersey City Department of Police) - (201) 547-5300 Just for the sake of anyone looking to provide some constructive feedback regarding oversight, rule of law, discretion, and conscience.

posted by Jimmy Cavoli 13 months ago

We are with you Keith! Stand up for your rights!

posted by Bryan Hardie 13 months ago

Wow...and Chris Christie is not beating down the doors at the police station to personally fire those officers? What is wrong with this country anymore?

posted by Bba Hunter 13 months ago

I would pack my bags and move from NJ to Texas as fast as I could.

posted by William Martin 13 months ago

I have submitted your story to the NRA. But don't hesitate to contact them yourself.

posted by David Daly 13 months ago

As an ex-LEO, I see this as a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. There wasn't probable cause to search, there wasn't a search warrant issued, there were no signs of anything that needed immediate action by law enforcement. IMHO (and I am not a lawyer), you have a very actionable cause. Sue their as**es for all they are worth.

posted by David Daly 13 months ago

Also contact your local gun rights groups such as (from my Google search) The New Jersey Coallition for Self-Defense or other gun-rights groups.

posted by David Daly 13 months ago

Contact the NRA-ILA at contact-us.aspx They may want to get involved on your behalf. That's why I not only joined, but have upgraded to Life member.

posted by David Daly 13 months ago


posted by Roslyn Campbell 14 months ago

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Dennis LaGrua

3 months ago


The Jersey City Police did not keep their Oath to SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States. Not guilty must be the verdict.



Steve Blaier

3 months ago


Please use this money to rebuild your life and sue landlord and PD for trampolining on your rights




3 months ago





David Berke

5 months ago


Keith Pantaleon and Roslyn Campbell are my fellow Second Amendment patriots. Nick Finch is my Constitutional Sheriff (Liberty County, Florida - the irony of the name of this county, may not be coincidental). Ron Paul is my President.



Dariusz Bystrowski

6 months ago


Thanks for Standing up for 2nd Amendment rights. Keep on Resisting the Tyranny...




6 months ago




6 months ago




6 months ago



David Berke

6 months ago


We must all continue to fight government tyranny through peaceful means.....but our Natural and Constitutional LAWS state that we can always DEFEND ourselves from any attacks on us!.....until we achieve COMPLETE AND TOTAL VICTORY! We love you Keith and Roslyn! Let us RESTORE our sacred Second Amendment Rights! Ron Paul IS my President!


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