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The Furthur Bus is rusting away and needs to be saved and restored! Any donation amount, no matter how small, will help us help Furthur. Ken Kesey's Furthur Bus, featured in Tom... more


Updated posted by Stephanie Kesey 8 months ago

Hi, everyone. Thanks to your support, we now have up and running. Please head over the the website, sign up for the newsletter, and learn more about the project.

And of course, share, share, share!!!


The Site You Helped Pay For


Updated posted by Stephanie Kesey 9 months ago

A placeholder for our new website is in place, and the full site should be up in a matter of weeks. Hope you'll check it out.


Updated posted by Stephanie Kesey 12 months ago

We've reached our initial goal, but you can still give here and get us closer to restoring Furthur.

To all those who helped the Furthur Down the Road Foundation reach our seed-funding goal of $10,000, thank you so much. This money will help us build (slated for a June launch) and cover our initial startup costs, like incorporation fees and IRS tax-exempt filing fees.

Of course this is only the beginning. We're going FURTHUR, and immediately transitioning into the next stage of this exciting project. With the help of our new website and a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals, we'll soon begin more intensive outreach efforts to educate people about the bus and to seek additional donations. Ongoing funding campaigns will work toward funding the actual restoration, ongoing operations of the Foundation, and the creation of an endowment to ensure Furthur Down the Road is around to share the Furthur bus's magic with generations to come.

We're so grateful for your generous support. If you'd like to give more, you can still do that here. Please continue to spread the word and watch for more news about our journey down the road to restoring this amazing rolling work of art.


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Created by Stephanie Kesey on March 15, 2013

The Furthur Bus is rusting away and needs to be saved and restored!

Any donation amount, no matter how small, will help us help Furthur.

Ken Kesey's Furthur Bus, featured in Tom Wolfe's popular 1968 book, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, is one of the seminal cultural icons of the 20th Century and a project that Kesey considered one of his "best works," along with his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. The bus played a huge role as a symbol of the counterculture movement of the 1960s. It was the "prime mover" for Kesey's Merry Pranksters, and can even be said to have had a role in the launch of the Grateful Dead, perhaps the greatest band to have grown out of that era.

Founded by Stephanie Kesey, the Furthur Down the Road Foundation is an Oregon 501c3 nonprofit corporation established to "restore the original Furthur Bus to it's 1960s condition, and to promote and preserve the legacy of author Ken Kesey." The bus is currently rusting away and we're in danger of losing this important artifact forever.

The Foundation was founded in 2012 and is in need of seed funding to help with start-up costs so we can raise the money to tackle this huge project. It will take a great deal of money to restore the bus (how much I'll leave to the experts), pictured above, to it's original splendor by a team of artists, automotive restorers and other experts. We aim to involve the original Pranksters in the effort and have the support and involvement of the Kesey family, including Zane and Stephanie (Ken's son and daughter-in-law), Caleb (his grandson), and Faye (Ken's widow), who all have roles as officers or board members at Furthur Down the Road.

We've already completed our corporate filings, established our tax-exempt status with the IRS, and are building a website. These things cost money, but they're absolutely necessary to do this project right. Won't you help us raise this first $10,000 for this important effort and become one of the first "Neo-Pranksters" to get "on the bus"?

Even $5 will help us reach this first $10,000 goal to get things moving. Donate $25, $100, or $250 to get special recognition from Zane and the Foundation.


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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posted by Michael Lancaster 12 months ago

Again, congratulations on creating the Foundation and making this dream have a chance at reality. WAY TO GO STEPHANIE

posted by Zane Kesey 12 months ago

It would be unconciable to allow The Furthur Bus to continue falling into decrepitude. You see folks restoring this and restoring that, but Further stands for So Much for So Many... So many roads, fueled by Electric Kool-Aid, with Cowboy Neil at the wheel... The journey itself being the destination... I'm So glad to see you guys are restoring Further! I'll do whatever I can to help. Namaste!

posted by Earl Grey 12 months ago

Erm, please may I drive it to Burning Man? This is so lovely. I can't wait to see it all shiny and new again.

posted by Danielle Treanor 13 months ago

one word: Smithsonian

posted by Kristine Wyatt 13 months ago

This is soooo awesome. Such a seminal book. Loved it.

posted by Peter Rizzo 13 months ago

For a Picture of Further Bus' former Glory go to eland/high-weirdness-at-edgewa ter/Content?oid=3026961 The bus in the Article that is bring compared to the Further bus belongs to me and the Free Rainbow Kitchen I run.

posted by Chu Bbakka 13 months ago


posted by Zane Kesey 13 months ago

Any chance of the bus getting donated to the Grateful Dead Archives at UCSC or somewhere like that? Where will it be once it's restored?

posted by Van Soetaert 13 months ago

Oh man! What a great idea, Zane! Once it's all fixed up...feel free to come by the northeast and pick up my boyfriend and I. Hell...we'll even meet you in Millbrook if necessary!

posted by Sarah May 13 months ago

Hey, look, everyone. We made the news! Please share this story with your friends: le/plans-underway-to-restore-m erry-prankster-s-bus-furthur-t o-original-condition

posted by Jason Johnson 13 months ago

Woohoo! Just passed the $1000 mark at roughly the 24 hour mark. Thank you everyone. Keep spreading the word.

posted by Jason Johnson 13 months ago

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HELPING--- Keep in mind that the Kesey's are donating the bus to YOU, the people. The Furthur Down The Road Foundation will OWN the money is going to the Kesey's! It is up to the PEOPLE to raise the money and take care of this "Icon of History"!

posted by Zane Kesey 13 months ago

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Founding Freak


Jane Miles

4 months ago


In memory of Jeffrey Kinnell and the family adventures he gave us. We're still on the bus! Peace!

Founding Freak


Chad "Pill" Williams

6 months ago


This is a donation for my brother Chad who passed away a few years ago. We'll be in Oregon spreading his ashes this next week. I remember Pill's stories of meeting Ken during his days in Eugene. This is a cause he'd love to support. He was a Merry Prankster at heart.




7 months ago




9 months ago

On The Bus


bob smith

11 months ago

On The Bus


John Mills

12 months ago


We're all Bozos on this bus, so lets get Furthur back on the road! Thank you! Stay Hungry.

DayGlo Freak


Craig Howard

12 months ago


Thanks for taking this important first step!

On The Bus


Dan Wells

12 months ago

Founding Freak


Mark Hebard

12 months ago

On The Bus


Maria Breaux

12 months ago


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