Barter Fence End Spacer Patent #8490287

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Robert Barter

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Updated posted by Robert Barter 8 months ago

I would like to inform everyone that the information that we had prepared for our fund raiser was not posted as I had arranged with the layout of information and pictures pertaining to our fence end spacer.
What was sent to you by this gofundme site was not as we had posted and most certainly caused confussion due to the unauthorized rearrangements made and sent to you.
This was just recently brought to our attention and did not represent what we were trying to achieve in giving an impression that we were trying to raise a large sum of funding from a handful of friends and family members.
For the reasons mentioned, we are taking down and removing our information from this site and ending this fund raiser. We ahve gone all over this site looking for a way to cancel our posting and never found one, so we deleted as much of our information as possible.
We will continue in our efforts to make this product available to you, it may not be in the manner in which we had intended but we hope that it will still in some way help to benefit those for which it was designed to protect. Thanks Robert


Created by Robert Barter on October 17, 2013


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