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Bringing awareness to the plight of the lack of funding for the Music and the Arts in public schools here in the United States, Proper Education is a limited run online series designed t... more


Updated posted by Pietro D'Alessio 6 months ago

Hello everyone! It's been a busy couple of months. Rehearsals have started for the show and also our involvement with the "Jackie Evancho and Friends - We Are Hope Concert." Please watch this video and understand how far we have come with these 50 talented youth. We need your support and are grateful for every share and comment.

Pietro D'Alessio and the Creators and Producers, Cast and Crew of Proper Education.

Additional Information about Muzart:

Please support Muzart also, or only Muzart, if you are moved. Either way, we appreciate your time.

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Updated posted by Pietro D'Alessio 9 months ago

Hello everyone! We have been busy approving scripts and announcing some of our cast members. You can see more about who we have cast at our official Facebook page - Please "like" the page and let us know your thoughts.

We had some awesome feedback and questions about this Gofundme campaign.

Ruth Gamble, one of our enthusiasts, suggested we let all of you know WHY we need this funding and where the money is being spent and we agree, you have a right to know, especially since we need your financial support!

The Producers of the show are estimating a 22 day shoot, mainly because we are working with kids and also have musical numbers in the show. That works out to about 2K a day.

That money, daily, works out, more or less, like this:
Equipment/Technical Crew - $1000
Food - $400
Wardrobe - $200
Production Design - $100
The remaining money covers insurance, fuel, copies, expendables, petty cash and union obligations.

We do need your assistance. The money we raised so far is being held until we have raised a bit more and then we plan on starting to secure locations and starting some additional pre-production.

Also, please remember to tune in tomorrow for our other show - Proper Manors - You can catch old episodes on and there will be 16 new episodes airing beginning tomorrow night (Thursday, 7/18/13).

Finally, if you have questions or feedback, please let us know. We are committed to this show and the Muzart World Foundation mission to strengthen education in schools and we know that education, music and art all work together to make a positive difference in the world of all students.


Updated posted by Pietro D'Alessio 9 months ago

It's been awhile since we sent out an update. First and foremost, if you don't wish to receive these updates, please click the unsubscribe button below and that will automatically remove your information from the GoFundMe site.

I also wanted to do an official disclaimer.
Proper Education is a series created by myself, Brandyn Cross, Jef Phillips and Elizabeth Cobb - working closely with Producer Mary Alice Nelson to promote the Full Steam Ahead for Education agenda for schools and to solely promote the non-profit Muzart World Foundation. In other words, while I have created other series and films, for us, personally, this project is a personal effort and not one connected to any of our other jobs or affiliations including my work as an independent Producer, Talent Agent, Casting Director or Marketing Professional.

We simply want to make education better for kids!

Here is a testimonial from one of our cast members, Jon Muench, an accomplished theater actor with a tremendous following and critical acclaim about why the show is important:

"Proper education is important to me because it helps provide an answer to the question: Why are so many children unhappy growing up? Why do they fight, turn to drugs, ignore their parents, misbehave? I believe they may be unhappy because of their educational system. Happy kids naturally immerse themselves in a world of rich fantasy and imagination. We love that about them, but at the same time often turn right around and stifle childish creativity or even "brow beat" it out of them as we force them to march forward like so many little robots into maturity. Hopes and dreams turn to fears. Inspiration and ingenuity may fall by the wayside--buried deep within them as they struggle to conform. The adult world often ignores these very positive things that children possess, but often lose. The yearning for art, music, theater. The realities of the world can be cold and callous. The drum beat of conformity is very loud. It can silence the very creativity that gave civilization it's civility. When the goal of a society is to ensure that career and money are paramount, the human soul may be lost in the struggle. I support wholeheartedly any efforts to reverse this trend in education and encourage the arts in school and elsewhere...


Please support the show. We have delayed the start another month to ensure we are funded and we need not just your help, but the help of those in your networks also.

Peace, Love and Proper -
Pietro and the Proper Education Team

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Created by Pietro D'Alessio on May 21, 2013

Bringing awareness to the plight of the lack of funding for the Music and the Arts in public schools here in the United States, Proper Education is a limited run online series designed to boost and bring awareness to MuzArt World Foundation, whose mission is to provide a comprehensive education program for children in public schools around the world in the areas of human development, music, arts and entertainment, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and international business.

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Good luck to you, best campaign we have ever seen!



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Mozart, Bach, Beethoven.....



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Gave up a pizza!



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Hello Pietro, The arts within the public educational system is the freedom of expression to embody the well being of a child. "Dream Big'... Aurora, (Contessa) "I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained." Walt Disney



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Such a great program!


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