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Operation Reconnect was created for veterans and their families who are transitioning back into the civilian workforce. This transition or the loss of a family member can be a difficult... more


Updated posted by Candace Medina 10 months ago

I wish every active military a homecoming filled with smiles this wide and hugs that last forever!!

You're support is needed to put the leadership from our nations heroes back to work quickly! Business coaching is available to veterans at a discount rate as a way of giving back. However there are some that simply can't afford to take advantage of my services even below market value. That is where I need YOUR help! I am willing to donate my time if you can help me cover my business expenses for 3 months of FREE business coaching for those who can't afford it currently. Because I match each donation 100% they receive 6 months to help them not only find but settle into a new position. Click to donate today!! I need your help NOW to provide for the needs of those who are waiting for assistance!


Updated posted by Candace Medina 10 months ago

RED Fridays - Remember Everyone Deployed!!

I support our troops serving all over the world. My goal is to assist by GIVING my time away to those transitioning back into the workforce once they return home. Help me provide service FREE for 6 months with your 100% matched donation today!

United we stand!



Updated posted by Candace Medina 10 months ago

Providing for family is the #1 concern for our nations heroes! Doing so with elegance, purpose, and dignity shouldn't be an option but a benefit to all who serve!

Veterans need the additional support as they transition home and BEFORE benefits kick in to make ends meet. Making the most effective choices count and a business coach can help to Sort, Sift, and Separate priorities. Your support allows me to cover my cost in materials while I give my time away to this worthy cause! Lets get our veteran Leadership back into the workforce!

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Created by Candace Medina on February 21, 2013

Operation Reconnect was created for veterans and their families who are transitioning back into the civilian workforce. This transition or the loss of a family member can be a difficult time of grief, confusion, and overwhelm. It is also the time when critical decisions must be made to ensure adequate living expenses are covered and skills and experience applied to the next phase of their career. Business coaching can help Sort, Sift, and Separate the options and military resources to what fits best for them and their family. D2D's founder and CEO Candace Medina has 20 years of coaching and HR experience in corporate america, non-profit, and business networking organizations. It is her hope that Operation Reconnect is a raging success and a non-profit arm of her business will be created as a result!
The goal and vision is to:

Connect veterans and their families to their purpose,
Translate their skills to civilian job creation,
Build trust and support,
and Re-establish strategic relationships within the community.

The funds will be used to:
Give back to 15 veterans for 3 months of business coaching.
As a BONUS there will be a 100% MATCH of these donations for a limited time only!
Each accepted applicant will actually receive 6 months gifted to them.
This will not only take them through job search but adjusting to the new position and future goals.

Above all else this is a NON political extension of assistance that I hope will show honor and gratitude to our nations hero's as they begin the transition back to the civilian world. This may be a resource they will use rather then other programs because it is centered in business strategy and not part of their military record.

Our freedoms are a result of these hero's who put their lives on the line, in harms way, and some pay the ultimate price. They and their families need our love and support and this is a way to pass it forward in gratitude. Please consider a donation of any size to give back in gratitude! There are levels to donation and feel free to share this with your network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or via email. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, encouragement, and support of this effort! It is a dream of mine to give hope, courage, and encouragement to our military from my heart! My 100% match I pray will ensure our goal is met and exceeded!

Your donation will speak your gratitude for their service from sea to shinning sea! A gift of any amount will be accepted and appreciated! God Bless America!


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11 months ago


This should make your project searchable. I hope that helps.



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14 months ago


Nice work Candace!!


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