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My heart sank when I was camping with my family Memorial weekend and the call went out in the early evening to help search for a missing 2-year old girl who had wandered away from her ca... more


Updated posted by Missy Linaberry 4 months ago

You know you are pursuing your life's purpose when it is 33 degrees outside, it looks like the inside of a snow globe and all you can think about is getting in the water to teach survival swimming skills to little souls. My list of future students is growing and I met two beautiful ladies whose local chapter of a philanthropic organization is considering sponsoring my application for ISR certification training funds! So many blessings to be grateful for on this journey. HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON to everyone and may you be blessed with your heart's desire!


Updated posted by Missy Linaberry 5 months ago

People often ask me "When do you start training?" and I love hearing that question. It intensifies the excitement and anticipation! The answer is that training will be scheduled once funds are raised, tuition is paid and a Master Instructor is available to travel to our area. When all of that aligns it will be at the PERFECT time and I am so grateful to be a step closer to that goal every day! Keep the questions coming and the excitement building! We're going to be helping little souls save themselves before you know it!


Updated posted by Missy Linaberry 6 months ago

What a GREAT summer with friends and family. A lot of little swimmers came through our backyard pool this year...what FUN! Autumn brings cooler temperatures and layers of warm clothing. We are fortunate to live in an area with many beautiful lakes, rivers, streams...and even hotels with indoor water parks & pools to enjoy when the air is cool. Would your child (or a child you know) have the skills to survive should they unexpectedly find themselves in water...fully clothed...without immediate assistance? Mine would not and it is my mission to change that for him and for as many other children as possible. Thanks to all who have and will join me in this mission. The journey continues and so many good things are happening!! Blessings and Happy Fall to All!

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Created by Missy Linaberry on May 9, 2013

My heart sank when I was camping with my family Memorial weekend and the call went out in the early evening to help search for a missing 2-year old girl who had wandered away from her campsite. The tragic ending to that story was that the toddler was found, floating face down in a nearby stream, only a few hundred feet away from her campsite. My heart aches for that family and for knowing how that story could have ended differently for them had that little one been taught to save herself in water. While the circumstances of her death are heartbreaking, what is also tragic is that her death was very likely 100% preventable. She was not trained in water survival and likely her parents did not even know that such training existed for children at such a young age. But it does!

Hi! My name is Missy Linaberry and my husband and I have been residents of River Falls, Wisconsin for more than 20 years. Recently I was introduced to ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) and the ISR Self-Rescue™ program for infants and children ages 6 months to 6 years old. A video of how their proven techniques work can be found below:

According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for infants and young children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. As a former Red Cross Water Safety Instructor it is my life's purpose to improve the safety of children in and around the water; but it should be noted that traditional swimming lessons do not teach these self-rescue skills to children in this age group. By obtaining ISR Instructor certification it would be my distinct honor to serve my community, Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota, and make the ISR program available in our area. Currently the closest certified ISR Instructor is over 250 miles away.

I am committed to delivering these survival swimming lessons to the families in our community and surrounding area but I need your help. I am reaching out to individuals, organizations and businesses and asking you to show your support and interest by helping raise the funds to bring the ISR Self-Rescue™ program to our area. I will pay forward this support in the form of cross-promotion for your businesses/organization, discounts off tuition or a dollar-for-dollar, matching scholarship fund for my future students.

If the mission that "NOT ONE MORE CHILD DROWNS" touches your heart like it does mine then I thank you for joining in that mission with your gift.

If you prefer, your support can be mailed to:
Please Bring ISR to Our Community
P.O. BOX 827
River Falls, WI 54022

For more information about ISR and the ISR Self-Rescue™ program please see their website at: or find them on Facebook at:

Yours in Health and Safety,

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Holly Kenall

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Missy, you know how I love round numbers - hence the donation amount. This is a wonderful project and you are the perfect person to be doing it!



Bob Linaberry-Charis and Bonnie Taylor-Charis

5 months ago (Offline Donation)


We've been meaning to make this donation to your great cause for a while now. We know you'll reach your goal! Hope it's sooner rather than later. God Bless



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8 months ago


You go girl!



Ben Esanbock

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Love, Grandpa Ben



Jeff & Ruth Esanbock

8 months ago (Offline Donation)


Good Luck! ~Uncle Jeff & Aunt Ruth




8 months ago



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8 months ago


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